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You Can DIY These Leather Items This Spring 2021!

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You Can DIY These Leather Items This Spring 2021!

The Spring of 2021 brings with it a wave of optimism, with vaccine rollouts underway across the world. The light is finally visible at the end of the tunnel for humanity as a whole, which has been going through a pandemic. What better way to welcome this spring than to show how much your loved ones mean to you by gifting them warm and heartfelt DIY gifts. 

Leather is synonymous with royalty and elegance and has always been. People are familiar with the material but have never considered stitching leather as a hobby. Stitching has always been associated with wool. However, you’ll be delighted to know that leathercrafting is similar to knitting wool. 

This 2021, we would like to put forth an attempt at rekindling the art of leathercrafting. This spring, gift your loved ones handmade leather products, packed with timelessness.

In a world that thrives on instant gratification, rather than buying something online, invest your time in leathercrafting and gift a present to your loved ones that will melt their heart even 20 years down the line. 

During this article, we’ll run through a series of interesting DIY leathercrafting projects that are exclusively hands-on. 

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DIY Leathercrafting Ideas For 2021  

Investing time to create a present out of your own hands is a priceless gift. We at Artisans have personally crafted every element of our DIY leathercrafting kit to ensure the most authentic learning experience. With these tools, you’re fully equipped to take on every DIY project mentioned below. 

Do not forget to fully immerse yourself in the leathercrafting experience. Stitching leather with your own hands is an experience you’ll relish!

DIY Leather Cardholder Kit

Artisans DIY leathercraft cardholder kit London UK

The .Ar:ti|sans DIY leather cardholder kit allows you to customize your cardholder to any shape and size. Inclusive of three choices of Italian veg-tanned base leathers, with the help of a stitching thread of your choice, use this kit to create a classic DIY gift that your loved ones will cherish for ages. 

Make sure you add a bit of flair and individuality to make your DIY gift even more special.

Artisans’ Leather DIY Glasses Case Kit

Artisans’ Leather DIY Glasses Case Kit London UK

Shouldn’t a present add value to the recipient’s life, especially if it’s a DIY gift? One such thoughtful gift is a leather DIY glasses case for your loved ones. With the help of an elegantly crafted DIY leather glasses case kit by Artisans, you can create a truly personalised gift. 

Combine the Italian veg-tanned leather with the stitching of your choice to dive into endless possibilities! 

Artisans’ DIY Leather Passport Holder Kit

Artisans’ DIY Leather Passport Holder Kit London UK

With a DIY leather passport holder kit by .Ar:ti|sans, craft a suave leather passport holder. When you gift this to your loved one, it’s sure to make heads turn when they’re on the move. You can even further help personalise your DIY gift by engraving their initials on the passport holder. It’s a great accessory to possess and with a chic Italian leather base, our kit will help you create a truly unique gift for your loved one.

These wholesome DIY kits crafted at Artisans ensure the most authentic learning experience in Leathercrafting for you and an ageless affair for your loved ones.  It’s a must-have tool for all aspiring leathercrafters and hobbyists.

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Tandy Leather’s DIY Leather Craft Tool Kit

Tandy Leather’s DIY Leather Craft Tool Kit

Another great DIY leathercraft tool kit provided by Tandy Leather consists of the basic tools needed for leather stitching.  Be it pattern layout, cutting, skiving, punching lace holes, edging, or setting rivets, this toolkit empowers you to carry out all of these. Additionally, it provides you with multiple qualities of veg-tanned base leathers. From subtle grade leather which can be used to carve out intricate designs to harder, sturdier grade leather that’s durable, this DIY leathercraft toolkit has it all.

Beaver Bushcraft’s Leather Pocket Pouch Cross or Saddle Stitch Kit

Beaver bushcraft’s DIY toolkit is one of the best that’s available in the marketplace if you want to stitch out a handmade leather pocket-sized pouch. It also consists of veg-tanned base leathers on which guidelines are marked out. All you’ve to do is to follow the lines, stamp out the holes and stitch it all together. This DIY toolkit is very easy to use and will help you gain experience in leather stitching techniques.

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Handmade leather products are honestly spellbinding. Once you’ve used them, you’re easily in for a lifetime. The products are magisterial, oozing passion and permanence. Customisable, elegant and authentic, DIY leather crafted products are the perfect gift for your loved ones.

The flexibility that DIY leathercrafting kits provide is something that industry made leather products can never emulate. Having all the creative liberty to customize the leather, like engraving your loved ones initials into the leather is something you cannot expect from a ready-made leather item. 

Industrially produced leather products cannot compare to DIY handmade leather products, simply because of the time devoted to creating each article. While working on the leathercrafting yourself, you make sure that each stitch is taut, whereas this is not always the case in industrially produced leather items. 

With years of experience in the industry and having onboard professional leather craftsmen, Artisan is a one-stop guide for all leathercrafting enthusiasts. Whether you’re starting or have accumulated some hands-on leathercrafting experience, we provide you with a plethora of resources ranging from articles, blogs, stories, guides, how-tos, and DIY projects that are readily available on our website. Here’s to hoping for a memorable spring of 2021 by gifting your loved ones some customised DIY leathercraft products. 

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