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Looking For Wellbeing Gifts For Staff? Check This Out

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Looking For Wellbeing Gifts For Staff? Check This Out

It’s high time we start giving importance to creating a healthy environment for our families and loved ones as well as our staff and work colleagues. Since so many of us spend a huge chunk of our day at work, it's only natural that our workplace significantly impacts our mental health. 

The most obvious way to reduce and manage workplace-induced stress levels is to maintain positive social interactions with staff and to make them feel meaningful and happy while at work. A token of appreciation like a well-being box for your staff will go a long way in creating a positive workplace environment.  

In this article, we've put together a number of these well-being trinkets and hampers that you can gift your staff and strengthen your relationship with them. 

Having a Healthy Work Environment 

As an employer, maintaining a healthy work environment is of extreme significance. Ultimately the success or failure of your business rests on the workplace environment, as a healthy environment pushes employees to work harder and achieve their full potential. 

One of the most efficient ways to stimulate a healthy work environment is to make your employees feel meaningful and happy. If employees feel that their work contributions are essential for your company’s success, they will radiate an infectious positivity among their team members. 

Simple things such as gifting an employee a cup of coffee with their name on it, remembering their birthdays, and giving them credit where due helps make employees feel special. 

The Gift You Give, Matters A Lot 

It’s not the gift itself but the thought behind it that matters. Even the smallest of gifts are known to have a significant psychological effect. This effect does not correlate with the gift’s price tag, instead, it makes the most effective if given to the recipient to recognise their efforts. 

Well-being gifts for staff go a long way in boosting workplace productivity and creating a bond between employers and employees. In addition, these tokens of appreciation have a long term positive effect as they make the recipient feel valued by their employer.

Thus, the gifts you give matter a lot as they symbolise a relationship built on mutual respect and appreciation. 

Wellbeing Gifts For Staffs 

This article brings to you some of the most interesting corporate well-being gifts for your staff that’ll help you cultivate a healthy work environment. With many businesses wanting to send out customised and thoughtful corporate gifts this year, a personalised gift that promotes well-being is ideal. 

Presenting you some of our favourite and thoughtful corporate well-being gifts for your staff- 

Artisans DIY Leather Passport Holder

passport holder

With a DIY leather passport holder kit by Artisans, craft a suave leather passport holder. It’s one of the most functional gifts and is sure to be well appreciated by your employees. The DIY allows you to personalise the DIY passport holder even more by engraving the employees’ initials’ on it. It's a great accessory to possess, and with a chic Italian leather base, our kit adds that panache when on the move. 

Artisans DIY Leather Card Holder

card holder

The Artisans DIY leather cardholder kit allows you to customise your cardholder to any shape and size. Thus, you can either standardise the well-being gifts for your staff or add their initials on them, leading to a sense of personalisation. Inclusive of three choices of Italian veg-tanned base leathers, with a stitching thread of your choice, you can use this kit to create a DIY cardholder that oozes elegance. A timeless and considerate present indeed.

Artisans DIY Leather Eyeglasses Case

glasses case

Why not gift your employees an elegantly crafted DIY leather glasses case kit by Artisans. It contains all the essential tools that are required to stitch the leather into a glasses case. Stitching Italian veg-tanned leather and getting a hands-on experience with leather will indeed be a memorable present.

Artisans DIY Leather Keychain


This DIY leather keyring kit serves as the perfect gift for employees and is an ideal team-building activity. This DIY set consists of all the materials that one needs for creating a personalised keychain. It also comes with a complete instruction manual that guides one through the entire crafting process, and thus prior experience in leathercrafting is not a necessity.  

The Care Package

corporate gifts

This wellbeing gift box offered by Box Tree Gifts is the ideal hamper for employees. The package consists of a triad of trinkets, organic tea infused with honey, a nourishing hand cream made of botanical elements, and a box of biscuits. What’s more, this wellbeing gift box for your staff members is wrapped and beautifully presented in an eco-friendly paper that's sure to infuse positivity into your employees. 

Additionally, you can pick out a gift card and deliver a personal message to the well-being gift box recipient. 

The Employee Appreciation Box

corporate gifts

This limited edition employee appreciation box offered by Wellboxes UK is an exuberant collection of trinkets that your staff members will well appreciate. The wellbeing box consists of a combination of 10 snack items that include - 

  • The Gratitude Habit Daily Mindfulness Journal
  • Shuzen Raw Organic Bath Salts
  • The Natural Spa Cruelty-Free Luxury Soap Bar
  • Victoria London Premium Cotton Face Cloth
  • Plant Pops Popped Lotus Seeds
  • Emily's Crisps / Love Corn Sharing Pack
  • Popcorn Shed Mini Pop Popcorn
  • Candy Kittens Gourmet Sweets
  • I Love Snacks 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate
  • Valley Appreciation Card
  • Personalised Printed Message from you to the recipient 
  • Free UK Delivery to your office or your team member's home address

The 'Spa At Home' Box

corporate gifts

Everyone deserves to be pampered after a hard day at the office, and this wellbeing box allows for just that. It brings in a spa experience to the recipient using face masks and bath salts to help detox your skin. 

The wellbeing box consists of - 

  • Corinne Taylor Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts - Detox
  • Corinne Taylor Detoxifying Face Mask
  • Tealights
  • Sensory Retreats Self heating eye mask

To further add to the personalisation, each wellbeing gift box consists of a gift card that allows you to deliver a personal message to the recipient.

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Why Choose Artisans Craft Kit as a Gift? 

Leathercraft gift boxes and DIYs are the most luxurious and personalised gifts you can give your employees. 

But that’s not the only reason why you should choose Artisans Craft Kit. 

As a matter of fact, the pandemic has bogged down the strongest of us. And it’s only essential for our well-being, mental and physical, that we spent some time with ourselves, away from our personal and collective stress of the world, to unwind. Those couple of minutes can go a long way in keeping us grounded. And that’s exactly where Artisans Craft kit makes a difference. 

It’s not just a present but an experience. Considering the Work From Home setup that most employees are part of, the Artisans Craft Kits allow you to indulge in unwinding through stitching magisterial leather products from the comfort of your home. 

Having spent years in the leathercrafting industry, Artisans ensures the most authentic and accentuated leathercraft experience. 

Final words...

Well-being gifts for employees are essential in creating a healthy work environment. Furthermore, extensive research has revealed that happy employees are critical to increased workplace productivity. Also, remember that employee well being is of utmost importance for the success of a business. 

Therefore, sending out thoughtful gifts, especially during times like this, will affirm your staff that the organisation values them and stands by their side unshaken during these unprecedented times.