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Wedding Favours that are also a DIY Project: How to make your favours a fun and interactive experience for your guests

wedding favours

Wedding Favours that are also a DIY Project: How to make your favours a fun and interactive experience for your guests

Your wedding day is a cherished and unforgettable occasion, and you want every aspect to be impeccable, including the favors you present to your guests. Unfortunately, conventional wedding favours can often be forgettable and, at times, go unused. Rather than offering something that may not hold value, elevate the experience by incorporating DIY elements into your favours. Here are three unique DIY wedding favour ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impact on your guests: candles, leather accessories, and succulent planters.

Wedding Favour Ideas


Candles make for a fantastic DIY wedding favour option as they are both practical and easily customizable to match the theme of your wedding. To create your own candles, you'll need wax, wicks, fragrance oil, and a heat source. You can select from a range of wax options, including soy, beeswax, or palm wax, and then infuse your preferred fragrance oil to create a unique scent.

Melt the wax, add the fragrance, and pour into small containers, such as mason jars or tealight holders. Add the wick and let it cool completely before gifting to your guests. Adorn the containers with ribbon or twine to complement your wedding theme, or attach a label with your names and wedding date for added personalization.

Leather Accessories

Leather accessories, like keychains, bracelets, or luggage tags, make for an exceptional DIY wedding favour that your guests will actually use. These accessories are not only practical but also add a touch of individuality to the celebration. To make your own leather accessories, you'll need leather, a leather punch, and hardware options like key rings, snaps, or clasps.

wedding favours

You can use a DIY Leathercraft kit that comes with pre-cut leather pieces already for an unique experience. Personalize the favours by stamping or painting a message, such as your names and wedding date. Leather accessories are a unique wedding favour option that not only serves a purpose but also doubles as a decorative keepsake, reminding your guests of the special day for years to come.

Succulent Planters

Succulent planters are an excellent DIY wedding favour option for nature enthusiasts and garden lovers. To create your own succulent planters, you'll need small terra cotta pots, succulent plants, and decorative materials like pebbles, sand, or moss.

Fill the pots with soil and add the succulent plant. Surround the base of the plant with decorative materials, such as pebbles, sand, or moss, for a visually stunning design. Wrap each pot with ribbon or twine and attach a tag with your names and wedding date for an added personal touch. Succulent planters are a unique and eco-friendly wedding favour option that brings a touch of greenery into your guests' homes.

In conclusion, incorporating DIY elements into your wedding favours is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your special day. Whether you choose to create candles, leather accessories, or succulent planters, your guests are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort that went into these one-of-a-kind gifts. Get creative and have fun making your own wedding favours that your guests will cherish.

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