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Upgrade Your Kitchenware With Some Leather – DIY Pot Holder Ideas

Upgrade Your Kitchenware With Some Leather – DIY Pot Holder Ideas

Fire up the grills for something unique and incredibly magnificent - Leather. From jewellery to handbags to potholders, it has cast a spell on all of our lives! 

Once a classic, always a classic. And who defines this better than "Leather"? Little surprise why it has always had our attention. Imagine someone walking into your kitchen with all of these gorgeous decor leather DIY pieces - now that’s a present in itself! 

These could always make one guess that you’re up for some wits, intellectual acuity and activism, ringing the notes of self-confidence. Your kitchen’s license to charm, we’ve to say!

Embellish your kitchen! If you want to learn some DIY leather scrap projects, you're in the right place. In this article, we’ve included a handful of easy leather scrap projects that you could use to augment your kitchenware. 

Plus, making these potholders from leather scraps is so easy and fun that you’re going to love the process. So, you're coming with us, right?

DIY Leather Crafting Tools


Well, before diving right into the making of DIY pot holder crafts, let's talk about some important leather crafting tools. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, all of these tools are a must-have!


  • Awls - for piercing (or marking leather)
  • Burnishers - to smooth out the surfaces and edges
  • Mauls - for stamping or setting rivets 
  • Gouges - to peel off the sides (grain or fresh) of the leather
  • Bevelers - to smoothen out the corners
  • Cutters - to make straight cuts into fabrics, leather, and other materials.
  • Pricking irons - to mark symmetric stitches
  • Punches - to make an indentation by fastening nails or dowels
  • Sewing items - to sew through leather 
  • Stamps - to stamp tags or other pieces of leather
  • Skivers - to remove a delicately thin layer of leather
  • A cutting map - to cut the leather on
DIY Leather Crafting Tools

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Easy DIY Pot Holder Ideas

Quilted Kitchen Pot Holders

Quilted Kitchen Pot Holders

Add vibrancy, texture, and colour - repurpose leather into quilted kitchen pot holders! Bizarre it may sound but that's truly it. DIY pot holder crafts are oh-so-popular! 

The old, worn-out leather (or maybe some fresh ones from the market) can make stylish (and functional) leather potholders. Make this DIY in just a few minutes. 

The dark notes of exotic leather and irresistible tingle of spices (from your kitchen) will spread an intoxicating fragrance. Don’t blame us if this fusion of sophistication and irresistibility makes the kitchen your favourite spot in your home.

Easy Kitchen Leather Potholder - Crochet Pattern

Easy Kitchen Leather Potholder - Crochet Pattern

No doubt leather pot holders are a classic.

Making this is so simple that even a beginner can do it! Customise your home decor, make simple (yet wonderful) crafts using potholders. 

Play with colours and designs; add some hanging accents from the bottom. And don't worry about the end results, it's the journey that stays with you. So, what's the wait for? Go to any leather store in your neighbourhood (continue reading for more potholder gift ideas) and let your creativity shine. 


Leather (double) Potholder

Leather (double) Potholder

A little edgy, a little sweet, make this eye-catching leather potholder, and mark a beautiful spot! Deck out an arrangement with this wow-worthy pot holder. Make one (or many) potholder patterns and glam up your kitchen! 


Also, did I just mention that they’re completely budget-friendly? You don't have to spend pounds on this easy-to-make kitchenware. Just get some leather and start stitching!


DIY Heart-Shaped Pot Holder  

DIY Heart-Shaped Pot Holder

This DIY heart-shaped pot holder is so cute and versatile, it's amazing! Take a stand with a tangle on the conventional potholders - make these in quick & easy steps! It's such a glamorous statement element. 

The leather smooth (with a calming blush) puts in a perfect yet subtle pop of colour with the foliage. Knotted with well-made, strong scraps of leather, this potholder is an extremely durable and trendy piece. 


DIY Pixel Leather Pot Holder

DIY Pixel Leather Pot Holder

When you could make anything (with almost little money), why spend so much? What if you could use leather scraps to make amazing DIY kitchen pot holders? Well, that shouldn't come as a surprise though, we have enlisted a few before already. 

Cutting long story short, in order to make this DIY pixel leather potholder, you just need some thin scraps of leather and some leather crafting tools. Perfectly simple and unobtrusive, they are an on-point stylish piece!!

leather pot holder

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If you take interest in leathercraft learning or you love sewing, crafting, and making DIYs,  you're at the right place. These DIYs look so natural (yet luxurious) that you’ll adore them! The more you practise leathercraft, the better you refine your skills. One of the most decent ways of practising leather is to take up some DIY leathercraft projects. 

You can not only upgrade your kitchenware with these gorgeous DIYs but you can also gift them to your loved ones. We don't need a reason to celebrate; likewise, we don't need a reason to spread love and happiness. 

If you're planning to DIY any gifts this year, now is the time. The handful of DIY ideas that we've included will work wonders for even that hard-to-figure-out person. 

Here, at Artisans, we provide a stock of quality leather (and myriad leathercraft resources). Our wholesome leather crafting resources will enable you to come up with some amazing DIY projects using leathercraft.

Don't fret; stick to us! Artisans was founded to deliver you an unprecedented quality of leather and innumerable resources that could aid you in the leather crafting process.

Visit our website and get your hands on our leathercraft kits. May your bobbin always be full!


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