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Make a Gift Day | Unique Handmade Leather Gift Ideas

Make a Gift Day | Unique Handmade Leather Gift Ideas

Make a Gift Day - Make it Special!

Unwrapping a gift is indeed one of the most delightful experiences! And it becomes even more special when you gift something handmade and personalised to your loved one. Make A Gift Day inspires us to channel our inherent creativity and create handmade gifts for those who matter the most. Here are 5 unique little handmade leather gifts that you can make for your close ones without previous crafting experience. You can also arrange a small party where everyone exchanges such handmade gifts with each other.

Red Leather Glasses Case

Make a Gift Day Leather Glasses Case

Artisans’ DIY leather glass case kit is perfect for people just starting with leather crafts. Leather pieces, binder clips, coloured threads, leather stitching needles, and canvas cloths are all included in the kit. The leather pieces are also pre-cut to make crafting easier for you. Artisans has also drilled the holes in the leather pieces to make it even more convenient for you. 

Instructions to DIY

As you open the box, you’ll notice 2 pieces of pre-cut leather- one for the body of the case and one for the flap. First, align the holes on the body and stitch them using leather needles and waxed threads. Now, carefully line up the holes in the flap with those of the body. Use the canvas cloths and the binder clips to hold the pieces together. Finally, stitch them together. Congratulations, your DIY leather glass case is now complete. This is one of the easiest unique leather handmade gifts.  

Red Leather Card Holder - Make a Gift Day Favourite

Make a Gift Day Cardholder

Bulky metallic cardholders are slowly going out of fashion. People are looking to exchange them for sleeker designs and leather cardholders are slimmer and much more elegant. If you know someone like that, you can gift them a DIY leather cardholder. Cardholders are the perfect Make A Gift Day special gifts of leather. All you need is the wholesome Artisans’ leather DIY cardholder kit.

Instructions to DIY

The kit has one large leather piece and three small ones for the card pockets. Align the holes by placing the smaller pieces on top of each other. Secure them in place using the binder clips included in the kit. Now, stitch all the pieces together using leather needles and the coloured waxed threads. In addition to that, you can convert the thread holder into a simple key ring.

Red Leather Passport Holder

Unique, Personalised Make a Gift Day Ideas

We all appreciate personalised handmade gifts as they reflect how much we’re loved and cared for. However, we may not always have the time or expertise to create stunning personalised gifts from scratch. To help such crafters, Artisans created their leather DIY kits. Our DIY leather passport kit lets you create personalised passports for your globe trotter friends and family members. 

As usual, the Artisans’ DIY kits contain Italian and veg-tanned leather and all the necessary tools to craft this passport. 

Instructions to DIY 

Simply align the pieces together according to the craft guide. Secure the pieces in place using binder clips and canvas cloths. Stitch them together, and your craft is ready. Artisans also offer multiple options to customise the leather passport. You can choose between gold, silver, and plain embossing.

Leather Keychain

Make a Gift Day Leather Keychain Personalised Gift

If you’re looking for thoughtful gift ideas to make for Make A Gift Day, then look no further. Leather keychains are easy to make and an amazing gift for your loved ones. You’ll need some leather scraps, scissors, glue, threads, a hole puncher, and small metal loops for this craft.

Instructions to DIY 

Use a ruler and a pencil to mark the area where your tassels will begin. Start cutting the leather into small strips using scissors or a rotary tool. Remember, don’t cut the leather beyond the pencil mark. After it’s done, attach another small strip of leather to act as the hanger for the keyring. Use glue on the uncut area of the keyring and roll it. Attach the metal key ring to the leather strap, and your DIY project is complete. 

Leather Coasters For Make a Gift Day

Make a Gift Day Leather Coasters

Leather coasters are one of the most unique personalised leather gifts for Make A Gift Day. If you’ve scrap leather pieces around your home, you can convert them into small personalised coasters. You just have to cut the leather pieces in circles, and you’re good to go. Of course, you can add extra layers to make it thicker or add extra stitches to make them look more attractive. You can even etch or emboss letters on them to personalise them.

Personalised, Handmade & Unique Make a Gift Day Ideas From Artisans

These thoughtful handmade gifts are sure to brighten your loved ones’ day. Artisans’ craft kits are specifically designed to help beginners in crafting. You can even gift the kits as it is to your friends and family members to encourage them to start crafting. These fantastic DIY kits encompass all the essential tools, instructions, and niceties needed to create unique gifts. These are just a few ideas from our artisans in London. You can view more gift ideas here or visit our online shop to see our full range of products.