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Unique Gifts: How to Make Your Own DIY Leather Keychain

Unique Gifts: How to Make Your Own DIY Leather Keychain

There’s a reason why people flock towards DIY leather scrap projects like bees swarm around dahlia stalks. For starters, it’s much more affordable than leather products marketed in stores. 

Additionally, if you’re a leathercrafting enthusiast, the creative opportunities available for you’re endless. From DIY leather keychains to customised leather wallets, one is spoilt for choices. A DIY leather scraps keychain serves as the perfect gift in an era where all our gifts are purchased online. 

Investing time to create a suave leather keychain in coherence with contemporary designs that reflect the personality of the gift’s recipient is genuinely priceless. This is probably why authentic handmade leathercraft products are so sought after, be it gloves, wallets, or even belts.

DIY Leather Keychains

In this article, we’ll help you craft the most intimate gift that you can give your loved ones- a DIY leather keychain personalised with the recipient’s initials. Keychains are one of the most sought-after souvenirs and also make for a wholesome present for special occasions. 

DIY Leather Keychains

So whether you need to gift your best friend something as a gesture of appreciation or whether you want to give your loved one an intimate memory of a trip that you look back fondly upon, these DIY ideas will come in handy.  So, what’s the wait for? Gather some leather scraps from around your house, and let’s go over these unique DIY keychain ideas that we have for you.

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How to Make Your Own DIY Leather Keychain 

Every leather craftsman ought to have a well-equipped workstation before venturing on a leathercrafting project. Why so, you may ask. Well, the reason is pretty straightforward. The distractions to procure materials and other tools often break the creative flow of the leather craftsman. This leads to lower concentration levels, and the finesse, synonymous with leathercrafting, is lost.

Make Your Own DIY Leather Keychain

Before we start with our DIY leather keychain tutorial, it’s vital to gather the project’s paraphernalia.  

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Supplies Required:

Leather scraps: Should be at least 9″ long to allow for easy handling and intricate stitching into the base leather

Rotary cutter: This allows for a fine cut into the leather scrap

Cutting mat: Essential if you don’t want to engrave scratches into the top of your workstation

Metal ruler: Required to measure out the dimensions as are necessary for the keychain

Leather hole punch or awl: You’ll need to punch a hole at the top of your keychain to allow for the key to be passed through the leather base

Screw Posts: Required to hold the pieces of leather together

Miscellaneous: Make sure to keep items like glue, rulers, and sandpaper handy

If you’re having trouble procuring these essential tools, don’t worry, as we have you covered. We at .Ar:ti|sans provide you with all the resources to simplify your leathercrafting experience. 

Our wholesome leathercrafting kits ensure the most authentic learning experience for leathercrafting enthusiasts and consist of all the paraphernalia you need in this DIY tutorial.

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The Process of Crafting Leather Keychain: 

Step 1: 

Cut your leather scraps to the dimensions of your keychain. Keychains usually follow a 9″ x 1/2″ or 9″ x 3/4″ configuration, mainly depending upon the thickness of the base leather and the size of the key. Suppose you want to use this keychain for a more significant key like that of your main door. In that case, you’ll require a broader configuration, that is, a 9″ x 3/4″ configuration.

Step 2:

Fold the base leather strip in half through the middle and punch in holes on both ends. Make sure that these are distanced about half an inch from the ends and are centered. This helps create symmetry which adds to the aesthetic of the design. Create these holes using the leather hole punch or the awl, and practice caution while handling these as their ends are extra sharp. 

Step 3: 

Insert one screw through the ends of either hole and attach your keys to it. Post this, you need to insert the other end of the screw through the other hole to align with the post. If your keychain caters to only a few keys, you can use a narrower screw post in the DIY leather keychain tutorial. If not, you can choose to use a broader flat key post. 

Step 4: 

With your keychain ready, it’s now time to add a personal touch to it. Apply two thin coatings of paint on your keychain following the design that you like. Additionally, you can engrave into it your initials to make it a personalised DIY leather keychain.   

Voilà! There you’ve got it. Your DIY leather keychain customised as per your very own tastes and colour combinations. Wasn’t that easy? 

Take away from this DIY project

The best way to learn leathercrafting is by practising. The adage "practise makes perfect", is most applicable in leathercrafting. Looking forward to it? You can take on DIY leather projects. These DIY tutorials will expose you to leathercrafting situations that theory courses can’t simulate. These situations will act as whetstones, refining your leathercrafting abilities, making you more adept at tackling all kinds of crafting situations in the future.

DIY project

In leathercrafting, facing roadblocks and spending time on obstacles during the stitching process is only natural. People often try to solve their queries online and bombarded with information that may not necessarily be relevant and leads to disheartened leather crafters. 

Looking for more?

Having years of experience in the leather industry, we at .Ar:ti|sans provide you with all the resources to simplify your leathercrafting experience. We believe that leathercrafting resources should be made accessible to all, which is why we’ve culminated the most comprehensive online leathercrafting resource out there. 

With a host of leathercrafting solutions, .Ar:ti|sans strives to provide you with a one-stop solution for your leathercrafting needs rather than overwhelming you with technicalities. Our introductory level crafting kits have been personally crafted to ensure the rawest leather crafting experience. They are perfect for all aspiring leather craftspersons and hobbyists. The .Ar:ti|sans' DIY leather keyring kit enables you to experience the joy of crafting with your hands.

We recently launched our very own DIY Keychain Craft Kit, this kit consists of premium vegetable-tanned leather, perfect for gifts.

Premium Leather Keyring (D.I.Y. Kit)

So the next time you’ve any difficulties in your leathercrafting experience, you know how to get them solved efficiently. Let your creativity flow generously and create personalised DIY leather keychains for your households.

Happy stitching!

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