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Don’t Just Invest in Materialistic Gifts: Invest in an Experience 

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Don’t Just Invest in Materialistic Gifts: Invest in an Experience 

The ideal gift for your loved ones doesn’t necessarily have to be something expensive.


A personalised, handmade gift is timeless and imagine how cherished your friends and family will feel after receiving it.  


More often than not, we end up purchasing gifts that just sit on the recipients’ shelf or a trinket that are occasionally worn. It’s time to change this preconceived notion that we’re about materialistic and flashy gifts. Instead, we should indulge in gifting experiences that matter, truly unique and personalised for the recipient. 


Handmade leathercraft products are one such experience that you can consider gifting. Leather in itself is an exquisite material and elicits a wholesome affair when you indulge in its products. 


This article will reiterate the importance of investing in experience gifts rather than materialistic, expensive presents. 


After all, it’s the spirit in which a present is gifted rather than the gift itself!


And in times when outsourcing of presents has become so prevalent, personalised gifts and experiences make for the most meaningful gifts. 


Gifts as an Experience 

Experience gifting is a term that has come to the fore in recent years, due to which not a lot of people may be familiar with it. 


To better understand the concept of experience gifting, consider this example. 


You go out and buy a whole lot of gifts such as spa hampers, restaurant vouchers and theme park entrance tickets. 

Would any of these gifts qualify to be experience gifts? 

Yes, they would. 

Gifts like restaurant vouchers and theme park tickets that allow the recipient to indulge in an experience fall under the category of experience gifting. 


Experience gifting is when you give someone something that’s not just a gift but a life experience or an adventure. Rather than a material item, it’s a ‘doing’ gift. This concept has gained popularity as people are straying away from mindless consumerism and are looking to indulge in experiences that don’t have a price tag and are more fondly received.


Why You Should Gift an Experience 


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There’s always an element of doubt about the relevance of a materialistic gift. 


Whether the recipient will indulge in its use or just keep it away and forget all about it?


On the contrary, through experience gifts, the recipients get memories wrapped in love, something that’s never covered in dust and never gets old. 


Experience gifts have gained so much attention in recent times due to what they offer. Our packed routines keep us bound to our jobs, and we forget to take time out for ourselves and our loved ones. 


The humdrum of our “have to’s” always have us procrastinating indulging in these experiences. 


Thus, experience gifts subconsciously compel the recipient to take time off and spend quality time together with loved ones. 


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Benefits of DIY Gifts 


DIY gifts are a great way to personalise your gifts for your loved ones. 


The very fact that you invest your time in creating something of value, keeping in mind the recipient, whether it’s their name or their favourite colour, is what makes DIY such an ideal gift in today’s times. 


Whether it's something that has been knit, sewn, painted, or glued, DIY gifts are always well appreciated by the recipients. And it’s not just us who thinks this way. 


According to a recent survey, more than 50 percent of the respondents said that receiving a personalised gift made them feel special. 


Thus, the best way to convey your feelings to your loved ones is through thoughtful DIY gifts wherein you can wrap all your love and affection into a single gift. 


Artisans DIY Craft Kits as Experience Gifts


Handmade leather accessories, such as bags, belts, wallets, and bracelets, are popular experience gifts due to the individuality they bring. Thus, if you're a leathercrafting enthusiast and are willing to get hands-on with your designs, these DIY craft kits from Artisans are worth checking out.

 glasses case


If you’re looking for an elegant and compelling leathercrafting project, this DIY leather glass case kit by Artisans is ideal for you. The wholesome DIY kit consists of all the paraphernalia required to complete the project, including an array of Italian veg-tan leathers. Craft out the most exquisite DIY experience gift and make your loved ones feel even more special. 

passport holder


This Artisans’ DIY leather passport holder kit allows you to craft a suave leather passport holder and is the ideal luxury travel accessory for your loved ones. Comprising all the materials, including the base leather, to prepare a personalised experience gift, this DIY infuses elegance and panache into your gift.  

card holder


An elegant leather cardholder goes a long way in creating a lasting first impression and will be an experience gift well appreciated by your loved one. Using the Artisans DIY leather cardholder kit, you can indulge in creating a sophisticated cardholder that’s priceless. Inclusive of three choices of Italian veg-tanned base leathers, it’s the ideal DIY gift. 



This DIY leather keychain kit allows you to explore your creativity and come up with a customised keychain. What’s more, all the materials that you may need are provided in the DIY set. It also comes with a complete instruction manual and helps you overcome any roadblock that you may face. 


Unique gifts become a memory for life!


Do keep in mind that it’s the spirit of the gift that counts. This is why experience gifts are well appreciated. After all, gifts are a way of expressing love. And the best gifts are the ones that become a heartfelt memory for life. 


Your close interaction with family members or your spouse makes it easier for you to pick out an experience gift.


You can gift your spouse a couple-session to the spa so that you can spend quality time with them. Of course, while allowing them to indulge in relaxation. Similarly, some experience gifts for parents include gifting them vouchers to the theme park or something along the lines. You can revisit the memories that you shared with your parents back in the day, which in our opinion, is the most priceless gift that you can gift someone.