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The Ultimate Wishlist For Leather Craft Lovers! Read On


The Ultimate Wishlist For Leather Craft Lovers! Read On

Leathercrafting is not as complex as it seems from the outside. The unavailability of knowledge resources is probably the biggest reason why people have developed this notion. However, with the right direction and insight, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

It all boils down to how comfortable you are as a craftsman with your tools. Leathercrafting is a function of the various tools and the role they play in the workflow. Beginners have a hard time figuring out which tool to use as they don’t understand the nuances of these tools. Additionally, since leatherwork is not a specific trade skill, You won’t be able to purchase many of these tools from local hardware stores, which further adds to the overwhelming stature of the niche.

Thus, to simplify the leathercrafting process, you need to take a step back and look at things from a holistic perspective. For example, your first DIY leathercrafting project should only engage the basic skills of stitching. If you’re looking to invest a lot of money in your first DIY and are trying to indulge in a detailed project, chances are you’ll get overwhelmed and quit midway.

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In this article, we bring you a list of leathercrafting tools that you should know about before venturing into the field of leathercrafting. This will help you strengthen your fundamentals and will go a long way in providing you with an immersive leathercrafting experience that you’ll cherish. This wishlist suggestion also proves to be one of the best gifts for leathercraft lovers and the best gifts for crafters 2021.

Ultimate Checklist For Leathercraft Lovers 

Whether you’re looking to get started with leathercrafting to create gifts for leathercraft lovers or are just venturing into the niche out of curiosity, you need to equip your workstation with some essential tools. First things first, get some leather for your DIY projects and go through this leatherworking tools list. After all, you wouldn’t want to stop midway in your leathercrafting DIY just because you don’t have access to a particular tool. So here’s a leathercraft checklist with professional leatherworking tools that we think is a must before taking any leathercrafting DIY template. Also if you need some leather gift ideas for leathercraft lovers, here's where you'll get that. Let's get you started with beginner leatherworking projects using these leatherworking tools in the UK.

Pencil And Pen

Ever wondered, what are the best leatherworking tools? Well, let's start with the basics. As trivial as it sounds, keeping a pencil and a pen handy on your workstation is an invaluable piece of advice for DIY leatherwork. During your stitching process, you’ll often need to create a stencil on the base leather for which a pencil works best. 

Additionally, you can use leather touch-up pens to cover any visible scratches on the base leather to render them less noticeable. They offer a quick solution to fix these wear marks visually. A must on every leathercrafting enthusiast’s checklist and in every leathercraft project kit, UK.

Steel Ruler 

A steel ruler is one of the most underrated tools in your leathercrafting ensemble. It helps you create an outline to draw a straight line, which helps elevate your product’s quality. Trust us, without a ruler, creating a straight line becomes quite a task, and it also impacts the overall geometry of your product. 

Cutting Mat 

You wouldn’t want to scratch the surface of your workstation during leatherworking projects now, would you? Cutting mats thus are a great way to protect not only the sheath of your knife but also the work surface present underneath your ensemble. Some cutting mats are equipped with measurement markings that help you further elevate your leathercrafting experience. 


If you’re looking to take the next step in your leathercrafting journey, a mallet is something you must add to your workstation. It helps you to create different kinds of figures, including punching holes in your base leather.  

Edge Beveller 

A leather edge beveller is a tool with a sharp blade used to remove the square corners from the edges of leather goods. Functionally, it removes the sharper square edges and provides you with a more sleek finish. This tool is handy if you’re looking to create everyday items such as leather belts and wallets. 


If you’re after that immaculate finish, beeswax is one of the most efficient conditioning treatments you can use on your base leather. It helps make the leather more supple and prepares it for easy stitching and lacing. 

Do keep in mind to complete all colouring and dyeing of your base leather before applying any beeswax.

Contact Glue 

A leather adhesive goes a long way in effectively joining various leather pieces together. Any beginner leatherworking tool kit will have this. This is key to a successful project. The choice of how strong the leather contact glue depends on your need and whether or not the base leather needs to be sewn.  

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Leatherwork Needles 

Unlike other materials like polyester and fabric, leather has a relatively tougher exterior. Thus, you need to equip yourself with specially designed leathercrafting needles that will help you stitch through the leather.

Stitching Pony Or Clamp 

The stitching pony is a leatherworking stitching tool that gives you hands-free access to your base leather during stitching. The clamp holds the base leather in place as you stitch on it, to put it in simpler words. This helps make the process of hand stitching relatively easy and seamless and is a must. Especially when you’re dealing with larger projects such as bags, purses, saddles, and briefcases. 

Leather Punch 

As the name suggests, the leather punch is suitable for punching holes in the base leather. This tool is essential primarily if you deal with leathercraft DIYs such as making belts, wallets, card cases, and leather handbags. 

These tools are part of the wholesome DIY kits crafted at Artisans to ensure the most authentic and accentuated learning experience in leathercrafting. It’s a must-have basic leatherworking tool for all aspiring leathercrafters and hobbyists. Plus they also make for excellent leathercraft gifts in the UK. If you search for 'learn leatherworking near me' you'll find clubs, communities, and classes to put these kits to best use and learn different types of leatherwork.

Leather Craft and Artisans

Putting together a concise leathercrafting ensemble is the key to leathercrafting success. Often, leathercrafting enthusiasts stock up various tools without mindfully being aware of whether or not they’ll need them. This just leads to clutter and hampers your productivity while you’re at your workstation. At Artisans, we have a range of DIY leather craft kits to help you begin your journey with leathercrafting.

There’s a specific spellbinding nature of handmade leather products. Once you’ve used them, there’s no turning back. The products are magisterial, oozing suave and panache. 

Customisable, elegant, and authentic leather can create some unique gifts for leathercraft lovers and the best gifts for crafters 2021. Refer to our wishlist suggestions, and the next time you’re considering indulging in a DIY template and feel the difference in terms of your productivity and the outcome. Hope you've got an elaborate answer to - what should I put on my wishlist?