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Top Gift Ideas For Anyone

Top Gift Ideas For Anyone

Choosing the right gifts for that special someone or occasion is a tedious task and most of the time we are stuck shopping at the last hour with no idea of what we want.

Although it is significant to appreciate and celebrate the ones we love with gifts, we can do WITHOUT buying gifts for them.

No, we don’t mean ignoring the occasion without any gifts but MAKING them instead. 

Yes, why don’t you create something unique to express your love or make a gift for them to show how special they are? 

Can one truly find the ideal leather gift for all occasions? Hmmm! The following list should give you an idea of what could be the perfect gift for Mom, Dad and Your special one.

Unique Gift Ideas For Mom

DIY Leather Key Chain

DIY Leather Key Chain

Using leather strips and a rotary punch, create an elegant personalised gift for your mom. Customise your DIY gift and shower your mom with the affection she deserves.

DIY Leather Conversation Shapes

gifts for mom

Create the most intimate homemade gift by revisiting your mom’s favourite saying or a conversation that reminds her of you.

DIY Leather Plant Pots

gifts for mom

Reusable and sustainable, create plant pots through leather scraps for your mom’s house. 

DIY Chic Leather Pouch

diy leather pouch gifts

Why not gift your mom a chic pouch in which she can keep her belongings organised? Create a stylish DIY homemade gift using veg-tanned base leather.  

DIY Leather Accessories

unique gifts

Use leather to create some elegant homemade accessories like earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces. After trying it on, your mom will appreciate your homemade gift even more.  

DIY Leather Handmade Bookmarks

gifts for mom

If your mom is an avid reader, gift her a personalised leather bookmark. Imprint her favourite author’s quote on leather scraps and create the most thoughtful DIY gift for your mom.  

DIY Leather Coasters

best gift idea

Using veg-tanned leather, create some coasters that add aesthetics to your mom’s kitchen. Get creative by adding monograms and other elements to add a personalised touch. 

DIY Leather Photo Frame

unique gifts

Treasure memories with your mom by gifting her a thoughtful DIY leather photo frame. Relive the special moments that you have shared by adding a heartfelt written message.

DIY Stamped Leather Trinket Dishes

unique gifts

Have an inside joke with your mom that you’ve spent years laughing on? With this DIY gift, imprint jokes on some leather-based trinket dishes that resonate with your mom. 

DIY Leather Cord Keeper

best gifts

Managing your phone charger and earphones is always so tricky. Don’t you think your mom faces the same difficulty? Gift her a customised leather cord keeper and help her organise her tech accessories.

DIY Leather Tablet Case

unique gifts

Does your mom have an iPad but often complains that she cannot carry it around? Gift your mom a DIY leather tablet case that helps her take her gadget around with an air of suave and elegance. 

DIY Leather Bound Book

leather book

Moms love to take notes. Be it their favourite recipes or to pen down a critical to-do list. Gift your mom a DIY leather-bound book that she can flaunt off the next time she goes grocery shopping. 

DIY Leather Pot Holder

unique gifts

Add some colour and flamboyance into your mom’s kitchen by making her a DIY leather pot holder. Using dyes, you can use veg-tanned leather to create aesthetic accessories for your mom’s kitchen.

DIY Leather Drink And Food Labels

gift ideas

Another thoughtful DIY idea is to create small leather-based labels that help your mom organise the kitchen. You can further create drink labels that demand the attention of your mom’s friends when they lay their eyes upon them. 

DIY Leather Tote Bag

leather tote bag

Have you considered gifting your mom a fashionable tote bag that she can flaunt when she visits the grocery shop? Imprint monograms and other patterns and gift your mom a DIY leather tote bag.

DIY Leather Mason Jar Holder 

gift ideas

If your mom is addicted to a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, consider gifting her a DIY leather mason jar holder. With leather providing an ergonomic grip, you can further customise it, just the way your mom likes it

DIY Leather Yoga Mat Holder

unique gift ideas

The struggles of trying to keep a yoga mat rolled up are real. This DIY leather yoga mat holder provides not only a practical option but also an elegant way to personalise your yoga sessions. Trust us, this DIY gift will be really appreciated! 

DIY Leather Wall-Hanging Straps

unique gift ideas

Using some leather straps, create additional storage space via the DIY leather wall-hanging straps. Your mom will love this gift, only hoping that you thought of this idea earlier while you stayed with her.

DIY Leather Drawer Pull

best gifts

Non-functional drawers are simply the worst. Despite getting your nails chipped, the drawer just doesn’t open up. If you can think of such a problem at your mom’s house, a DIY leather drawer pull might just be the gift you should consider making. 

DIY Leather Wristlet

gift ideas

Not only are they fashionable, but leather wristlets are a great way to express your feelings. Communicate to your mother by imprinting a heartfelt message by creating a DIY leather wristlet. 

Give the gift of choice and a unique leathercraft experience that you and your mom will never forget.  We hope that we could inspire your creative minds and helped you think of the perfect DIY gift for your mom.

Now let us present you with some unique gift ideas for your Dad.

Best Gift Ideas For Dad

If coming up with the perfect gift for your dad is something you’re struggling with, we’ve got you sorted.  Don’t let the flaccid gifts that you’re browsing through dampen your spirits, we’ve some unique ideas that you can rely on. 

DIY Personalised Spatula

gifts for dad

If your dad is into cooking and loves to whip up a masterpiece in the kitchen, this may be the gift for him. Gift your dad a personalised spatula and imprint a warm message on it from yourself and your family members. Every time he gets cooking, your message will melt his heart.

DIY “Monster Trail” Mix

gift ideas for dad

Is your dad particular about his mini-snacks or loves to munch away while watching his favourite movie? If yes, then considering making him an assorted snack of nuts, dried fruits and chocolates. To top it all off, label the pack as “monster trails”. 

DIY Beer Bouquet

gifts for dad

Craft out a customised six-pack fit for your dad by dressing the bottle with some paper flowers. Don’t forget to add a personalised message to make the gift even more unique. 

DIY Grilling Apron

gift ideas for dad

Does your dad love to cook delicacies but isn’t a fan of the kitchen mess that inevitably happens? Consider giving your dad a cleanable khaki style customised apron so that he doesn’t have to work cleanly in the kitchen.

DIY Leather Jar Sleeve


A magisterial leather sleeve will any day be a more wholesome gift than a ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug. So what are you waiting for? Go through this tutorial today and let’s build your dad a quick and functional jar sleeve.

DIY Pre-Shave Oil

gifts fior dad

Does your dad have sensitive skin, due to which he doesn’t shave very often? Well, you can create a nourishing blend of your own using ingredients like grapeseed, olive soup and some sandalwood to prepare a thoughtful pre-shave oil for him.

DIY Cookout Kit

gifts for dad

Have you ever considered gifting your dad with a cookout skit comprising all the arsenal he needs to whip up your favourite dish- from condiments to his very own apron? Well, now you can.

DIY Tie Rack

gift ideas for dad

One of the most essential pieces of clothing accessories that your dad owns is his ties. By gifting him a customised tie-rack, you’ll help him keep his ties organised. Now isn’t that a thoughtful gift?

DIY Leather Mouse Pad


If your dad is tech-savvy and requires his desktop daily, why not amp up his desk? Craft out a customised leather mouse pad using a rotary cutter and add a design imprint of your creation. 

DIY Neck Tie

neck tie

Ties are a cliche, we know. But what if you could customise the necktie as per his tastes? This DIY tutorial will guide you through your tie making journey even if you’ve never done it before. And just like that, you can have a memorable gift for your dad.

DIY Leather Passport Holder

passport holders

If your dad is a frequent flyer, this might be the perfect gift for him. A leather passport holder will allow him to organise his documents while on the move. Furthermore, its texture and finishing will draw a lot of attention from his friends and colleagues. 

DIY Electrical Cord Organiser

gift for dad

Ever find some cords lying around the house? With this DIY tutorial, you’ll create a customisable electrical cord organiser. Follow this step by step guide to craft out an elegant final product. You can even consider going through the efforts or imprinting your dad’s initials. 

DIY Leather Plant Pot

plant holder

There’s no better DIY gift for the household than to create a set of reusable plant pots made from leather scraps. All you’ll need are some essential tools like base leather and some glue. Your dad would not have expected such a thoughtful gift and will be overly delighted by the same.

DIY Leather Glass Case

glass case

If you’re looking for a less-intensive and yet impactful gift for your dad, here’s a project worth looking into. Craft out a DIY leather glass case, one that your dad can not only use but also flaunt around his friends. 

DIY Tea Gift Box

unique gifts for dad

If your dad is a tea connoisseur, this is a gift that he’ll love. Compile an exquisite tea gift box consisting of his favourite tea. Go ahead and customise the package further and engrave his initials into the gift set. 

DIY Leather Keychain


With the help of this DIY tutorial, you can create a unique and customised leather keychain as a gift for your dad. The next time he steps out of the house, there’s no way he’ll lose out on his car keys. 

DIY Leather Toiletry Kit Bag 

toiletry bag

If your dad is a frequent flyer, a toiletry bag is something he’ll need regularly. So why not craft out a customised leather toiletry kit bag and give it to your dad. It’s a gift that he’ll not only love but also regularly use on his travels. 

DIY Wood Coasters

wood coasters

A set of customised DIY coasters infuse vibrancy into every household. Go ahead and gift your dad a collection of DIY coasters with a personal message that he’ll fondly use the next time he sips on his tea.

DIY “Quality Time”

gifts for dad

There’s no better gift to give your dad than spending some quality time with him. You can get creative and fill up a jar with chits of his favourite activities that your family can indulge in throughout the year. 

DIY Wool iPad Case

sewing patterns

Create a customised woollen iPad case for your dad and let your creativity loose with the colour combinations and the designs. Complement the case with small storage set to keep some earphones. 

Your dad has always been the one who has looked after you, so indulging in a DIY gift to thank him will truly mark a memorable day for him. 

Are you also looking to find a perfect gift for your partner? Let's dive in!

Gift Ideas For Special one

Is another anniversary around the corner and you are yet to conclude on the perfect anniversary gift your lover deserves? Take a look at some anniversary gift ideas that are not just thoughtful but will make your partner love you more.  

Leather Gifts For Him 

Let's start with different possible leather anniversary gifts for him that would blow his mind away. 

DIY Leather Photo Keyring 

gifts for couples

You will not miss getting a kiss when you give your husband a photo keyring that houses special pictures of you both. No doubt, he will always get the chance to catch a look at you every time he handles the key.


Matching DIY Leather Passport Holder Kit

gifts for couples

If you are celebrating 3 years already and other ideas seem to be common, the leather passport kit is what you need. It is not just one of the many great 3rd anniversary ideas for a husband but a smart choice too as you are sure he will put your photo in it also. 


Easy DIY Leather Card Holder 

card wallet

If he keeps misplacing his card, don't let that be an issue when you can give out a handmade cardholder to help the situation. Plus, remember it is from your heart of love.


DIY Monochrome Bow Tie 

monochrome bow tie

Though your husband might already have a lot of bow tie, a unique leather one made with your hands will surely become his favourite. To say it is easy to make,  makes it more fantastic. 


DIY Leather Camera Strap 

camera strap

Let's get rid of the previous camera strap and replace it with a leather home craft your husband will be able to show off. You can even inscribe his name on it to spice the look. How amazing!


DIY Leather Mouse Pad 

gift ideas for him

If he loves his computer and spends more time working on it, let him still see you around by gifting in a leather mouse pad. He will surely love it. 


Easy DIY Leather Cufflinks


The regular metallic or gold cufflinks can get too boring to give out to someone you really care about. Instead, cover it up with leather or make a new one from scratch and be sure to give it with love. 


DIY Leather Wine Bag 

unique gift idea

If he loves his wine, don't let him travel without it in a classic wine bag you specially made for him. No doubt, he is carrying your love alongside.


Handmade Lovely Leather Hat

handmade hat

Whether it's the regular everyday hat or cowboy hat, you can create one for him at home. With some instructions, it becomes easy to make and worth it. 


Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her 

For guys wanting to give your darling a spectacular gift, here are some ideas. 

Beautiful Handmade DIY Cosmetic Bag 

gifts for her

You can never be too extra with a cosmetic bag especially if your partner loves the world of cosmetics. Even if she doesn't, she will still find it useful for a lot of other girly essentials. 


DIY Leather Pouch

gifts for girlfriend

This is one luxury leather gift for her that is always appreciated. If she loves carrying pouches, make one from leather instead of buying from the mall. 


Classy DIY Bracelet 


Your spouse would definitely not mind you gifting her a leather bracelet with her name boldly written on it. You can even make one for yourself to add to the uniqueness of your anniversary. 


DIY Key Chain Bangles 

gifts for girlfriend

One expression you wouldn't miss when your wife sees her bangles specially crafted by you is a lighted up eyes. With the bangles, she will be able to look both gorgeous and loved. 


Fancy Solid  DIY Leather Sandals 

leather sandals

You might need a little tutorial to pull this off but it will be totally worth it when it is done. Leather sandals are certainly a good choice gift for an anniversary.


DIY Leather Necklace 

gifts for girlfriend

When she sees you bring out a box, she will either accept a gold necklace or a  ring but when she sees a leather, it becomes mind blowing. Blow her mind for real with the leather necklace.


Leather DIY Market Bags 

market bags

Help her do away with the common market bags by creating one with leather material. With this, going to market becomes more than a duty but a love show-off. 


DIY Leather Bags 


Beautify her closet with a new leather bag she can take out anytime. You can decide to give her the market and an outing tote leather bag so she can take both for some market duties. 

Cold Free DIY Leather Gloves

leather gloves

Keep her warm during winter with special gloves made from your leather crafting. You can take a cue from the regular ones but these leather gloves will be very much appreciated.


DIY Fashionable Purse 

leather purse

The truth is, there would still be some things she needs to put in a purse or wallet like her card and that is where your gift  comes in. Trust me, she will cherish it. 

Some Leather Gifts for Him & Her 

Other options of leather gifts that can go for anybody include the following.

DIY Leather Journal 

leather journal

For every travel and adventure, everyone will need a journal to pour it all in. So, the leather journal is a good choice because it fits this purpose with its durability. 


DIY Phone Case 

phone cases

Whether it is an anniversary gift for him/her, the phone case is a good option. Just place it on the bedside table and it has fulfilled its purpose. 


Leather Picnic Basket 

picnic basket

If the wooden basket is not what you picture as a good romantic gift, the leather picnic basket will surely be your top preference. It is surely a good idea to try out for an anniversary gift. 

DIY Leather Tray

leather tray

What better way to make a memorable gift aside from the tray with the engraved name of you and your partner. You can also write on the leather words peculiar to you both. Sweet!


DIY Leather Photo Book 


If you have tried out all the other options in your previous anniversary, the photo book is never too old to try out. With the leather shield around, it will take years to become unloved.

Memorable Leather DIY Photo Frame


The photo frame just matches the perfect gifts for him/her. By just one glance at it, you would have captured every moment illustrated on the priceless photo. 

Here you go, the extraordinary gift ideas you need to plan your anniversary or just celebrate your partner. Any of the listed ideas can be done with convenient materials at home or with some easy to find materials in the store. Choose any one of these ideas today and spice it up every year. Happy celebration! 

To conclude, investing time, efforts, and heartfelt emotions into creating a gift from scratch justifies the deep bond you share with your loved ones. It’s probably one of the reasons why DIY gifts are so cherished. Happy gifting!