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Top Craft Trends To Watch Out For In 2021 

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Top Craft Trends To Watch Out For In 2021 

The silver linings amidst the pandemic, have been spending quality time with our loved ones and rediscovering our old passions by taking up hobbies. In addition, the rise of various captivating craft trends has contributed to people flocking towards embroidery, pyrography, sewing, knitting, and so forth. 

In this article, we’ve put together some of the best and most intriguing craft trends gaining momentum in 2021. We’ll also go through the various advantages of indulging in these. 

How Craft Has Changed Throughout The Years 

Leather products have been synonymous with royalty and elegance ever since humans realised the multi-faceted nature of the material. The early years of leathercrafting were earmarked with immaculate craftsmanship and artistry practised by few skilled craftsmen. Leathercrafting was something that was indulged in by the privileged and was considered to be a luxury for the masses. 

However, as time passed, with globalisation and other technological developments, crafts became commonplace in our society. In addition, the rise of the internet and social media further allowed leathercrafting knowledge to be accessible to enthusiasts, which subsequently led to the rise of craft trends.  

Craft Trends To Look Out For 

In the past, craft trends may have gone under the radar, but there’s no getting around them this year. Social media platforms, in particular Instagram, have led to these newest craft trends in 2021. 

Crafts have gained popularity over the years as they constitute the fundamentals of the design process. The design process in itself is dynamic in nature which is why there is an emergence of a multitude of craft trends. 

2021 has seen the rise of craft trends that hinge upon environmental awareness and are themselves eco-friendly. Below are some of the other craft trends that have rapidly gained momentum and are expected to continue trending. 


Craft Trend #1 Therapeutic Craft 

As the name suggests, these craft trends allow you to experience a therapeutic effect when you indulge in them. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional artist to reap the rewards of these therapeutic craft trends; simple activities like colouring and doodling are enough to stimulate a boost in your mood and a decrease in anxiety. 

Craft Trend #2 Abstract Craft 

Abstract by definition refers to art that does not attempt to represent external reality but instead seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, colours, and textures. Thus, by its very definition, abstract crafts are subjective and vary from individual to individual. However, some of the most trending craft ideas involve various textures and mediums and include making pots, vases, mugs, coasters, and pillows.

Craft Trend #3 Conscious Craft 

Modern-day consumers have become ever more conscious of the purchasing decisions they indulge in. Thus, craft trends that involve using readily available materials in the household and having a minimum environmental impact are coming to the fore. 

Craft Trend #4 Fashion Upcycling 

Following the lines of environment-friendly and sustainable craft trends, refurbishing old items and infusing life into them is what this upcycling craft trend is all about. Upcycling uses either pre-consumer waste, post-consumer waste, or both. Pre-consumer waste is generated during product manufacture, while products that have defects or are disposed of, constitute post-consumer waste. 

The most commonly upcycled items are clothes and furniture, and the reason this craft trend has gained immense popularity is its multitude of environmental benefits. Upcycled craft trends use significantly fewer raw materials, have less chemical usage and have minimal carbon emissions. 

Craft Trend #5 Sustainable Craft 

Sustainable craft practices that involve the use of alternative base materials have gained popularity in 2021. One such example is that of sustainable leathercrafting practices using sustainable leather. 

Sustainable leather is a by-product of agricultural activities and is made using natural fibres and polymers. This type of leather not only emulates the quality and longevity of animal hide leather but supersedes it.

Turning waste products into sustainable leather fabrics that ooze with elegance is something that could not have been thought and yet today, it has become a common craft trend in the leather industry of the UK.


How Artisans is Changing The Crafting Industry 

Among the pioneers of the leathercrafting industry in the UK, Artisans ensures the most authentic experience of leather crafting. Artisans offers sustainable leathercrafting DIY craft kits with all the components you need to indulge in the latest leathercraft trends from articles, blogs, and an array of online resources. 

Additionally, Artisans aims to promote free education for all, and its exhaustive online leathercrafting resource base is accessible for all enthusiasts to go through. Thus, by raising awareness about the leathercrafting industry and bringing to light the sustainable practices that manufacturers are adopting, Artisans aims to address the misconceptions prevalent among people of the UK. 

Indulge in latest craft trends

With work-from-home setups becoming the new normal, most of us have plenty of time on our hands. So why not utilise this time efficiently and indulge in craft activities with our families and loved ones?  

With so many new craft trends to choose from in 2021, indulging in DIY craft activities will help you reduce your work-induced stress and will boost your concentration and mental well-being. Regardless of the craft activity you choose, you’ll be gaining new skills, which can even lead to a new business if you've got an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Thus, if you need to stock up on your eco-conscious supplies for any leathercrafting DIY, we, at Artisans, have you covered. 

So, which craft trend will you try out this year?