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Thoughtful Anniversary Gift Ideas | Leather, Handmade & Personal

Thoughtful Anniversary Gift Ideas | Leather, Handmade & Personal

Unique, Leather Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’ve got an anniversary coming up - well, congratulations! What better way to celebrate an anniversary with your spouse or committed partner than personalised anniversary gifts. There are oh-so-many gift options that you’ll find online or in stores. But, you see, it’s always the thought and effort that counts! Take a look at our unique anniversary gift ideas below. 

Wouldn’t you want to gift your significant other a thoughtful gift for the anniversary that commemorates how far you both have come? We’ve rounded up a list of a few unique gifts for your anniversary to get you inspired. This includes paper gifts, memorable artworks, fancy leather accessories, and more - for your husbands, wives, or whoever that special someone is in your life. 

Thoughtful Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husbands

Men are from Mars, where gift-giving isn’t one of the languages of love. But, when their favourite Venusian gets them a gift - what they care about is the meaning behind it. And so, the more thoughtful, the better. Here are a few thoughtful leather gifts for husbands

Artisans Keyring - Premium Leather DIY Kit, Experience in a Box

Leather DIY Keychain - Anniversary Gift Ideas

Handmade leather gifts for boyfriends or husbands would be perfect for an anniversary celebration. Besides, they are apt gifts for friends and family as well. You can either make a basic leather monogram keychain or let your creativity do the chore! Personalise it with a romantic text or something that the two of you cherish in your relationship. So, make sure you’re immersing yourself entirely in this - to create a thoughtful anniversary gift! As aforesaid, it’s the thought that counts.

You’ll need: 

Artisans DIY leather keyring kit

The kit contains - 

  • Pre-Cut Italian Vegetable Tanned Cowhide
  • 1 Binder Clips
  • 2Colour Options of Handmade Waxed Thread
  • 1 Leather Stitching Needles
  • 2 Canvas Cloths
  • 1 Silver Keyring Loop

Frame The Date Leather Photoframe

Anniversary Gifts - Leather Photo Frame

Frame your “special dates” with your loved one by creating this personalised anniversary gift. Photo frames still remain a timeless gift for every occasion. You can frame your anniversary date and add a cute message. For instance, “The Day We First Met”, “The Day We Became Parents”, “The Day You Proposed”, “Happy Anniversary, Darling!” - anything of this sort. Help your partner capture all the wonderful memories that you both have spent together on your wedding day, proposal day, and (literally) every day of life!

You’ll need: 

  • 2 photos 
  • Leather photo frame (17 x 25 cm)
  • Premium quality wooden plaque (optional)

Personalised Leather Sound Wave Art Bracelet

Leather Bracelet - Anniversary Gift Ideas

Feeling sentimental? Gift your husband this romantic Leather Sound Wave Art Bracelet. We all have that special song that defines our relationship, don’t we? You can turn your special song into a modern bracelet for this anniversary - more precisely, a fascinating sound wave print. You can also incorporate a line from the song in the artwork. For instance, “I can’t help falling in love with you, “Falling like the stars, falling in love”, “Grow old with me”, and so on. Men adore thoughtful gifts, and this one is going to (literally) wow your husband or boyfriend! 

Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wives

Running out of ideas to gift to your wife? Well, the struggle is real, indeed. Coming up with romantic and thoughtful gifts for your wife or girlfriend can be quite a task. But we’re here to help. So now, you might as well go and cross “unique anniversary gifts for wife” off of your to-do list. These leather anniversary gifts for girlfriends or wives can be your absolute saviour! 

Artisans Leather DIY Plant Hanger

Leather Plant Pot Holder - Anniversary Gift Ideas

Plants add a hint of charm and happiness to the home. If your woman is a plant mom, say hello to this Leather DIY Plant Pot! Whether you want to decorate a terracotta flower pot or disguise disposable planters before giving herbs as a gift, this Leather DIY plant pot will stand for a beautifully romantic gesture. You can use stencils to create gorgeous patterns and designs, which your wife will absolutely adore. Furthermore, you can also accessorise the plant pot using leather scraps or chalk paint to make it sturdy and sleek.  Lastly, add a personalised text and believe us, your wife is going to love it!

You’ll need- 

  • Artisans DIY leather plant hanger kit

The kit contains-

  • Pre-cut Italian leather 
  • Clamps
  • Waxed threads
  • Leather ropes 

Personally Crafted Simple Leather DIY Card Holder 

Leather Card Holder - Anniversary Gift Ideas

An ideal gift is both thoughtful and useful. If your woman struggles with keeping her cards in check or if she’s an “I want everything neat and clean” person, gift her this DIY Card Holder. This makes the perfect handmade leather gift for your girlfriend or wife. To create this, all you need are thin scraps of leather. You can also add cute text so that every time she opens her handbag and takes the cardholder out, there’s always a big smile across her face. 

You’ll need-

  • Artisans DIY leather cardholder kit

The kit contains 

  • Pre-cut Italian leather 
  • Waxed threads
  • Free keyring
  • Detailed instruction booklet

Personalised Leather Mirror 

Anniversary Gift Ideas - Personalised Mirror

Personalised items make adorable gifting options. And with the addition of leather and a little warmth - you’re going to charm your man and let him know how much he fascinates you. This is an incredible way to level up the romance game! This personalised mirror comes with the timelessness of a leather case. At the back of the mirror, you can add a photo or a round card that defines your relationship along with a heartwarming message. You can also engrave ‘your date’ or a message on the leather case. 

To DIY, you’ll need -

  • A small card or a photo
  • A mirror (2-3 inches)
  • Piece of leather (to make a case or wrap the mirror)
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Sketch pens/crayons

DIY Leather Sunset Lamp

Anniversary Gift Ideas - Sunset Lamp

What if you and your wife could experience the golden glitter of the sunset right in your home? Well, you practically can. If your wife loves sunsets, you can gift her this effortlessly beautiful sunset lamp. Social media has been singing the praises of sunset lamp projectors, which project warm and romantic light for an otherworldly indoor experience. You can create one for your wife or girlfriend with unique colour options - for a truly custom glow. This is a fantastic and unexpected gift that she’ll not stop talking about to her friends and cousins! You can also customise this lamp by covering the lampstand in leather and engraving a personalised message or ‘your date’ on it. 

You’ll need -

  • Sunset lamp
  • Leather (to accessorise)

Best Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples 

Who doesn’t enjoy celebrating the moments of love and happiness? That’s why anniversaries are so wonderful. For partners, anniversary gifts reaffirm that they’re head over heels in love and express how grateful they are to have someone that makes their life beautiful. For friends or family members, they are a great way to say, “I’m just so happy for you guys”. But how do you find a gift that says all that? Well, we’ve got it covered for you. 

DIY Candle Holder Leather Kit

Anniversary Gift Ideas - Candle Holders

The DIY Leather Candleholder is an amazing personalised anniversary gift for couples. From housewarmings to birthdays and anniversaries, candles are a go-to gifting option. However, you can think ahead and go a little out of the way. A DIY leather candle holder can be a thoughtful and unique anniversary gift. 

You’ll need-

  • Artisans DIY leather candle holder kit

The kit contains 

  • Pre-cut Italian leather 
  • Waxed threads
  • Free keyring
  • Detailed instruction booklet

Leather Anniversary Wine Box

Anniversary Gift Ideas - Anniversary Wine Box

For the couple who likes to savour the delicacy of wine, an anniversary wine box is an ideal gift for them. You can create compartments so that they can celebrate the passing years with something that ages as well as their love for one another. Use quality leather to create this DIY wine box, and don’t forget to engrave something special - that marks their love and your bond with them. 

To DIY, you’ll need:

  • Wooden boxes
  • Leather 
  • Accessories 

Leather Roses With Vase

Leather Roses - Anniversary Gift Ideas

Although flowers are a traditional gift for anniversaries, they’re guaranteed to put smiles on the couple’s faces. These leather roses with a unique vase will get the couple in touch with the gorgeous sights of deep red roses and the timelessness of leather. You may include an assortment of fresh-cut stems, fresh flowers, and plant food. The couple will have so much fun trying their hand at floristry and admiring their one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

You’ll need: 

  • Fresh flowers (if you want to add) 
  • Other adornments 

Artisans Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’re one of those fortunate, artsy people, something handmade from scratch will make an incredibly touching anniversary gift. You could use the material associated with a specific anniversary (paper, cotton, leather, wood, etc.) or work in whatever medium is most comfortable. 

However, if you’re less crafty but still want to give something personal, consider all of the above-mentioned DIY options and create something immaculate! Remember, it’s always the little things that matter. You can buy something super expensive and luxurious, but the happiness of a DIY gift cannot be measured. 

If this is your first time trying to make a thoughtful handmade gift, use the Artisans’ craft kit. With all the steps, necessities, and niceties provided in the kit, you can experience a core bonding with your loved ones. You can also purchase Artisans’ unique handmade leather products and savour the moments of love that make you feel worth existing! These are just a few ideas from our artisans in London. You can view more gift ideas here or visit our online shop to see our full range of products.