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Thoughtful and Unique Gift Ideas for the Chinese New Year

Thoughtful and Unique Gift Ideas for the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year, or the Lunar New Year, is one of the most notable celebrations in Chinese culture. The celebrations usher the springtime with festivals, plays, and sumptuous delicacies. Families and friends honour each other with gifts and wish for good fortune throughout the year. During these celebrations, you can create unique little gifts for everyone in your family. The celebration lasts for two weeks and ends with honouring ancestors with candles. Here’s a list of personalised gifts for the Chinese New Year to help you celebrate with those who matter.

Leather candle holder

The last day of the Chinese New Year is celebrated as the Lantern Festival. People hang lanterns and light candles outside their homes. It’s believed that departed spirits can use the light to come back home. Hence, gifting a leather candle holder is one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for the Chinese New Year.

DIYing Artisans’ leather candle holders don’t require any crafting experience. The candle holder also comes in red coloured leather that conforms to the colour traditions of the Chinese celebrations. You can make two candle holders with a single Artisans’ kit. The kit contains 10 pieces of pre-cut Italian leather, leather stitching needles, waxed threads, binder clips and canvas cloths. Align the pieces according to the guide and secure them using the binder clips and the canvas cloths. Artisans makes the craft even easier by punching the holes in the leather pieces. Now, stitch the pieces together, and your candle holders are ready. Artisans offers many similar extraordinary handmade gift ideas for Chinese New Year.

Leather mousepad

The Chinese New Year of 2022 signifies the start of the year of the tiger. Similarly, the year of Rat has special significance for people born in 2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, and 1936. You can surprise people born during these years by gifting them a leather mouse pad. The mouse pad is a witty play on their birth year, which also opens avenues for some humorous one-liners that you can include in the gift card. You can hardly find such unique Chinese New Year special leather gifts elsewhere.

Use an old mouse pad as a reference and cut the leather piece accordingly. You can use a thick piece of leather to create the mouse pad. You can also paste multiple layers of leather to add some thickness. Use a leather hole puncher to make holes along the edges of the mouse pad. Lastly, stitch through the holes using a leather needle and coloured waxed threads. The stitching is optional but makes the craft more aesthetically pleasing. You can also add a bone folder to the leather piece to make it sturdier.

Leather cup sleeve

Leather cup sleeves are perfect for people who love their caffeine but are tired of their regular white and hot cups. Artisans offers the option to personalise these cup sleeves with various embossing. Your loved ones will surely admire personalised Chinese New Year gifts like these.

Artisans’ leather DIY cup sleeve kit contains everything you’ll need to create this craft. The kit includes a single piece of veg-tanned Italian leather. The holes are also punched on the ends to make the process easier for you. Clip the ends of the leather piece with the binder clips and stitch them together. You can personalise the cup holders with gold, silver, or simple embossing. If you’ve leather crafting experience, you can etch beautiful tiger designs on the leather cup sleeve to mark the year of the tiger. 

Leather pet collar

We all appreciate people who look out for us and our pets. DIY leather pet collars are unique leather gifts for the Chinese New Year. The pet collars are easy to make, and you can craft them with scrap leather pieces. However, if you’re a beginner and don’t have all the necessary tools to create it, then fret not, Artisans has got you covered. 

Artisans’ DIY leather pet collar kit comes with pre-cut leather, binder clips, coloured threads, needles, brass D-rings and a buckle. You only have to attach the D-rings to the collar, and your DIY project is complete. With Artisans, you can also etch the pet’s name on the leather collar. This craft can be completed within a few minutes and makes for an excellent gift for pet lovers. 

Artisans and leathercraft kits

While creating your thoughtful handmade gifts for the Chinese New Year, ensure you’re following all the customs. For example, the gifts should be in red and gold colours as they represent good fortune. And, also take a pair of gifts with you since Chinese people believe that good things should come in pairs. Best for you because Artisans’ craft kits also contain a free keyring. Artisans' unique handmade leather products also come in red colours with the option of personalising them with gold embossing.