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The Harmony of Leather and Art In Modern Design

The Harmony of Leather and Art In Modern Design

Interior Design


Natuzzi Italia 2020 Collection

When it comes to leather and art in interior design, Natuzzi Italia 2020 Collection features some of the most beautiful contemporary furniture. One of them that caught our eyes was ORGEO, a contemporary interpretation of the classic Chesterfield, designed by Manzoni & Tapinassi. This sofa was produced by fusing tradition to modernity, with grosgrain detail on the profile of the armrest and the quilting on the inside of the backrest. This sofa demonstrates the harmony of leather and traditional art in modern design.

Home Decor

Leather Strap and Wooden Shelves

Modern design is definitely environment conscious, and as for decor go, why not try a DIY that will not only leave your living space aesthetic but also provide functionality and decor.

This minimal aesthetic shelf with a touch of nature might be the DIY you need. Adding this piece to your apartment’s entrance can help you place your coats, hats, or even umbrella when it’s raining. Say bye to expensive, bulky shelves, while this DIY decor will leave your place looking clean and minimal.

Here’s the full tutorial

Leather Strap and Wooden Shelves

Leather Accessories

New season, a new collection of a brand new leather accessory with temporary art. But how do companies make it fit the standard yet, be different from every other company going for that minimalistic look?


Half-zip wallet from Commes des Garcons

For 2020, keep your card in a bright and sleep half-zip wallet from Commes des Garcons. Composed with 100% leather, Commes des Garcons launched their brand new vivid leather wallet collection for 2020.


Cardholder by Versace

Versace introduced us with their brand new minimalistic leather card holder with a touch of vivid baroque pattern for the new season. Definitely feels the modern 2020 that separates an individual from the crowd.


Belts by Salvatore Ferragamo

Artistic belts are difficult, but Salvatore Ferragamo knows what they want when it comes making a statement with belts. With a reversible piece, you can choose the leather you are feeling for that. Made with 100% calf leather, this leather belt consists of gold-tone hardware with Gancini buckle, and provides an adjustable fit.

Passport Holder

Passport holder by Bellory

Whether you are visiting your family for Christmas or going for an adventure in Nepal, passport holders do all kinds of jobs when it comes to travelling. But, when it comes to travelling with style, Bellory is the choice. This top-end passport holder comes with multiple compartments and can fit a passport with 8 cards and additional cash. Made with water-resistant leather and zippers, you don’t have to worry about your documents the next time you travel.

When it comes to leather accessories, there is nothing closer to heart than making your own handmade leather accessories. Thinking about gifting to a loved one or just want to craft you very own timeless accessory? Artisan offers a leatherworking kit that consists of all the tools, guides and patterns to get you started on leatherworking immediately and with ease. You can even start your own custom leather business with our leather working kit. So, why not give it a go and craft accessories that will last you a lifetime.

Leather Clothing/Fashion

The modern take on designing leather clothing is functional contemporary. With winter just around the corner, fashion designers are taking their new creativity to its max.

Silvia Fendi’s Fall/Winter Collection 2020

This Fall/Winter Collection 2020, Silvia Fendi’s newest collection stuck out featuring traditional leather garments with a contemporary twist. Combined with monogram Airpod cases, bulky shopping bags, and plenty of leather, this leather jacket brought fresh, trendy look with wide, bulbous sleeves with bold colours. Just like that, the ultimate fashion statement was the transformation of a straight coat into a pastel yellow dress with fishnets combining matching leather skirts to create a monochrome look.

Marni’s Fall/Winter 2020 show

At Marni’s Fall/Winter 2020 show, Patchwork was the catch of the day, featuring leather duster coats with multicoloured suede and velvet patches. This unconventional clothing was topped off with shimmering hair and makeup.

Leather Bags

When it comes to leather bags, timeless is the choice for everyone out there. This year, designers and artists went with a touch of nature, and some even revived the age-old leather design trend in 2020. 

Bamboo handled designer bags

For 2020, designers were looking for ways of integrating more natural element in their leather bag accessories. One such earthy material was bamboo, fastened into handles on the runways of Miu Miu, Gucci, and Prada. This special, yet luxuriously textured leather handbag balanced leather with a touch of nature.

Quilted leather bags 2020

Another statement was made in 2020 with quilted leather bags of all sizes and colour popped up at the runways. This classic style brings the traditional vibe and gives its a fresh sophisticated design to a cross-body or tote bag for 2020. Like most things in fashion, reviving an age-old fashion style is what 2020 is all about when it comes to leather bags. Choosing leather accessories is a timeless choice, and contemporary designers have much more to put out for 2020.

Leather Jewellery

Statement Chokers

Gucci’s Leather choker with Double G

Across the spring and fall of 2020, if there’s one thing that caught everyone’s eyes, its the statement chokers around the model’s neck. Leather has always been a luxurious fabric, but high-end brands are taking it to the extreme. Gucci’s latest Leather choker with Double G, priced at £670, surrounded by white crystals, has set the standards for leather accessories in 2020.

Celine Necklace

Celine Men's Necklace 2020

When it comes to refinement, Celine is in top of the class. Add a fine gold chain with a brown fringed calf leather lighter holster, and it’s guaranteed to make the man wearing it an eye candy among the crowd.