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The Best Way to Experience Leather Craft In Just One Day!

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The Best Way to Experience Leather Craft In Just One Day!

The hustle and bustle of our modern lifestyle has left us craving for hands-on experiences that demand our unrestrained attention. Craft activities provide a great way to connect with our inner selves and deal with our emotions. 

One such craft activity is leathercrafting. Indulging in and experiencing leathercraft is an activity that, for many, serves as a therapeutic effect. For others, it’s a means to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions. Leather as a material is always in high demand. 

We’re here to introduce you to leathercrafting and how you can get started with it. We’ve put together a series of leathercrafting kits and online courses. These will help you experience leather craft in its truest sense in just one day. 

#1: Artisans DIY Craft Kit 

Based in the UK, Artisans is your one-stop destination for all things related to leathercrafting. From beginner-friendly DIY leathercrafting kits, articles and blogs to pristine leather products, Artisans enables you to indulge in and experience leathercraft seamlessly. 

Here are some DIY leathercrafting kits by Artisans that may pique your interest. 

Artisans DIY Leather Passport Holder

Price: GBP 55.00

This DIY will help you stitch a pocket-friendly leather passport holder. And comprises premium Italian leather that’s tanned using 100 percent vegetable extracts. With easy access to side pockets for travel documents and tickets, this DIY comes with easy to follow instructions. 

DIY Leather Card Holder

card holder

This DIY kit by Artisans consists of premium Italian veg-tanned leather. It allows you to stitch a cardholder with three large pockets to hold your business cards and other notes. Further, it has easy to follow instructions and is ideal for people looking to experience leathercrafting within a day. 

Price: GBP 55.00

DIY Leather Eyeglasses Case

This DIY kit by Artisans consists of all the essential tools required to stitch the leather into a glasses case. Stitching Italian veg-tanned leather and getting a hands-on experience of leather will be an activity that you cherish. 

Price: GBP 69.00

DIY Leather Keychain


This DIY set consists of all the materials that one needs for creating a personalised keychain. It also comes with a complete instruction manual that guides one through the entire crafting process. It will, thus, allow you to immerse yourself fully in the leathercrafting experience, leaving no space for confusion and distractions.

Price: GBP 15.00

#2: Sewing Leather Handbag Course: Become a Master in Making Leather Bags

This wholesome leathercrafting course goes over all the nuances involved in making leather bags, including elements like a zipped pocket, button pocket, handle straps and so forth. 

In this 120-minutes course, you’ll gain insight into the basics of leatherwork and stitching. As the course progresses, you’ll learn more about stitching techniques and also about the tools for leathercrafting. Once done, you’ll be equipped with all the skills to stitch your own bag and personalise it with your favourite designs. 

Price: GBP 49.99

Duration: 2 hours (Accessible on mobile and TV)

#3: Leather Craft! - Literally The Ultimate Leather Masterclass

If you’re looking for a session that allows you to experience leathercrafting in its truest sense, this course is suitable for you.

In 3.5 hours, you’ll learn how to make different types of products in a particular niche. Plus some primary stitching techniques. 

This course sheds light on how to indulge in stitching leather projects like wallets, business card holders and even leather tote bags. Additionally, expect a detailed introduction to the various types of leather and their properties. You'll also learn how you can dye them and get creative while designing leather products.

Towards the end of this session, you’ll also be given insights into how you can start your own leather business using your newly acquired leather crafting skills. 

Fees: GBP 49.99

Duration 3.5 hours

#4: Making a Leather Jacket: How to Design and Sew Your "Dream" Jacket

This session goes through all the various aspects involved in stitching a leather jacket- from design to execution. You’ll learn the general design process, including the selection of materials, cutting, stitching and so forth. Further, you’ll also be given insights into the various tools, machines and nuances involved in leathercrafting. 

During this leathercrafting course, you’ll learn how to operate industrial sewing machines for leather.

Have no doubt, this course will significantly add to your repertoire of skills. 

Duration: 19 Lessons (1h 47m)

#5: Small Leather Goods Workshop For Leather Craft Enthusiasts

As the name suggests, during this workshop, you’ll learn to make leather goods like cardholders, leather belts, clutch bags, laptop sleeves and even leather tote bags. Along with that, you’ll be in charge of all the design decisions that have to be made, from the choice of base leather to that of the colour of the thread stitches. 

Additionally, you’ll gain insights into where you can purchase premium quality base leather, tools and other paraphernalia if you want to further venture into leathercrafting. 

The best part about this session is that you need no prior experience in leathercrafting. You can expect thorough guidance through the leather workshop, where you’ll be cutting, marking out and chisel punching your stitching holes, waxing threads, burnishing edges and saddle stitching. 

Price: GBP 99.00

Leather Craft is an Immersive Experience

Leathercrafting is an experience that grows on you the more you indulge in it. The magisterial properties of leather as a material make for an unparalleled stitching experience, especially when you make the most out of a DIY template. 

But woefully, the authentic leathercrafting experience through stitching out personalised leather products is something that has gone amiss in today’s times. We, at Artisans, try to address this particular pain point by providing easily accessible leathercrafting resources, including blogs, articles and DIYs. 

Having spent years in the leathercrafting industry, we, at Artisans, make sure to provide you with the most unfiltered leathercrafting experience.

So experience leathercrafting at its finest by indulging in either a hands-on experience via a DIY project or a leathercrafting workshop. 

Happy leathercrafting!

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