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The Best Leather Making Courses in the UK (Offline and Online)

The Best Leather Making Courses in the UK (Offline and Online)

As a skill that has been passed down and honed for centuries, leather working remains as one of the most complete links that we have to our ancestors.

For a while, the craft seemed to be limited in access, but with the recognition of the truly cathartic feeling of creating with one’s own hands, comes lots of classes and workshops in even your local neighbourhood to take part. We at Artisans have curated a list of the best both in-person leather goods workshops and online leather courses to help either yourself get stuck in or as a gift to a loved one.


1. Little Comberton, Worcestershire

Run by: The Native Awareness School

Fee: £210

Do you want to learn about the way that leather was created and tanned in the Primitive age? Then this is the perfect course for you. Over three days, you process a piece of hide and will (if all things work out) leave with leather. It goes through the basic processes that were previously used to make leather, from ‘fleshing’ and ‘braining’- the usage of animal brains to help preserve the raw material- this course though, is definitely not for the faint of heart.

2. Totnes, Devon

Run by: Tanner Bates Studio

Fee: £260

Monthly, Leather craftsmen John Hagger opens up his studio in order to teach a variety of leather-making courses. He is particularly fascinated with the natural process of dying and tanning leather, using oak bark to tan his material. In this two-day workshop, you will learn all the basics and be able to come home with either a hand-stitched belt or pouch to show for your hard labour.

3. Matlock, Derbyshire

Run by: The Identity Store

Fee: Differs for each course, from £29

The Identity Store

As one of the key distributors of leather here in the UK, The Identity Store has supplied leather to some of the most incredible sets: their leather has been used on Game of Thrones, Gladiator and Harry Potter, and now these experts are running workshops on almost all parts of leather. You can learn to create a piece of leather, or how to carve, emboss and craft the material. 

4. Surrey

Run by: Rosanna Clare Leather Workshops

Fee: £145

Want a full day of creating goods out of leather? Then this is right for you. With Rosanna, you will learn to stitch and cut your own leather to make anything from a tote to a belt out leather. With rave student reviews, and a promise of leaving with three or four finished products by the end of the day, this will be a great gate-way workshop onto learning even more advanced leather craftsmanship.

5. County Durham

Run By: Evancliffe Leathercraft

Fee: £70

Evancliffe Leathercraft

If making three different products in a day seems to stressful, then this one course will help amend that. You will be taught to make a leather belt, with an introduction to the principles of hand crafting leatherwork. You will also learn how to stitch, cut and vegetable dye you leather, completing all the process with two on hand teachers to provide support as you need it. A perfect gift to a beginner interested in learning hands on.

6. Greater London

Run by: Peiris Designs

Fee: £395

If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum, with previous knowledge or experience in leather crafting, this challenging workshop is definitely worth checking out. This Workshop will challenge you to learn some difficult techniques and processes that goes into making a leather glove. Starting by selecting from the leathers available, to stretching, cutting to hand stitching, you will learn to create something from scratch.

Online or At Home:

7. London

Run by: Leather Craft Workshop Days

Fee: Differs on each course, starts at £95

One of the most well-rated Workshops in London have been run by Leather Craft Workshop Days, and there is little surprise as to why. A hands-on way of being introduce to leather crafting, you'll be fully guided throughout your session, and shown how to cut, mark and chisel your stitching holes, burnish your edges, wax your thread and finally hand stitch your item using the traditional saddle stitch method, one length of thread with a needle at each end.

8. The .Ar:ti|sans Kit, by Nosakhari:

An opportunity to create beautifully crafted and designed accessories from the comfort of your own home. In this age where handcrafting is an artform that has not always been accessible, the Artisans kit allows you to experience the healing power of leather craftsman ship, whilst removing the stress. Clearly organised and designed without the need to use glue, this the most ideal introduction to this century’s old tradition, with the outcome being breath-taking products that empower your individuality and creativity.

9. Udemy: Leather Wallet


DIY Leather Crafting: Make Your Own Leather Wallet

Complete Leather Crafting Course: A workshop that boasts taking you from Zero to Hero. Learn to make leather goods of your own from an experienced master of the Craft, with detailed video and follow along printable instructions.

10. Instructables: Beginners Leatherworking class


The lessons will cover skills like cutting leather, punching holes, gouging, folding, riveting, and snaps. You’ll also learn about the different types of leather, and how to shop for what you need. By the end of this class you’ll have all the skills and tools you need to start creating your own beautiful leatherwork. 6 Virtual lessons, with both printable instructions as well as videos to help you.

Leather Eyeglasses Kit

For a beginner, you should be ready to keep learning and learning to get better and better! .Ar:ti|sans  basic leathercrafting kits will help you get started  and learn as you go with leathercrafting. Not only is this beginner friendly but, has all the essentials process to master the basics. Check out our different products here.