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The Artisans Handmade Gift Guide For Christmas, Gifts For Teachers

The Artisans Handmade Gift Guide For Christmas, Gifts For Teachers

What is Christmas about if not showing people that you appreciate and care about them?

That may be just through the gift of a card, but even small gestures means a lot.

When you pass a market stall and want to support an small business, buy something. No matter how small, it is sure to make a huge difference. Then, gift it to someone who has supported you, your family or your children this year. Perhaps a teacher, nurse or someone friendly from your local shop or club.

Your might not know the teacher particularly well. But you can opt for a practical or simple gift, then perhaps personalise it with a name or message to make it special. Or maybe you'll find out a small detail about them, like their favourite drink, or hobby and choose something which reflects that.

Either way - to both the maker and receiver of the gift - it's the thought that counts.

Here are some handmade gift ideas which can continue to enjoyed over Christmas and throughout the new year...

A5 Hardback Notebook with Embroidered Cottage on a Removable Cover - Elly Sutherland

Stationary - it isn't original, but it's useful. So why not pick something like this beautiful handmade cloth notebook cover which is removable and which can be used year on year. It's too nice to simply use once! Shop here.

Baby Plant Selection - Linden Plants

Gift them something which will really lift their desk space and their spirit. Plants have been scientifically proven time and time again to lift moods, so this would be the perfect addition to their desk decor, and would create a calming environment when they are stuck working at their desk. Shop here.

Premium Leather DIY Keyring Kit - Artisans

Gift your teacher an experience in a box and something that they can enjoy making over the Christmas break. Alternatively, you or your child could craft this yourself and wow the teacher with a handcrafted gift. They can then tell their teacher about the skills that they learnt whilst making it. Personalise their initials at checkout, in gold foil, silver foil or no foil embossing to create something truly unique! Five colours of leather are available to choose from. Shop here.

Handmade Ceramic Mug - Ramble Store

Hand-thrown on a potters wheel by ceramicist Lauren Frost, these limited edition mugs are sure to stand out on the shelf and amongst the other gifts. This classy and tactile present, inspired by the Isle of Skye, is the perfect mug for their morning coffee. Shop here.

Thank You Teacher Christmas Rainbow Candle - Kindred Fires

This delightful handmade soy candle has the option of personalisation - so it's kind of a Christmas card and gift in one! Beautifully packaged, it's ready to gift with little hassle. Choose from a wide selection of scents including Orange & Cinnamon, Pink Grapefruit and Sandalwood & Pepper. Shop here.

Personalised Clay Ornament - Cornish Sapphire

Teacher Thank You Gifts  Nursery Childminder Thank You Gift sml flower with bee

Handmade in Cornwall, this super cute thank you present would make a lovely Christmas tree decoration. Choose from a range of sweet stamped messages. Shop here.

Handmade Eco-Friendly Soap Gift Box - Mad About Nature

This lovely and inexpensive gift set is made using eco-friendly processes. It's a great thank you present which (provided they are not allergic to any of the ingredients) will work for pretty much every teacher. Shop here.

Premium Leather Pencil Pot DIY Kit - Artisans

The Pencil Pot is a smart, modern addition to any desk and a classy way to keep the desk tidy. Teachers will love crafting this over the holidays, or will be impressed that their student knows leather craft skills and has made it for them. Shop here.

We hope that this guide was helpful and made the shopping process a bit quicker and enjoyable for you.

We hope that you have a lovely Christmas and keep crafting!