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The Artisans Handmade Gift Guide For Parents | Christmas Gifts

The Artisans Handmade Gift Guide For Parents | Christmas Gifts

Shopping for parents or the parent-figures in your life tends to go one of two ways. Either you know exactly what they love and they will happily receive pretty much the same gift each year (whiskey, slippers, candles, books), or they are the hardest people in the family to buy for. They might try to convince you that they own 'everything that they already need', which they probably do - but you still have to buy them a present anyway...

Unlike children, parents don't often conveniently feed us hints, or leave us a 'wish list' to narrow the search.

Therefore, maybe don't overthink, but choose to get them something that they maybe don't 'need', but is the best and loveliest handmade version of a feel good gift. Think a beautiful pair of handmade socks or handmade mug. Something that maybe they wouldn't have justified or thought to buy for themselves, but will enjoy all the same.

Or if socks, no matter how luxurious, won't cut it, look to a personalised or practical gift - something which speaks of a hobby they enjoy, shared memories or joint interests. There is nothing that people love more than feeling known, even if it's just a subtle reference to their favourite TV show or craft materials as a nod to their favourite hobby.

Scots Pine Reed Diffuser - Isle of Skye Candle Company

Handmade on the Isle of Skye, this Scots Pine Reed Diffuser is made from sustainable ingredients and will bring the scent of the woods to your home. Shop here.

Rectangle Pukhtadozi Cushion in Green - Made51

A beautiful and bright embroidered cushion, we love this geometric pattern! Handcrafted by Afghan refugees living in Pakistan using embroidery techniques passed down for generations. Shop here.

Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Kit - So Seed Kits

A brilliant project for any green-fingered parents out there. This kit contains all that you need to create your own herbal teas and is the perfect at-home gardening project to start on over Christmas. Shop here.

Men's Grey Felt Slippers - Onaie Shop

Handmade in the UK from a cosy combination of wool and felt, these slippers are brilliant for hygge days around the home. Shop here.

Leather Card Holder Craft Kit - Artisans

This is a brilliant gift for either parent - or get one for each parent in a different colour? Gift them a crafting experience which will leave them with a card holder that they will be proud of and treasure for years to come. You have the option of personalisation with gold foil, silver foil, or no-foil embossing to make the kit that little bit more unique! This kit comes perfectly packaged and wrap and gift. Shop here.

Eco Pamper Gift Set - Bloomtown UK

This eco-friendly pamper set certainly ticks all of the feel-good boxes. Come Boxing Day, the lucky recipient of this gift set will have everything that they need to switch off and enjoy a good pamper. Shop here.

Pouch in Grey & Green - Made 51

Crafted by Syrian refugees living in Jordan, the intricate embroidery design on this pouch is a combination of Middle Eastern design and Japanese-inspired aesthetics. Shop here.

Hackney Herbal Tea Bundle - Hackney Herbals

Tea-enthusiasts will love these handmade tea blends. Pick any three from Hackney Herbals that you think they will enjoy. Shop here.

Leather Dog Collar Craft Kit - Artisans

A classy leather collar that would delight any dog owner! Impress them even more by telling them that you made it yourself. Or maybe you will want to gift them the kit? Personalise with the dogs's or owners name. Shop here.

Waffle Organic Turkish Cotton Bathrobe Beige - House Babylon

This organic unisex bathrobe is classy with a relaxed fit. It comes in a lovely laundry bag. Shop here.

We hope that this guide was helpful and made the shopping process a bit quicker and enjoyable for you.

We hope that you have a lovely Christmas and keep crafting!