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6 Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas | Gift Tags

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6 Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas | Gift Tags

Christmas presents can look beautiful when wrapped in sparkly paper and glittery ribbons, but there is also a lot of plastic within our Christmas gift wrapping which can do more harm than it is worth.

In the UK we get through 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year, an incredible 83kms of which ends up in the bin. Much of the wrapping paper, gift tags and gift bows that we buy contain plastic, dangerous for wildlife and our planet.

So why not do things differently this year? A bit more planet friendly and cheaper too! Here are some quick and effective ideas to use when gift wrapping this year!

1. Headscarf wraps

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Headscarves are relatively cheap and will make your gifts look beautiful with very little effort. Simply place your present in the centre of the headscarf, tying two of the opposite corners together and then the other two corners into a knot or bow.

The headscarf can be part of the gift too and be used time and time again! You can find lots of beautiful printed scarves in zero waste stores or on sites like Haps Nordic. Or why not source some silk headscarves second hand in charity shops or on eBay.

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Scarves from Haps Nordic

2. Newspapers

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It’s readily available and cheap. Be selective about what pages you use, considering what images are on the newspaper sheets. Accessorise with fabric ribbons or string and dried orange slices.

3. Use old Christmas cards as gift tags

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Saved any cards from last year which where too beautiful to bin? Cut around the best section of the card, punch a hole and thread through some ribbon or string. For example it might be a Robbin shaped card or snowman. Really effective!

4. Use reusable gift tags 

Why not use a gift tag that you or they can reuse? Customise with embossing for a unique and personal touch. Leather looks particularly classy at Christmas and will certainly stand out under the tree. Check out Artisans Gift tags here.

5. Brown paper bags

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Rethink how you see the simple paper bag! A great way to package the more difficultly shaped presents or sweets. Create from scratch or buy a pack. Transform them by tying with luxurious ribbons, handmade paper snowflakes or dried orange slices. 

6. Decorate With Foliage

An elegant and completely biodegradable decoration for your presents! Simply cut a small sprig of foliage from an evergreen tree in your garden, place on the present and wrap to the gift with string or ribbon. Not only is it a cheap way to accessorise your gifts but it’s a great way to add colour too.

Which one or two of these ideas will you try this Christmas? Let us know how you get on and tag us in your sustainable gifting photos on Instagram.

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