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Perfect Craft Hobby Gifts Idea For Creatives

Perfect Craft Hobby Gifts Idea For Creatives

The year has been a turbulent one and what better way to end the year than to spread love to everyone around you? So do you have anyone in your life that are creative crafters and you wish to get gifts for them?

Crafters are always busy getting creative and trying to create one or two projects often and getting them the best gifts for crafters in 2020 will put a smile on their faces. However, you might be wondering what gift to get a crafter because getting gifts for craft lovers is quite challenging.

Therefore,  we have come up with some nice gift ideas for your friends and loved ones which will include leatherworks for people who love to do leather craft, you will also get to gift embroideries for your crafty mom, etc. Whatever it is you want to give people with creative minds, you can do it yourself and give them. Below are some DIY gifts item for creatives

DIY Clay Coasters

DIY Clay Coasters London UK

Clay has been in existence for years and even as a kid, you must have played with it sometime. However, you can make coasters from clay and give them to people with creative minds. Craftets will appreciate your handmade gifts more than anyone else. Furthermore, it is not overwhelming to make these clay coasters in about 4 simple steps, your clay coaster will be ready to be given out.

What makes it more unique is the fact that it can be customized and given out anytime. All you need is your polymer clay, alphabet stamps, rolling pin, x-acto knife, and a coaster that you will use as a sample.  Knead your clay and roll it into the shape of a ball, smoothen it out with your rolling pin, when it's thick enough, you cut out the shape you want, use your alphabets and crest any name you want on it, put in your oven and bake for few minutes so it can be strong then bring it out. There, your clay coaster is ready to be gifted to your crafter. 

DIY Leather Cardholder

Artisans DIY Leathercraft Cardholder Kit London UK

The leather cardholder is another amazing gift to give to lovers of craft. And doing It yourself is what makes it even better. All you need do is purchase high quality leather material and choose the color you would prefer.

If you don't want to make the cardholder yourself, you can as well give out the leathercraft beginner's kit to your craft lover and watch them get creative with the kit. The kit contains leather material, wax thread, stitching needles, a guide booklet, clips, etc. Any artisan or anyone who is a hobbyist will appreciate the toolkit. 

DIY Pot Holder

DIY Pot Holder London UK

Are you thinking of a perfect DIY gift to give to your crafty mom? These amazing DIY pot holders are the perfect gift. It's something you can make yourself as long as you have a sewing machine and it is quite easy to make.

The best part is you can customize it with your mother's name on it to make it more special. You can use any kind of fabric and get some high quality batting to put in between the fabric before sewing it together. 

DIY Essential Oil

DIY essential oils London UK

Essential oils are great for the body and can be used for massage. It's a perfect gift for your craft lovers because they are always on their feet getting one project or another some and their mind is always busy. Hence, giving them essential oils that can be used to give them an amazing massage which will help their body and minds relax after a hard day's job. 

Leather Journal

DIY leather journal

Making a leather journal is not as stressful as you think it is. It's simple and easy, all you need is your leather material, your toolkit, and a diary or journal. You will use the diary to measure the amount of leather that will go round the journal then you can use either your stitching needle and wax thread to sew the leather to the journal or use a glue to gum it together and you can use your needle to stitch a name on it. 

Cricut Machine

cricut machine London UK

Ever seen a cricut machine? It is a perfect gift for an artisan. It can cut through various materials and makes your project easier and faster. It can cut through several pieces of leather materials together which means you don't need to cut your materials separately if you have to make maybe several leather wallets or belts.

It can also cut through various fabrics and you can as well use it to create other designs. The cricut machine comes with a beginner's guide hence, anyone you gift it to will be able to use it with ease.

Alphabet Stamp Tool

Alphabet Stamp Tool London UK

The alphabet stamp tool is very important for a hobbyist or a crafter. It is used in customizing names or anything they want on any project they are working on. So if you want to put a smile on the face of your craft lover, give them a new set of alphabet stamp tools and watch their face glow with happiness.

DIY Fabric Basket

DIY Fabric Basket

Looking for a cute gift to give a creative person? Try a fabric basket and they will love it. The fabric basket is made from fabric and it is simple and easy to make. It doesn't take too much time and before you know it, you've finished it already.

Anyone you give it to can use it in storing their tools. You can give it to your crafty mom or lover and you can make it more special by sewing their names on it. 

Now you have an idea of what to give to creative people and make them happy. Any artisan will love the leather crafting kit and the other gift ideas. The gift ideas listed here are special because most of them are handmade and any creative mind will truly appreciate the effort you put into making the gift.

Furthermore, the toolkit you give to them will also be appreciated because they can use the tools in making more projects in future. We, at .Ar:ti|sans introduce our very special leather crafting toolkit, made in London. To learn, to create, to give, our kits are for all the leather lovers looking for the perfect beginner toolkit.

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