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Don’t Want To Sew But Want To Make Leather Goods? It’s Possible.

no sew leather goods

Don’t Want To Sew But Want To Make Leather Goods? It’s Possible.

When you integrate art with leathercrafting, it creates a natural rhythm that resonates with your inner self. Thus, leathercrafting is considered to be one of the best ways in which one can address subdued emotions and creativity. 

However, people often stay away from leathercrafting, thinking that the required skill set is too complex. People believe that a background in stitching is mandatory for every leather enthusiast. And thus expertise in the same is necessary to get into the niche of leathercrafting. This prejudice towards getting started with leathercrafting is something that we’re trying to address via this article. 

Today, we’ll introduce you to making leather goods without sewing. You can indulge in these leathercrafting DIY projects without prior sewing experience. That’s right. Anyone can get started with these DIY leather projects without having to worry about whether or not you’re proficient enough to complete the project. All you need is an enthusiastic outlook towards leathercrafting. Rest assured, you’ll be able to pull through with these no-sew leather projects.  

No Stitch Leather Goods DIYs For Beginners 

Like we’ve mentioned above, here’s a set of leathercrafting DIYs that you can indulge in without having any prior experience in sewing. Making leather goods without sewing will then come easy.  All you’ll require for these projects is a piece of base leather, some stitching needles and waxed thread, a cutting mat to prevent damage to your workstation and some essential accessories like glue and scissors. 

DIY No Stitch Leather Pouches

Indulging in crafting out leather pouches is something that’ll boost your confidence as a leathercrafter. Without knowing how to stitch, you’ll be able to create some alluring leather pouches within a couple of hours. Here’s an outline of the steps you’ll need to follow to make exquisite leather pouches. To get detailed instructions of the same, follow the link we’ve provided. 

Steps To Follow: 

  • Outline and cut out the template of the leather pouch from the base leather.
  • Create a hole in each of the four corners of the base leather with a rotary punch. 
  • Once the template is ready, add a button stud on either left or right side hole, and secure the other hole with that button stud.
  • Attach the downward hole to the pair you’ve attached and lock it with a screw.
  • Once this is done, you can embellish your leather pouch with some craft reflective of your personality and traits. 

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DIY No-Sew Leather Bag

Leather handbags are synonymous with luxury, which is why over the years, they’ve gained popularity as a premium fashion product. The European countries of Britain and Italy started the trend. But now it’s become every leather enthusiast's dream of crafting a custom leather handbag.

If you don’t know how to stitch, there is a way in which you can craft your dream leather handbag. All you’ll need is a leather base, rotary punch, scissors, ruler, pencil, ribbons, and bag handle.

Steps To Follow: 

  • To start with, cut out a circle of a diameter of 50 cm on the base leather material.  
  • Then, divide the base leather into 16 sectors of equal area. 
  • Punch holes on each of the radii, leaving a 5 cm gap from the circumference. 
  • Insert the ribbons through the holes according to the shape you want to give and attach the handle.

DIY No-Stitch Leather Belt

In today’s modern world, the type of accessories you wear define your fashion sense. In this regard, the belt forms an essential piece of accessories for women. One can induce their personality via their DIY leather belt, which is why it’s such a favourite amongst leathercraft enthusiasts.

Steps To Follow:

  • Measure and cut your base leather in the form of a long rectangle to form a belt. Keep in mind to cut a 3 inch shorter piece for lacing. 
  • Craft out the lacing from the same base leather or another base leather of your choice. The standard size to be followed is that of 30’’ by ¼’’.
  • Punch a hole on both ends of the belt and insert lacing to it, and there you have it. 

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DIY No-Sew Leather Bracelets

Bracelets are a great way to showcase relationships. Have you ever considered making yourself a DIY leather bracelet? This DIY is perfect for beginners if you’re venturing your way into the niche. All you need are some leather cords, scissors, tape, and colourful beads. 

Steps To Follow: 

  • Cut two leather base strands of equal lengths. Keep in mind to correlate the size with your wrist with the base leather.
  • Next, tie the strands together with each other to form a loop. 
  • Use tape or some glue to stitch the tied part to a surface to ease the process of beading.

DIY No-Sew Leather Wallet

In addition to serving the functional purpose of carrying cash and cards, leather wallets also are symbolic of luxury and wealth. Thus, if you’re a leathercrafting enthusiast, creating a DIY leather wallet out of scratch that reflects your aesthetics and personality might be the top of your wishlist. 

With this DIY leather template, we make it possible for even leatherworking beginners to create their dream leather wallet with all the customisations and finesse. To indulge in this DIY, your workstation ensemble needs to include some pieces of base leather, rotary punch, ruler, scissors, and some rivets.

Steps To Follow: 

  • Cut out the base leather into a piece that corresponds with the size of a standard wallet. 
  • Use this template to punch holes along the sides of the base leather.
  • Subsequently, fold the base leather into equal halves.
  • To secure the structure of your DIY wallet, hammer the rivets through the aligned holes. 

No Sew Leather Goods Are Here To Stay...

The above leather goods making ideas have highlighted one thing: you only need the will and enthusiasm to pursue your passions, and the rest will fall into place. There is no real need to make excuses and procrastinate getting into leather making projects or leather making DIY on the pretext that you don’t know how to stitch. Indulging in making DIY leather products without having proficiency in stitching is also very possible. 

We, at Artisans, provide you with all the online leather making resources to help you embark on your journey in leathercrafting while exploring your inner artisan. Check out our leathercrafting kits that are designed keeping in mind all that you need to immerse in an elevated leathercrafting experience.