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Minimalistic Leather Accessories for 2021

Minimalistic Leather Accessories for 2021

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” ― Coco Chanel

It is fascinating how trends shift with seasons and times, and leather is one of them. Minimalistic fashion isn’t just a trend, but a culture inspired from minimalism. People want less for more.

Minimalistic leather trends 2021 are having rudimentary leather accessories to complement every look. Believe us; you do not need a belt in every colour of the rainbow. Fashions trend 2021 is minimalism style that rocks regardless of time and place. 

Today, the world is tired of wasting, hoarding and wanting without giving. We find that there are more trends everywhere from art, fashion, food and many industries. Sometimes, one unique item is all you need in your wardrobe. Are you pursuing minimalistic leather fashion this year? 

Then go for real, practical, durable, and versatile design trends that allow your personality to shine.

The Minimalist Modern World

minimalistic modern world home decor minimal design 2021

The average consumer wants more, more and more. And the act of acquiring more possessions makes us unfocused and confused. Minimalism is a 360-degree shift in a consumer mentality to understanding and appreciating skills and talents. 

It is the mastery of making calculated functional decisions to allow each piece to express its essence. So minimalism fashion is a way of conveying a message without explicit loudness.

For most people, minimalism style is an immediate restriction to access the good things of life. It is misleading to say acquiring possessions is wrong, but acquiring without purpose or focus is incorrect. The sole purpose of living a minimalist life is having gratitude for the things we already have than collecting more things.

The minimalist fashion or minimalistic leather ideology is simple. It refers to having good things that work instead of having too many that don’t. So, modern minimalism is not taking you away from luxurious and the good things of life.

It aims to make you understand how simple items can make a difference.

Minimal Approach to Leather Products

minimal leather bag briefcase shoes 2021 fashion leather accessories

Our approach to minimalistic leather should be sustainable, high-premium, durable design and luxurious. But… when you think minimal leather, what comes to mind? Well, we have some simple, DIY designs to get you started on leather goods.

DIY Minimalist Leather Wallet

diy leather wallet minimal fashion 2021 leather accessory card holder

One hardly utilizes all the pockets in a regular wallet, so why not have something simple, unique and functional. It does not have to be bulky or patterned. 

The process is simple as sourcing a good leather piece, tracing & cutting, then stitching to reveal a finished product

Watch this simple video on how to make a minimalist leather wallet.

Leather Card Holder

artisans leather card holder diy leathercraft london uk make it yourself leather

Whether you are a business person or not a cardholder is an excellent accessory to possess. British leather craftsmen make some of the best leather goods in Europe and the world.

If you like to make your cardholder, purchase an .Ar:ti|sans craft kit to put your cardholder together. The kit comes with all the materials to design one with a step by step manual.

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DIY Minimalist Leather Handbag

A leather handbag is adorable, classic and durable. A well-made DIY minimalist leather handbag doesn’t have to have any extras to ramp up the finesse. The best part is years later, and it still looks great and functional.

To make a minimalist leather handbag does require some skills. Whether you intend to follow a full PDF instruction or not you can make one yourself. 

However, you can pursue a leather handbag kit to ensure you do not make any mistake.

DIY Leather Pouch Bag

leather minimal pouch handbag women accessory 2021 bag

A leather pouch is a beautiful piece to add to your accessories closets. 

If you are looking for a simple leather bag that can hold small items, nothing is better than a pouch. Leather pouches like a premium handbag will last for years if well-made. 

Making a pouch is simple, follow these steps or add some finesse with this drawstring leather pouch.

DIY Leather Passport Holder Kit

If you love travelling, keeping your passport in pristine shape is essential. You can choose to buy a cheap quality cover or make one for yourself with this .Ar:ti|sans leather passport kit

The kit allows you to make a luxurious and befitting passport holder without breaking the bank. This package contains a pre-cut Italian vegetable tanned leather, binder clips, thread, needles, guide booklet, and more. 

You don’t have to add anything; the kit is enough to make a luxurious minimalist passport holder.

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Minimalist Leather Glasses Case Kit

Leather is the perfect holding vessel for your glasses. It will not scratch it or leave marks on the lenses. Additionally, a pair of glasses in a leather case looks luxurious and elegant. 

Your leather case should be as simple as your glasses. If you are ready to make an elegant and classy glasses case, this is for you. 

This .Ar:ti|sans DIY Glasses Cases Kit is affordable and will not consume time.

Minimalist Leather Backpack

blue leather bag diy backpack uk london artisans minimalist

If you thought this is a challenging project, you are wrong. 

Making your minimalist leather backpack is a fun task to embark on; it allows you to display your creativity and skill with leather.

A well-crafted minimalist backpack is a perfect accessory for every occasion.  Whether made with real leather or faux, they are great and require no specific talent. 

You will appreciate it better because you made it yourself.  

These are an incredible DIY backpack inspiration to get you started on your leather backpack.

DIY Phone Clutch Wallet

With the price of designer clutch/wallets and bags through the roof, it is time to take the minimalist approach to a cost-effective wallet. 

This minimalist phone clutch wallet is clean, simple, modern, and the perfect leather gift for the special girl in your life.

This Making a Simple Leather Clutch video should inspire you to make one today.

Why Less Is More in Minimalism

minimal aesthetic white products bag quality accessory 2021 minimalistic

Minimalism started back in the 1950s, when artist Frank Stella’s Black Paintings were showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. For the modern times, minimalism was greatly practised after Netflix’s documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, which showed that happiness isn’t in things but in everything around them.

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Minimalism lifestyle is telling the world you are worth more than the material things in your life. It means you can do more from a little. Minimalistic leather is not giving up the best but improving your ideas in creating versatile accessories.

Take away that mindset that says the more you have the richer you are; it is archaic and poor. A few good men are better than a thousand acquaintances. The less is more ideology enables you to upgrade your sense of appreciation and gratitude.  Artisan’s products are products of minimalistic thinkers. They consider the time, value, and emotions invoked by their leather goods. 

Do you want to start your journey to a minimalistic leather lifestyle? Begin by patronizing .Ar:ti|sans leather crafts for the best leather accessories.

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