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Make Your Own DIY Leather Wallet Billfold

Make Your Own DIY Leather Wallet Billfold

Creating your own leather accessories is something extremely special, often seen as something only a few can partake in. But with more and more leather kits in the UK, as well as leather toolkit including the tools you may need for your project becoming available, you can easily make you own accessories for yourself or as a DIY gift. Surprisingly, with a little practice, you can easily make a gift in a very timely manner. Leather goods are an item that never loses its luxurious feel. In making one for yourself, or as a DIY gift, you can truly make it bespoke, and perfectly fit your needs.

Following the steps bellow, and amazing custom wallet can be made:


Many different styles of wallet can be crafted. There are many different options regarding size, layout and the number of pockets you would like, as well as the matter of deciding if you would like it to fold out or not. All these different ideas are key in creating and tailoring. It is also important to consider if you just want the wallet to carry cards, or money too. This is just some of the benefits of crafting your own wallet, as it can perfectly fit who it is made for. Different patterns can be found linked below at the bottom of the article.


A clean workspace is important not only to ensure that you are organised and can follow the procedure with a clear mind, but also that not dust or dirt gets trapped inside the wallet. Furthermore, any oils and rogue substances could damage your leather, and, as an expensive product, this is not ideal. 


Leatherworking Tools London UK

A leather toolkit is something to consider when gathering the tools needed for your custom DIY leather wallet. This can also be ordered separately. These tools that are listed below are very common across leather crafting, so can be used on other projects too.  The essentials are listed below for making a leather wallet:

  1. Ruler
  2. Rotary Blade
  3. Awl
  4. Razorblade
  5. Pushpins
  6. Edge Beveler
  7. Ballpoint stitching needles
  8. Leather (around two square feet)


The leather that you choose is very important. There are many different options, all at varying prices, coming in different colours too. Firstly, it is key to consider whether you want to have vegan leather or real leather, and this is a completely personal choice. Remember however, that even vegan leather can have different textures to imitate real leather. There different textures include smooth, grainy, suede and crocodile. Any of the options can perfectly fit a wallet. One important thing to consider however is the thick your leather is. Thickness is measured in ounces, and anywhere between one to two ounces is perfect. This will make a sturdy wallet to keep your cards safe. 


Leatherworking Tools London UK

The pattern that you pick to follow can come from a range of sources. Often, many may opt for a simple search on the internet to find a blueprint design with dimensions that is easy to follow. Yet, in buying a leather kit/ leather toolkit, that may come with the leather project tools that you need, not only will it be simpler when making the wallet as everything will come together but may also provide a more impressive design. Cutting the leather using a pattern is very easy. The ruler will ensure a straight line, and a rotary blade means a swift cut. Using tools such as an edge beveler is a personal choice, but can offer a much more rounded and finished look to the product.


Often leather kits that are widely available in the UK come with a paper pattern to follow. Assembling the leather is fast and easy once all the pieces are cut out. Hand stitching your wallet may seem like the longer way of doing things, yet there are certain ways of making your crafting time easier. One of these includes creasing your leather, making it far easier to stitch. 

Artisans DIY Kits

DIY kits are available widely online, yet with Artisans DIY kits, dexterity is promoted through thoughtful DIY patterns that provide you with all the information needed to make a range of different custom leather products.

Artisans DIY Leather craft kit London UK

A Leather CardHolder Kit is available and would be perfect to choose in relation to this article. Also available are Leather Passport Holder Kit and a Leather Eyeglasses Kit. All three of these different kits would be perfect for delving into leather crafting as they provide clear instructions on how to achieve a perfect leather gift for yourself or somebody else!