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Make The Best DIY Leather Gloves

Make The Best DIY Leather Gloves

We sincerely wish we could just stay in our warm beds snuggling our blankets all throughout winter. When indoors, you can’t feel the cold gust of wind. But not being able to feel our fingers as we head outdoors isn’t exactly how we planned on spending our winters. What about you?

What if we were to tell you that there’s a way to make your very DIY leather gloves from the comfort of home? Not only will they protect you from the cold, but also help you sport an elegant and cosy winter look. Leather has always been a mark of luxury, and with our DIY recommendations, you can further personalise it to align with your personality.   

Additionally, winter is the time for Christmas, and everyone expects the best of presents. A DIY handmade leather glove for your loved ones this 2021 will serve as the perfect gift. In times when purchasing gifts online is the norm, your loved ones will appreciate you immensely for investing time to create a suave leather product personally for them. 

Customising leathercraft in coherence with contemporary design leads to the creation of accessories of unparalleled style and comfort. This is probably why authentic handmade leathercraft products are so sought after, be it gloves, wallets, or even belts. 

Through the course of the article, we’ll run through some DIY leather gloves projects that you can consider taking up. So let’s get to it!

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The Perfect Leather Glove 

Even in the niche of handmade leather gloves, some supersede others. So what makes for the perfect leather glove? Is it the material, the quality of stitching, or some other factor? Let’s find out. 

The Perfect Leather Glove


Leather gloves are a quintessential winter accessory and also make for one of the most luxurious gifts. However, with high demand comes a high chance of duplicity. One efficient way to make sure that the leather glove is authentic is by going to a reputed brand. More often than not, well-known designers often source better materials.


Leather gloves are meant to protect your fingers from the cold. Therefore, the efficient leather glove should serve its purpose. Most leather gloves use two-fold lining for extra warmth and comfort. High-quality leather gloves use wool, cashmere, or even fleece for the lining. These materials are excellent for retaining heat and reduce in-glove sweating. 

Tip: As an additional safety layer, make sure that your leather gloves extend past the end of your sleeves. You can further use fastening cuffs to secure your hand. On the other hand, if you don’t need too much warmth, you can compromise on the lining and emphasise the aesthetic. 


In the era of smartphones and touchscreen technology, it’d be a considerable handicap if your gloves didn’t work on your phone. If you can get your hands on a pair of gloves that work with your phone, it’ll be the ideal choice.

mapping the leather for the gloves

Easy Hand Stitched DIY Leather Glove Ideas

Investing time to create a present out of your own hands is a priceless gift. Here are a few DIY leather gloves that you can try. Do not forget to immerse yourself in the leathercrafting experience fully. Stitching leather with your own hands is an experience you will relish!

DIY Fingerless Leather Gloves

These gloves are great for biking enthusiasts as they exude a sense of panache. One excellent resource to check out is the DIY kit provided by Etsy. With the inclusion of a sewing manual and a basic stitching kit, you can get started with your leather gloves right away!

Simple DIY Leather Gloves 

If you’re looking for an exhaustive step-by-step guide for your DIY leather glove, this is a great resource. From laying out a design on paper to preparing out the base leather, it guides you through the entire leathercrafting process.  

DIY Leather Driving Gloves 

Sometimes, following instructions via written instructions can become cumbersome. This video tutorial by Hahns Atelier provides you with all the insights you need to creating impeccable DIY leather gloves.  

DIY Leather Work Gloves 

Doing household chores can become difficult during the winters. Using this DIY leather work gloves tutorial by Jenni. Swiss, you can create a workable yet fashionable pair of working gloves for your household chores. This ingenious product is effortless to DIY, so what’s the wait? Get stitching!

DIY Leathercrafting Tools You Will Need

Regardless of whether you’re venturing into leathercrafting in 2021 or have already tried your hand at it, these are the absolute must-haves in your leathercrafting ensemble. 

  • Stitching chisels- These are used to poke holes in the leather before you start stitching.
  • Stitching Needles (for leather)- They’re thicker than the typical needle and fit the thread.
  • Wax Thread- To stitch the pieces together.
  • Scratch Awls- These are predominantly used to pierce holes in the leather. 
  • Cutting Board- You want to make sure of a solid surface at your workstation. 
  • Miscellaneous- Make sure to keep items like glue, rulers, and sandpaper handy.

All these tools are part of the wholesome DIY kits crafted at Artisans to ensure the most authentic and accentuated learning experience in leathercrafting. It is a must-have tool for all aspiring leathercrafters and hobbyists.

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Best Types Of Leather For Gloves

Make sure to understand the base leather and its properties before you start on your DIY project. Below is an overview of some commonly used leathers in the making of leather gloves

Types Of Leather For Gloves


It’s the most common and popular type of leather used for gloves. Not only is it moderately priced, but it also provides unparalleled comfort and durability. In terms of heat retention, it’s warmer than pig or goat hide and is more abrasion-resistant. 


This leather provides the most excellent breathability due to its porosity. Another essential feature is its ability to withstand moisture without becoming stiff. Therefore its a sumptuous leather to use in areas that experience high humidity. It’s highly workable leather. 


This leather isn’t only softer but also more comfortable, more flexible and more durable than cowhide. It can also be regarded as one of the warmest leathers and is an excellent choice for areas experiencing extreme cold. 


Goatskin is the most robust and most durable type of leather. Its natural lanolin in the skin makes the glove very supple, waterproof and abrasion-resistant. The material is excellent for tasks involving fine dexterity.

Goatskin leather glove

There’s a specific spellbinding nature of handmade leather products. Once you’ve used them, there’s no turning back. The products are magisterial, oozing permanence. Customizable, elegant and authentic, DIY leather crafted products are the perfect gift for your loved ones. So make this winter memorable by gifting your loved ones a unique pair of customised, DIY leather gloves. If you’d like to add the gift of a unique leathercraft experience 

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