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Make DIY Leather Gifts on a Budget: Easy DIY Leather Handmade Gifts


Make DIY Leather Gifts on a Budget: Easy DIY Leather Handmade Gifts

Good leather is like fine China wares. It is durable, exotic, beautiful and captivating. If you like the luxury lifestyle, leather gifts are the way forward. Luxury – everybody loves it, but it is too pricey and seems like a waste if you are on a budget. 

So how do you do luxury without breaking the bank? LEATHER, leather gifts are a lifetime treasure. They allow you to build memories and tell stories for generations to come. Luxury leather is not about money.  It is more about the source, curing techniques and the quality of the grain.

Leather (cowhide is everywhere) but if you make budget leather gifts from high-quality cowhide or something exotic like snakeskin, it adds finesse to it. Are you in need of corporate leather gifts that will wow? Get Artisans DIY craft kits and start making budget leather gifts for yourself and loved ones.

Minimalist Leather Wrapped Vase

Minimalist Leather Wrapped Vase

Flowers are an instant attraction for everyone but who is to say the vase cannot be too. If you are looking for unique leather goods in London for inspiration, you will have them in abundance. 

Wrapping a vase in leather is the best budget leather gift for her if she loves flowers and it is super easy to put together. You will need good quality leather, template, cutter, rivets (thread and needle), hole-punch and time.

Choose the leather and the design, trace the template on the leather, cut it out and put it together.

These eye-catching easy to make minimalist leather-wrapped vases are just what it is – eye-catching.

Leather Wood Mail Basket 

diy budget leather gifts in 2021 easy to make handmade leather gifts

Wood and leather – two of nature’s abundant resources creatively crafted as one exotic leather gift for him or her. Do you have a special loved one that could do with an organizer? This budget leather gift is perfect, and you can DIY it without hassle. 

All the materials are available at your local hardware store; you do need some skills (read through our complete guide to leather crafts) for help. You will need leather, wood (flat or rod), glue and rivets. Ah, you might need a mallet too. Leather-wood mail baskets make your home organised, great corporate leather gifts and ensure the mailman puts the mail in the pockets.

Leather Handle DIY Serving Tray

Leather Handle DIY Serving Tray

Are you having guests over for the holidays? Wow your guests with this leather handle DIY serving tray and you only need 10 minutes to make it happen. 

As usual, all your materials are readily available from your local hardware store, but these are what you need.

  • Get a square, round or any shape of wooden board you like. It must be at least 2 cm or thicker.
  • Buy beautiful waxed leather strips or sheet (you can cut them to any width you want)
  • You will need a drilling tool, screws and screwdriver for this project.
  • Cut the leather into desired strips, mark the spots they will go with a pencil.
  • Drill four holes paying attention to the length of the strip
  • Use screws to hold them in place and serve just as your guest is walking in.

They make beautiful leather gifts for holidays or celebration. Your guest will be talking about how cute they are long after dinner/lunch.

Scandinavian DIY Leather Strap Shelves

Scandinavian DIY Leather Strap Shelves

Fill up that empty wall in your home with a beautiful Scandinavian DIY leather strap shelf. You know what they say, less is more and this budget leather gift will surely enhance your home decor. These are super easy to make, you literary don’t need any special skills (except to hammer it to the wall). 

Hey, it makes a good storage point in the kitchen, bedroom, and office or even on the patio.

You need screws to attach the straps to the wall.

  • Two or more flat sanded rectangular wood, these are the shelves.
  • Choose high-quality leather straps – plain or patterned.
  • Nail the strap to the wall and place the wood, remember to balance it
  • And you are done

DIY Faux Leather Lumbar Pillow

DIY Faux Leather Lumbar Pillow

Popular British leather goods for people that love luxury are lumbar pillows or throw pillows. This faux leather accessories look and feel like real leather and the texture is soft and comfortable. Besides, it makes your home look expensive and classy.

Lumbar leather pillows are the best DIY, but you need a little stitching skill to get through this one. All you need is faux leather sewn to size for your throw pillows and stuff them. These budget leather gifts allow you to mix fabrics or enjoy the feel of leather.

Follow the video for a step-by-step process on how to DIY your lumbar pillow.

DIY Leather Ornaments

Leather ornaments on a Christmas tree, Santa is such going to be happy. Leather gifts for a celebration are an incredible addition to make your holiday look and feel special. The best part is that they will last forever, and it is customized, which makes a good story point every time.

Leather gifts from Christmas can be anything you want – from DIY Christmas ornaments to bracelets, notebook cover, bookmarkers, or even budget gift for him/her. Anyway making your own Christmas craft is always fun and the receiver will fall in love with them.

DIY Leather Magazine Holder

Are you looking for perfect budget leather gifts for your loved one? Or are you looking to keep your magazines organized in your home? Well, get Artisans DIY kits and make something special this season.

Leather magazine holders make excellent corporate leather gifts too. You can take inspiration from this British leather goods manufacturer to create yours. It’s simple and will not cost you anything except your time.

Sew-Easy: DIY Hand Sewn Leather Pouches

Hand sewn leather is not a beginner’s skill – it is hard, but the results are beautiful designs that people love. To make a pouch is easy – everyone loves a reliable pouch, and handmade pouches make the perfect leather travel gifts.

Instead of carrying a large bag, add what is necessary, and you can enjoy your trip without the load.

To make a leather pouch - You will need good quality but pliable leather, needles, thread, and sewing skills with a little (or more) elbow grease.

  • Choose a design template and cut the leather accordingly. 
  • Join the two edges and began stitching. 
  • You will get the hang of it when you are one-side down.

Leather is beautiful, durable and makes an incredible, long-lasting gift. It is simple to incorporate leather into your home, personal space or even at the office. Besides, there are lots of DIY leather videos to get you started effortlessly.

However, no leathercraft is easy, and we can’t emphasize this enough. It is the results and reward that makes one go further. To make leather gifts do not have to make you penniless, some stores sell exotic leather.  It will enable you to make budget leather gifts for your home, loved one or create unique corporate leather gifts for your office colleagues.

Artisans Craft Kit

Artisans leather craft kit

Leather crafting tool kits are a rewarding way to spend your extra time doing something that brings joy to you. Do you know that leather creation requires an apt mind and steady hands? These are very easy to do when you find the right tool kits. 

A Complete Guide to Leatherworking Tools for Beginners and How to Use Them

Leather crafting is not hard; it will require some time and patience, we’re sure you’ve got those, so start making leather items now.  Start with small steps; remember you’re as good as how much practice and dedication you invest in your craft. You can watch how to get started with leather crafting here.