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List Of Tools You Need To Start Your Leather Craft Hobby

List Of Tools You Need To Start Your Leather Craft Hobby

Leathercraft hobby is a rewarding and perfect hobby that is a combination of both physical and mental focus. It involves artistic techniques and gives you a perfect understanding of leather materials. Are you thinking of pursuing your leathercraft hobby? So you want it to remain a hobby or you want to take it further? Whichever way you want it, the fact is, there are some tools that are a must-have for you before you begin your leathercraft journey. Most of these tools can be gotten from stores around you however, you don't just walk into any store without knowing what to get or having a plan at heart. 

However, before going to the store, you need to have an idea about what you want to design and the appropriate tools for it. This is because if you decide to get tools for beginners, you will end up getting a bunch of tools you don't need. Furthermore, we know there are various tools in the market, and getting the right tools to buy without having an idea of what you want will be disastrous. Hence, we have come up with a list of tools that are relevant for your leathercraft hobby;

7 Important Tools For Leathercrafting


different types of leather

One very important tool you your leather. Without the leather, you cannot make whatever you have in mind. You need to purchase quality over quantity so your work can come out neat. Don't forget that leather comes in different types, textures, and colors hence, it is important to have an idea of what you want to create so you can know the kind of leather to purchase. However, since you are just starting, it is advisable to start with something small, so getting a small piece of leather to start with is ideal. 


leather craft needle

When talking about needles, it's not the ordinary needles you are used to, it's stitching needles. Although, this might not come to your mind immediately but it is as important as your leather because the stitching needle is used to join some leather pieces together to avoid any form of the fray and give your leather a smooth edge.

These needles are considered to be special needles as the holes are large and the wax thread you are using for your leatherwork. Once you've been able to punch a hole using your chisel, then you can pass your needle through the hole and create seams that are strong. Even if your leather is tough, the stitching needle will help it come out beautifully.

Cutting tools

leather craft tools

Another important tool you need is your cutting tools because you will need to cut your leather into whatever shape you want. Since leathers are not like any other materials, your tools need to be sharp so it can cut through the toughest leather. Your cutting tools should include a utility knife and scissors and in most cases, a cutter is included to enable accurate cutting.

However, the cutter is often used by professionals in the field. Your cutting tools need to be very sharp therefore, once you notice your blades are blunt, endeavor to sharpen them so your cutting can be even and smooth. Remember, a clean-cut is what gives your finishing a nice quality.

Chisel set

leaather craft tools chisel set

Another important tool you need is your chisel set. Although most people believe the chisel set won't be important because they feel they can always drive their stitching needles right through the leather and this belief is common with people who are already in the textile industry.

However, leathers are rougher than other materials and you will need the diamond chisel set to create holes that are unified. The chisel set comes with various shapes and ends so you can choose any shape that suits you, place it on your leather then create a hole using your mallet, after creating the hole, you can then use your thread and needle to finish up the work. 


A mallet is another tool that ensures your cutting and holes are kept clean and free from error. You should be able to get a quality mallet that comes with a wooden handle and a plastic head, and it should be durable because it will be used for various projects.

The mallet with a wooden handle lasts longer and it is easier to hold all day and the plastic head is what ensures your leather doesn't get damaged in the process of striking them. Furthermore, it won't name so much distracting noise. 

Hole punches

leather craft tools hole puncher

Sometimes, you might decide to make leather that will come with holes. For instance, making a leather belt needs holes, these hole punches enable you to make such holes without stress. It comes in various sizes so for whatever you are making, ensure you have the right size of hole punch so you can have a clean edge around your holes. You can decide to buy the whole punch kit where you have different hole sizes because it can come in handy for you anytime and during any project. 

Edge beveler

Edge beveler works together with your chisel set. It gives your job the kind of finishing that makes one believe the job was done by a professional. The edge beveler makes your stitching come out neatly all you need do is to select an accurate bevel because the bevel comes with various edges that are adjustable. Place the accurate bevel across your leather and use your chisel to finish up the job. 

Now you have the perfect tools you need to start your leathercraft hobby. Working with leather is a very nice experience but if you don't have a passion for if or nothing motivates you, then you might not be able to pursue a career in leathercraft. Therefore, if leathercraft is your hobby and it is a passion you want to showcase for the world to see, you need to ensure the tools you get are of high quality especially the leather material itself.

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