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List Of Places You Can Purchase Your Leather Crafting Kit From

List Of Places You Can Purchase Your Leather Crafting Kit From

As the adage goes, “By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail”. This quote perfectly captures the leathercrafting workflow and how you need to set up your workstation to have an unhindered leathercrafting experience.

People who undermine the value of preparation are the ones that fall into mediocrity. To pursue excellence in leathercrafting, you need to be immersed in the entire process. Preparing your workstation is a fundamental part of that preparation.

Thus, in addition to developing the techniques involved in leathercrafting, you must equip yourself with the proper supplies required to indulge in any particular leathercrafting project. Ask yourself the question, can you travel abroad without a passport? Can you go to war without a sword? Can you run your automobile without fuel? Absolutely not. The answers to all these questions may seem trivial, but shouldn’t it be the same for leathercrafting? 

Buying A Leather Crafting Kit Easier Than Ever 

One of the most efficient ways to get started with leathercrafting is to get yourself a wholesome leather craft kit. These introductory kits comprise all the materials you need to get started with leathercrafting DIYs. Still, with so many online resources available at your disposal, the question is, where should you buy leather craft from?

In this article, we’ve put together a list of places from where you can buy some of the best leathercrafting kits in the UK. These leather craft kits for adults are assembled, keeping in mind all the potential obstacles you may face during your leathercrafting journey. So enough of the suspense. Let’s get straight to the list of leather craft kits.  

List Of Places You Can Purchase Your Leather Crafting Kit 

Identity Leather Craft

This leather business caters specifically to the needs of the people. Their tag line goes, “For the people who make, mend or adapt things out of leather.” And rightly so, Identity LeatherCraft is a leather manufacturer based in the UK that provides leathercrafting enthusiasts with wholesome and immersive leathercrafting kits.

They offer some of the best leathercrafting kits in the UK. And also offer leathercrafting accessories like leather carving hand tools, conchos, rivets, claps and even connectors. 

Beaver Bushcraft

Based in the UK, Beaver Bushcraft is a leathercrafting store that has established its reputation by offering excellent leather products, especially leather craft kits. Living true to its tagline, “Recreating the pioneering spirit”, the business aims to promote an environment of creative leathercrafting products. Thus, it provides you with an opportunity to customise your leathercrafting kits as per your requirements and expertise. This, in turn, creates a very conducive work environment for enthusiasts.

In addition to these leathercraft kits for adults, they also provide excellent quality outdoor leatherwear. Thus, it’s undoubtedly one of the best places to buy leathercrafting kits in the UK. 

Lions Home

This UK based leather business has garnered its reputation from selling premium furniture and other leather accessories. Apart from these products, Lions Home offers you a range of exquisitely designed leathercrafting kits that will help you immerse in your leather DIY. The whole idea behind these custom leathercraft kits is to provide you with relevant resources. So that you can indulge in making leather products from the very comforts of your home. 

Clark Craft

A local art and craft supplier based in the UK, Clark Craft has made its name in the leather industry as a prominent craft and knitting resource supplier.

Despite not having a very particular leathercrafting kit, it offers you a great range of leathercrafting tools that will make your leathercrafting a seamless process.

Thus, it’s a recommended resource for you if you’ve some prior expertise in the field of leathercrafting.  

Abbey England

Established way back in 1982 as a wholesale supplier of leather, Abbey England is one of the most prominent leather houses based in the UK.

You’ll not be able to purchase a leathercrafting kit from them.

But they offer a whole range of leather care products. You can use these to design and rejuvenate existing leather products that have lost their shine. 

Get Started With Your Leathercrafting

Leathercrafting can be considered an activity where you explore your creativity and detach yourself from the external world. The best part about pursuing leathercrafting is that you don’t have to have any prior knowledge about stitching to indulge in the same. All you need is an insatiable curiosity and an enthusiasm to learn a new skill. 

Apart from the technical know-how, here are a few things that you should keep in mind before taking up your first leathercrafting DIY. 

Don’t Restrict Yourself To Any One Style

Just like any other art, leathercrafting is a very diverse niche full of variations. As a beginner, the biggest mistake that you can make is restricting yourself to one categorisation due to a premeditated thought. Try and explore all that leathercrafting has to offer and then achieve proficiency in whatever style you like. There are four well-established leathercrafting techniques- traditional European work, American western work, tooling, and primitive leatherwork. 

Prepare Your Workstation 

We cannot stress the importance of having a workstation with all the necessary tools and equipment. Interrupting your workflow to replenish your workstation can disrupt your chain of thought, which will affect your leathercrafting efficiency.
Thus, we recommend you gather all your leatherworking materials. And fundamental tools like a mallet, rotary punch, leather dyes, stitching needles, leather scrap, and so forth. 

Artisans provides you with a very exhaustive beginner’s leathercrafting kit. It comprises all of the fundamental tools you need to indulge in a leathercrafting template. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

As cliche as it may sound, the more you practice, the better you’ll get at leathercrafting. And the more you’ll appreciate and enjoy the nuances involved in the same.

These days, the mass production of leather products has become the new normal. But why don’t you create handcrafted leather products of excellent quality? 

Final thoughts

Most leather-based stores offer you exuberant equipment and base leathers that you don’t require, especially if you’re new to leathercrafting.

We suggest not getting lured by these products. Consider the functionality these leathercrafting kits offer you and how they’ll help enhance the process.  

We, at Artisans, have put together a list of online resources that will help you get started with leathercrafting and DIY leather crafts. And eventually, become proficient at it.

Check out our DIY leathercraft kits for beginners. This will help you get a feel of the products you need to get started with leatherworking DIYs. 

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