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Here’s a list of 45 DIY ideas worth a try | Pick your hobby

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Here’s a list of 45 DIY ideas worth a try | Pick your hobby

Creative hobbies give you a chance to destress and reflect on your day with a much calmer perspective. Picking up a regular hobby also enhances your mental and physical health as it keeps your cognitive functions engaged. In addition, hobbies keep you focused and prevent your thoughts from spiralling out of control which is necessary given the present chaos.

The best part about DIY ideas for adults is that they are optimally challenging- precisely what you need to get into a state of flow. Such DIYs compel you to bring your complete attention to the present moment- on the project at hand and doesn't let your mind wander. These also include DIY ideas for the home- a fun way to practice a hobby and create aesthetically pleasing home decor pieces. Similarly, DIY ideas for kids are specifically designed to engage your child’s cognitive function and help with the early development of their brains.

If a DIY adventure excites you then this is your place to be. Today’s blog covers 45 DIY ideas for home, adults, and kids, created to help you easily pick a hobby and dive into the world of DIYs.

DIY ideas for home

Have you ever dreamt of living in a place that lights you up? Well, your dream can now turn into reality, sooner than you can imagine. 

Here are 15 super fun DIY ideas on a budget to welcome Pinterest-y elements into your home.  

DIY leather plant hangers 

diy ideas home

Adding some greenery and leather DIY projects to your house is a great way to liven up your otherwise monotonous rooms. Don’t fret if you’ve no idea where to source your leathers from. You can get a premium leather DIY kit from Artisans. This includes everything that you need to create the holders. It also comes with a detailed manual that explains every step of the process. 

DIY pillow covers 

“Waste not, want not” is the philosophy of making DIY pillow covers. Old pretty print clothing and textured sweatshirts are all you need to get started. You need to cut the old clothing in the shape of your pillows and stitch the sides. This DIY not only spruces up the living room with designer covers but also helps with recycling. 

DIY blanket or towel ladders

To create these easy DIY projects for home, you need a hammer, a few nails, and some scrap or reclaimed wood. After disinfecting the wood, measure it out and create a small ladder. DIY wooden ladders add to the rustic aesthetics of your rooms and bathrooms. You can also polish the wood to give it a lustrous look if you've got the right tools.  

DIY teacup plant pots 

Continuing with the theme of using plants to energise your living quarters, you can also use teacups. Use broken or dated teacups to plant small shrubs and mini terrariums. This is hassle-free and all you need is some gardening skills to source the right plants for your rooms. You can also always visit a nursery and get an expert’s opinion. These DIY ideas on a budget are sure to charm your guests.

DIY frames 

While hanging framed photos to your walls is an amazing way to cover the space, they can get quite repetitive. To break the monotony, you can hang frames with special calendar pages, old maps, designer prints, or a collection of stamps. Similarly, you can also frame silverware, keys, or other antic objects. Such frames add character to the monotone walls.

DIY natural hangers

If you want to hang sculptures or showpieces from the ceiling but aren’t in a mood to splurge, then this DIY project is for you. You can get sturdy, dried-out branches and tie a jute rope around them. Now, you've created an aesthetically pleasing hanger that you can hang anywhere around your house. Add some fake birds and DIY leather scrap flowers to make it more attractive. 

DIY decorative pinboards 

Find a discarded wooden window frame. Disinfect and paint it with the colour of your choice. Now, glue clothes pegs or bull pins to the frame. Use the clips to hang normal photos, polaroid photos, children’s art, or seasonal displays. After the frame is ready, hang it in a place that’s easily accessible so you can update it effortlessly. You can also get a store-bought wooden frame to get the job done. 

DIY autumn wall

diy craft idea for adults

The natural earth tones of autumn are among the most beautiful colours you can find in nature. This DIY project helps you create a decorative art piece for your home by immortalising these colours. Pick up dried leaves of various shapes and colours, and press them in a diary. Now, glue the leaves to white pages and frame them. The fall collage is sure to take your guests by a sweet surprise. 

DIY vertical garden board

You can use the schematics for the DIY towel ladder to create a DIY vertical garden by adding metal holders or hooks for pots. If you want to make it even simpler, you can just get a discarded wooden slat and add the metal rings to it. When done correctly, this DIY project can turn a lot of heads.

DIY rope shelf

DIY rope shelf is a nifty project that tidies up the room while maintaining that rustic aesthetic look. Attach a couple of jute ropes to a shelf and hang it using shaker rails. Attach the hanging shelf to the wall if you want to make the whole contraption sturdy. This DIY project also adds extra storage space to the room. 

DIY rope bannister

Borrowing the idea from the DIY project for home, you can use thick jute rope as a bannister instead of using regular wooden hand railings. Attach anchoring brackets to the wall where you want to create the bannister. Pass the thick jute rope through the brackets and put knots on both ends. You can unravel the ends of the ropes to make them look relaxed.

DIY Pillow pockets

With this quirky little DIY project, you’ll never misplace your remote controllers. Start with cutting the back pockets from a pair of your old jeans. Now, stitch to one of your pillow covers. That’s it. 

DIY tissue box

DIY tissue box projects come in various shapes and sizes. Some make it with leather and wood, while others prefer paper boxes. But, the steps for them are the same. The main step involves creating a hole on top of the box and inserting the tissue. You can get as creative as you want. 

DIY coloured napkins

DIY coloured napkins bring a splash to your dining table. To make this, first, run the cloth napkin under the tap water and then wring out the excess. Use fabric colour or simple watercolours to draw on it. Then, let the napkin dry. Finally, iron the napkin to set the colours.

DIY jute vase

Jute ropes can enhance the looks of anything in your house, including your boring vases. Just glue gun a jute rope around any vase or container to instantly convert them into an elite home decor object

DIY ideas for adults

Now that we’ve been through some exciting DIY ideas for home, next up are 15 interesting DIY crafts for adults to dive in after a long day at work.

DIY leather passport holders.

leather diy idea

Making a leather passport holder for yourself is one of the most fulfilling DIY ideas for adults. All you need is the Artisan’s DIY leather kit, as it comes with all the necessary materials. You also get the option to emboss your name or initials on the pre-cut leather during the ordering process. A leather passport holder also makes an excellent gift for your friends and family. 

DIY filter paper flowers 

DIY ideas with paper are virtually endless. Paper flowers are easy to make, and making them is highly calming. Take filter paper or cupcake liners and fold them in half. Cut fringe shapes on the side of the material to make the petals of the flowers. Now, wrap 3 to 4 similar pieces of paper around a metal wire and secure it with tape. You, now, have made flowers that are never going to wilt. 

DIY star rope mirror

If you've got a day off from the office and want to do something productive for the day, then this DIY project is for you. Hammer a few nails in a circular pattern on the wall you want to decorate. Wrap jute ropes around the nails in an intertwining fashion to shape a star. Put a round mirror or a circular photo frame to finish the project. 

DIY designer pencil holders

This DIY project promotes recycling by literally turning trash into art pieces. You can use leftover wrapping paper or wallpaper and wrap it around empty tin cans to turn them into pen and pencil holders for your home office. Remember to file out the rough edges of the tin can to make them safe. You can also use this vase for your DIY filter paper flowers. 

DIY colourful cocktails glasses 

You can elevate the looks of a normal cocktail glass by applying a bit of vinyl and scrap adhesive to it. This DIY idea hardly takes any time but creates gleaming results. Your guests are sure to admire this project at your next cocktail party. 

DIY Glitter stationery

You can never be too old for glitter stationery. You can amp up the appeal of any store-bought envelopes or cards by using fine glitter. Use a pencil to make the design on the stationery and then cover it with glue. Sprinkle fine glitter on the glued area and tap off the excess. This DIY project hardly takes around five minutes per envelope but makes you feel accomplished on a lazy day. 

DIY embroidery jackets 

This DIY project is for all the adults who already have some interest in sewing. If you've got a denim jacket lying around, you can put floral or designer embroideries on the jackets to take their look to the next level. However, this DIY project is not recommended for people with novice sewing skills as it's time-consuming and moderately challenging.

DIY yarn party decor

Cut up yarn strings of the same size and tie them around a long thread. You've yourself a creative and colourful garland that you can use as party decor around the house. Unfurl the ends of the yarn to make it more fashionable. This DIY project does not require a lot of effort. In fact, it's so easy that you can make it while binging your favourite show. 

DIY desk organiser 

If you're in a constant battle with clutter on your desk, you can use the DIY desk organiser to get the upper hand. Use crafting paper to make small boxes. Use glue to stick them inside a bigger wooden tray in a nested fashion to create a desk organiser. Now, use this organiser to keep your tabletop clean and tidy.

DIY string art

This DIY project is the simpler and smaller version of the DIY star rope wall. Create your design or illustration on a piece of softwood or cardboard. Now, stick thumbtacks or pins around the outlines of your design. Use embroidery threads or colourful yarn wool and tie it around the thumbtacks to complete this stylish project.

DIY paper plants 

diy craft idea for kids

The DIY paper plants project is the more advanced version of the DIY filter paper flowers. In this project, you need multi-coloured paper, a pair of scissors, and glue. You can cut and paste the paper in different styles to create a wide range of artificial plants for yourself. If you're lacking ideas for the type of plants that you want to have, you can always visit the internet for inspiration. DIY ideas with paper cater to the creative needs of kids and adults alike.

DIY brown bag bookbinding 

This project comes in handy for all the bookworms that want to get into the mindfulness DIY space. The DIY brown bag bookbinding is a gateway project that's easy enough to inspire you and beautiful enough to impress you. The steps involved are fairly simple. Cut a brown paper bag in the shape of the book you want to cover. Then, use paper clips to attach them to the front covers. 

DIY leather paper holder 

The DIY leather paper holder is an easy project for those people that want to get into leather stitching. All you need is 2-pieces of leather stitched together using a leather pin. This technique can also be used to create DIY laptop leather sleeves. You can also etch or emboss your name on the leather paper holders.

DIY clay pots

Pottery is a niche hobby that requires time, patience, and effort. However, you can easily replicate that experience by creating mini DIY clay pots. You just need air-dry clay, and you're good to go. Once your clay pot dries, sand it down to make it smoother. You can also paint them to make them look more attractive. 

DIY tote bag

With a tinge of stitching knowledge, you can start creating tote bags for yourself. You can get the measurement stencils for these bags from the internet and make the process even easier for you. You can also make tote bags from various materials like felt, cloth, jute, and leather. 

DIY ideas for kids

Finally, we're on to our most beloved blog section-DIY for kids and parents to bond over.

 DIY leather bookmarks

diy leather craft idea

Kids that love munching through the novels will definitely enjoy this one. The Artisan’s leather bookmark kit comes with precut leather, so you don’t have to worry about your kids handling scissors. The DIY kit also has a detailed instruction manual that will guide your kid on every step of the process. 

DIY clothespin aeroplanes 

The vibrant imagination of a child can turn anything into a toy. This craft builds on that imagination to create tiny aeroplanes of clothespins. Use soft foam to make the plane's wings and paste it onto the pins. Then, your child can be a pilot for the rest of the day.

DIY marble run

Kids love to play with empty cardboard rolls and boxes. You can increase the fun of playing with these things by helping them create a cardboard marble run using these materials along with glue and tape. The more intricate the design, the more your kid will enjoy playing with it. 

DIY bubble painting

There can't be more fun and easy crafts for kids than this. Combine a few drops of watercolours with a soap solution. Use a metal wire to create a loop that will help the kids make the bubbles. Now, let the creativity and the imagination of kids run free on the drawing paper. 

DIY-painted flower pots 

Doing activities together with your kids fosters the parental bond. Painting store-bought pots or DIY mini clay pots can be a funny activity that kids look forward to doing with you. All you need is enough clay pots and paint. 

DIY paper roll dragons

Usually, kids are massive fans of mythical creatures like dragons and the Loch Ness monsters. This DIY project helps them bring these creatures to life using toilet paper rolls, coloured tissue papers, and a couple of small poms.

DIY dragonflies 

Following the same steps of the DIY clothespin aeroplane, you can help your kid create clothespin dragonflies. Cut and loop the strips of the pipe cleaners then glue them to the clothespin. Finally, colour the clothespin and put googly eyes on top of it. Your dragonflies are now ready to play with.

DIY dream catchers 

Making authentic dream catchers can be quite challenging for your kids. However, using a paper plate to create a DIY dream catcher is relatively easy. The kids only have to cut a hole in the middle of the plate and attach all the accessories using glue. 

DIY egg carton animals

diy idea for kids

Teach your kids about recycling by using egg cartons to create animals like turtles and caterpillars. Cut the egg carton into single pieces and let the kids colour them to their liking. They can use googly eyes and paper cutouts to complete the project. You should remember DIY for kids also includes making them responsible for their environment.

DIY milk carton birdhouse 

You can help your kids create a birdhouse using empty juice and milk cartons. The kid only needs to cut a hole through it and glue a landing area for the birds. They can also use wrapping paper or watercolours to paint the birdhouse.

DIY button collage 

If you want to keep your kids occupied, bring them a box full of buttons and glue. The kids love to add 3D elements to their drawings. And, with a box full of buttons, the opportunities are limitless. However, you need to keep a close eye on your kids with this one. This DIY project is also one of the most captivating stay at home kids activities.

DIY princess wand

Throwing a princess theme birthday party for your daughters is like a rite of passage for parents. Therefore, it’s wise to team up with your kids and create princess wands using soft foams for her and her friends. 

DIY beach collage

If you're bored of stay at home kids activities, make your kids create souvenirs on their beach days. Ask them to write their names and create designs using sand and glue. You can also ask them to collect and paste seashells to make the collage one of its kind.

DIY soda bottle flowers

diy ideas

Here's another easy craft for kids. Before discarding your plastic bottle, team up with your kids to create DIY stamped soda bottle flowers. The steps to do this are rudimentary. Dip the bottom of the bottle into paint and then stamp them on a piece of paper. Use a sketch pen to draw the stems and the leaves of the stamped flowers. 

DIY stained glass

Don't worry, as this DIY idea involves no real glass. Use cellophane and cardboard to create a window frame for your kid. Then, let them fill the transparent sheet with the contact paper of their choice. 

Final Words

Use this list to select some DIY ideas to pick up as a hobby. If leather DIY crafts pique your interest, then you can bring your hobby to life through Artisans leathercraft kits. The kits come with pre-cut leather and everything that one might need to get started with leathercraft. Artisans craft kits also come with detailed instructions that your child can effortlessly follow.

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