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Serious About Leathercraft? Check Out These Leatherwork Courses

leatherworking courses

Serious About Leathercraft? Check Out These Leatherwork Courses

Studying a night before an exam can make you get good grades in that subject. Ask yourself, can you consume a year’s worth of knowledge just within one night? 

This mindset is something that we need to change if we want to become proficient at leathercrafting. Not just leathercrafting, you can be serious about anything, be it sports, technology, finance, or even art. Regardless of your choice, the one thing that will be common across all these fields is the amount of time you’ll have to invest in consuming substantial knowledge for the same.  

When we talk about art, especially leathercraft, a thorough understanding of the fundamentals is essential. Knowledge creates differences in mindset and approach. If you’re serious about leathercraft, this article is just something you need to take your leathercrafting skills to the next level. Why so? We’ve come up with a list of the most hands-on leatherworking and leather making courses for you that is also available via digital mediums. 

Leatherwork Courses Near You

You become proficient at leatherworking by indulging in a large number of hands-on DIY projects. The learning curve for leathercrafting constitutes obstacles, getting tied up trying to understand how to proceed, and so forth. However, it all comes together when you create that excellent leather product at the end of it all.

These leather making courses in the UK will help you attain that proficiency by providing you with a plethora of resources. 

Barefoot Leather- 1-day Basic leatherworking course

Barefoot leather is an online leather business based in Herefordshire. Apart from selling beautiful leather products, the company also provides one-on-one sessions to enthusiastic people about leather crafting. This is truly one of the best leather craft courses in London. Focal points about the sessions offered:

  • The course polishes your basics like types of leather, handling different equipment, cutting and dyeing leather.
  • Each of the sessions are designed keeping in mind your needs.
  • You’ll get personal attention as one session cannot have more than two candidates.
  • Price: 100 GBP/person
leatherwork courses

JH Leather: One-On-One Workshops

JH leather is another leather goods brand that aims at teaching and mentoring new leather crafters. Apart from having periodical youtube classes, the brand also offers people one-on-one sessions and leather-making workshops of different ranges. Based in Wales, the brand is doing the groundwork for teaching primary and new leather working techniques. Critical factors of the sessions:

  • 1-day to 4-day leather making workshops are available that work on basics and guides in crafting commodities like bridles and hand-collars.
  • Crafters of any skill level can be a part of workshops.
  • There’s a discount if you bring in a companion.
  • Price: 250 GBP-1250 GBP

Catherine Edwards Leather: Bespoke Leather Workshop

Catherine Edwards is a Uk-based leather crafter who has made a name for herself in the leatherworking industry. Started as a shoemaker, she now has various international projects in her basket. Along with selling self-crafted leather goods, she periodically organises a bespoke leather workshop. One can lay out the credibility of the workshop by only mentioning the 25-year experience of Edwards in the industry. Its core specifications are:

  • The workshop is a small gathering of people who wish to craft leather in groups. 
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced leather enthusiasts.
  • Apart from this, Edwards has designed three more workshops that introduce you to individual leather items like belts and document tablets.

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The London Leather Workshop: Multiple Learning Programs

Based in London, the London Leather Workshop is a business that offers multiple services to its customers. Services like leather sampling and garment consultancy fall under its speciality. Apart from the activities mentioned above, the company is passionate about creating a learning environment for potential leather crafters. Key points of the courses they offer: 

  • Online Tuition: The program is divided into two parts, practical and theoretical. In theory classes, you’ll learn the fundamentals of designing accessories; the practical courses will teach you to craft customised leather commodities. It is one of the best leather craft courses online. 
  • Sewing Group courses: With only five students in a class, you’ll get to learn sewing and other crafty skills in this leather making course.
  • One-to-one tuition on specific topics. 

GDH Leather Courses

We have discussed businesses offering teaching services until now, but this is only teaching business in itself. And best for you if you’ve been searching leatherworking course near me. Based in Pembrokeshire, GDH has been providing its teaching and learning services since 2010. Named after its owner Gaynor Davies-Howell, the company offers you both individual and group learning sessions. Its main highlights are:

  • The business offers a range of courses covering specific components, like the introduction to leatherwork, leatherworking skills, and building different leather goods.
  • One of its popular courses, leather bag courses, has been mentioned on The Lady magazine’s official website. 
  • It has its magazine with the name “waxing the thread”. In this, one finds tips and tricks for enhancing their leatherworking skills and even articles related to industry-related news.

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Artisans and Leatherwork...

Apart from offering advanced leather crafting techniques, this leather courses list lay a lot of emphasis on setting your fundamentals right. The above leather courses in the UK are just some of the many sources of knowledge available around the country. In today’s times, where we’re experiencing new advancements in connecting people with information, you’re just a few searches away from the knowledge you require. There are various leather courses near you, like these ones, that you can rely on.

We, at Artisans, believe in the saying that “knowledge is wisdom”. Subscribe to our newsletter to constantly brush up on your leatherworking facts as we keep bringing leather courses nearby. You’ll always find new and exciting industry-related developments.