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Leather Wallet Patterns | Ideas And Their Importance

Leather Wallet Patterns | Ideas And Their Importance

We always believe that significant changes are indicative of growth. But sometimes that’s not the case. 

Sometimes it’s the small things that can show us where we’ve come from and where we need to go to grow ourselves. To fathom the growth we’ve made as a civilisation, try to consider the progress of age-old leathercraft that we’ve used to manufacture leather products.  

Leather wallets are among the most popular kinds of wallets still in high demand despite the rise of other shiny materials. 

In 2020, the leather wallets and purses market grew to more than $10 billion in the United States, indicating the popularity of leather products. 

There’s a wide range of leather wallets out there in the market, each different from the other due to a few nuances. Not every design is meant for you, but there’s a type that will compliment your personality perfectly. 

Different leather wallets influence the customer's behaviour as they try to integrate a particular style with their likes and dislikes. This article will discuss various leather wallet patterns and how these variations affect customers’ consumption approaches.

Why Are Leather Wallet Patterns Important?

By a leather wallet pattern, we mean the type of wallet design. Each of these leather pattern designs is unique in its way. Over time with a change in art and culture, our society got segregated into various groups, each holding their ideologies and aesthetic tastes. The use of the wallet is another factor that has affected the design of leather wallet patterns- functionality trumping aesthetics in this case. 

Leather Wallet Patterns

Excited to understand the specifications and details? So are we! Le’s dive right in.

Here are different men’s leather wallet patterns and how these leather patterns vary from each other. 

1. Bifold Leather Wallet Pattern

Bifold wallets came into existence after the creation of paper currency at the end of the 17th century. It has a main compartment to store paper money while sub-compartments protect your credit and debit cards. As the name suggests, a leather bifold wallet is foldable from the middle. Its simplicity has proved to be its strong suit as it’s the most admired type of wallet. 

2. Trifold Leather Wallet Pattern

The trifold wallet was created by taking inspiration from the bifold wallet pattern, which soon gained popularity. The basic idea behind creating the trifold wallet was to give its user more space to keep his stuff. It’s longer compared to a bifold. Apart from the main compartment, it has several slots for placing cards and photos. But we’ll be honest. These types of wallets may end up getting overstuffed and become vulnerable to theft. 

3. Zippered Leather Wallet Pattern

As the name suggests, these wallet patterns have a basic structure with a zipper to its central pocket. It provides additional security to your paper currency and cards, uplifting the look of the wallet. 

4. Card Case Leather Wallet Pattern

With the development of banking operations, the popularity of paper money is declining with each passing day. People are now shifting towards cashless payments and paying through credit and debit cards are becoming the norm. A card case wallet pattern is a small structure with a single pocket having multiple slots for cards. This doesn’t come with 485485 features to ensure it justifies its single application of storing cards.

5. Minimalist Leather Wallet Pattern

This single wallet takes shape by absorbing some characteristics of every significant type of wallet we’ve known to date. Along with storage space like trifold or bifold wallets, this wallet pattern has acquired the trait of minimalism from card case wallets. 

6. Travel Leather Wallet Pattern

For frequent travellers, it’s crucial to keep their important documents well organised. These documents may include their passport, driver’s license, credit card, the currency of the country the person is travelling in, etc. Along with other valuable characteristics, travel pattern wallets keep all of the above documents safe in one place. 

7. Money Clip Leather Wallet Pattern

Popular from the time of ancient Egypt, this wallet pattern is a symbol of royalty. Its design and purpose appear to be in contrast to that of a card case wallet. It proves to be a storage place for your paper money. A clip is the main highlight of this pattern. It's fastened to organise the cash. 


This list of unique leather wallets is by no means exhaustive in nature. Apart from these leather wallet patterns for men, various other ergonomic leather wallet designs and leather patterns have come up, keeping the consumer’s needs in mind. 

Over time, civilisations have witnessed many cultural and economic changes. These changes have ushered products to reach new heights, leathercrafting being one such niche.

The changes in society and technological advancements have meant that leather fashion and leather products were constantly changing, and thus emerged a range of leather wallet patterns. 

We, at Artisans, embrace these societal changes and developments and work relentlessly to provide you with relevant, up-to-date leather resources and DIY leathercraft. Come witness leathercrafting at its finest by indulging through our leathercrafting kits for beginners, which comes in three types. This includes a leather card holder kit too! We bet you won’t regret your choice. 

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