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Leather Scraps To Modern Luxury Leather Wallet – Here’s How!

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Leather Scraps To Modern Luxury Leather Wallet – Here’s How!

You need to know this. We’ve a confession to make. 

Just imagine. It’s a murky, stormy night; the rain is falling in torrents. Except at occasional intervals, checked by a vicious squall of wind which swept up the boulevards, for it’s in London that the scene lies. Clattering along the house-tops, and fiercely arousing the scanty blaze of the lamps that endeavored against the darkness. And in a trice, you remember you’ve some cash in your wallet. You open up your wallet and see the money soaked in water. 

You’re doomed.

Let's reverse the scenario now. Imagine the wallet that you use is a modern luxury leather wallet. The money is just fine and you can go home now. Thank the Lord, Oh, and thank you Leather!

Leather bestows opulent comfort upon your hard-earned cash. And the glam it adds to your personality is beyond comprehension. 

DIYs have always been a thing. But DIY leathercraft is all in the rage at the moment. Birthdays? Christmas? All days of the year? Leather DIYs make amazing presents for any time of rejoicing and festivity. 

All you’ll need is some leather scraps and you’ve got a card up your sleeve. We don’t want to be missing out on some fun leather crafting in life, right?

So, are you ready? Come along!

DIY Leathercraft Tools

Well, before you plunge into the making of these super-stylish and effortlessly easy DIY leather wallets, are you up for a little table talk? Well, it's about some significant leather crafting tools. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, all of these tools are an indispensable obligation!

leather wallet leather working tools
  • Stamps - to stamp tags or other pieces of leather
  • Awls - for piercing (or marking leather)
  • Sewing items - to sew through leather
  • Burnishers - to smooth out the surfaces and edges
  • Mauls - for stamping or setting rivets 
  • Skivers - to remove a delicately thin layer of leather
  • Bevelers - to smoothen out the corners
  • Cutters - to make straight cuts into fabrics, leather, and other materials.
  • Pricking irons - to mark symmetric stitches
  • Punches - to make an indentation by fastening nails or dowels
  • A cutting map - to cut the leather on. 
  • Gouges - to peel off the sides (grain or fresh) of the leather. 

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DIY Leather Wallet Tutorials You Can Follow Today

Unisex Black Leather Wallet

The coolest and yet the chicest piece that you’ll ever have! You can find the step-by-step guide here. 

Make this DIY leather wallet and meet with a lovely accident. What? Well, yes, this unisex wallet looks so stunning, you will fall, inevitably, irrevocably in love with it!

Slim Leather Bifold Monogram Men's Wallet

Screams 'Perfect' in every way! This leather wallet DIY makes an ideal date night wallet. Make this wallet from scrap leather in just a few minutes - ladies, your partners will love it. 

It's a super-thin statement piece. With this, you can change your outfit into a voguish one right away.

DIY Leather Cardholder Kit

Artisans DIY leather cardholder craft kit

These ideas sound interesting but confused about the starter leather DIY kit? At Artisans, we offer you a wholesome Artisans DIY leather cardholder kit that helps you create a leather cardholder kit from scratch. 

Inclusive of three choices of Italian veg-tanned base leathers, with the help of a stitching thread of your choice, use this kit to create a classic DIY gift that your loved ones will cherish for ages. Make sure you add a bit of flair and individuality to make your DIY gift even more special.

Modern Luxury Collection Card Wallet

Sleek, simple, and minimalist. You can make the modern luxury collection card wallet with a gold foil, silver foil, or no foil at all. An effortless organisation solution for your business cards and credit cards. 

Sloan Leather And Logo Chain Wallet

If you’re a vintage soul, this is it for you! This Sloan Leather-Chain wallet will quickly become your go-to accessory.

You can add cute little details in here and outshine your performance. Gift it to your loved ones and show them that you care. You can even add a foil to make your distinct touch stand out. Play with the colour, edge-paint it - it's your creation, do it according to your own free will.

Geometric Luxury Leather Wallet with Tassels

Tassel-free isn't hassle-free. Or is it? Well, that depends. Few people like their wallets to be extremely sturdy and basic whereas others like to play with the wide array of designs and colours. 

This geometric luxury leather wallet is an in-vogue statement piece.


Leather wallets look absolutely stunning and add to your personality. Besides, these DIYs do not cause an indentation in your super-affordable and luxurious leather wallet.

leather card holder

One of the most promising ways of practising leathercraft is by taking up some leathercraft resources. Here, at Artisans, we provide some exciting DIY leathercraft ideas. 

So, get some quality leather, learn some leathercraft tips and tricks, and join us! 

Share some love with your close ones. We have already provided you with a handful of leathercraft ideas that you can reap benefits from and make some trendy DIY leathercraft projects. We also provide customisable Artisans' Leathercraft kits to better your sewing experience. 

Artisans was founded in the UK - aimed to provide a stock of quality leather experience. Our wholesome DIY leathercraft resources will enable you to come up with amazing leather DIY for men, DIY accessories for women and a lot more. 


Just keep calm, and sew on!


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