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What’s Trending Today? A Look Into The Creative Future

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What’s Trending Today? A Look Into The Creative Future

The world has always been full of intriguing products, stories, traditions, and practices. The level of connectivity that we’ve become accustomed to compliments our interest to interact with people from the far corners of the world. More often than not, a particular practice viral in one part of the world tends to become a trend in another part. Courtesy? The rise of social media and the easy information sharing amongst different groups of people.  

A trend or fad is a dance, a practice, a word, or a style that becomes popular within a short period of time. These trends are prevalent in the fashion and clothing industry. Fashion trends keep enthusiasts excited as a seasonal range of garments is introduced every year. These trends bind people together with a unified and shared enthusiasm, even for a short period. 

Leather products hold notable influence within the fashion industry, influencing fashion trends to a significant extent. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the fashion trends of the past. We’ll also cover why they became popular. And we’ll even try and predict some potential fashion trends of the future. So let’s get straight to it.

What’s Trending Today In The Leather Industry

Apart from leather accessories like wallets, belts, and bags, wearable leather products spark the eyes of millennials, especially leather jackets. Ringed and fur-trimmed leather jackets are all the rage and are trending in today’s times. To hop on trends like that of black leather jackets imprinted with snake designs, people are willing to offer thousands of dollars. 

Another leather manufacturing trend that’s on the rise is that of vegan leather production. As more and more people are coming together against environmental degradation, leather manufacturing houses have started considering vegan leather as a cruelty-free alternative to hide-based leather. Vegan leather is manufactured with the help of a polymer that’s obtained from recycled plastic and fruit waste. It’s, thus, an excellent alternative to hide-based leather. 

The Future Of Leather Fashion 

leather trends

Leather has supported the fashion industry for decades. 

The 80s fashion leather jacket trend includes men wearing leather rocker jackets and attending concerts with accessories related to some metal bands. With the current scenario, denim jackets adorned with studs and buckles will be a significant leather fashion trend in the future.

Apart from jackets, there has been a transition in various trends. Many of the classic clothing popular in the 90s as leather jacket 90s fashion has experienced alteration with time. Leather jackets have made it back and how with the off the shoulder jacket trend going viral. 

Then leather skirt trends is again a trend that has witnessed the flamboyance of the 80s and 90s and is back in action with a minimalistic appeal as leather pencil skirts flood our social media platforms.

Leather trends have forever been the epitome of luxury and extravagant fashion sense. But now that fashion enthusiasts incline towards a minimalistic and experimental outlook, leather still stands in the limelight with power and grace. Leather bags and leather pants are an excellent testimony to that. 

Considering the environmental concerns that are being long talked about due to leather-based industries, vegan leather is the future of the leather industry. Hence artisans have started working and experimenting with these innovations to know more about leather characteristics. We think that future trends will revolve around this new textile and other sustainable alternatives. 

As we talk about the returning era of leather (or, more accurately, about leather never going out of style), note that tips and tricks around old leather and restoring old leather are going to save you some significant loss.

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Leather Trends: A Back And Forth Vision

The leather and fashion industry witnesses the inception of several interesting trends every year. But only some of these remain with people. Commodities like tote leather handbags still find their applications among the masses even after eight decades of their creation. 

leather fashion jacket louis vitton

Companies like Louis Vuitton, the leading players of leather fashion, have been creating evergreen products like Louis Vuitton leather bags and Louis Vuitton wallet for more than 150 years. The company has developed a range of leather commodities that will remain viable for the next 100 years.

Most of the uniform boots on the globe are patent leather boots. Patent leather is used as a coating on several items for a high-gloss finish. The discovery is so meaningful that it’s still used in manufacturing boots for educational institutions, even after 200 years. 

These evergreen trends give us the teaching of keeping our confidence intact and dressing for the runway like there’s no tomorrow.

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Tips On How to Carry The Leather Fashion Trends 

As trendy as leather fashion products are, if you’re unaware of the tips and tricks around how to carry leather fashion trends, you may not be able to leverage them fully. Here are some quick tips for you to make the most of your leather accessories -

  1. Go for safe colours like black if you’re wearing leather pants for the first time. The primary colour dominates the leather pant trend as it makes the styling very easy. 
  2. To wear a leather animal print skirt, style it the way you’ll style a black dress or leather skirt looks. 
  3. The casual look is best for black leather jacket lovers. It’ll compliment your presence on multiple occasions. Bring in denim jeans and any light t-shirt (preferably white) for a casual look. 
  4. For a more confident look while carrying a leather bag, bring it on your shoulders and allow some jiggling. This is one of the most popular leather bags for college students.

Leather and Artisans...

Leather products in themselves are a fashion trend. One of the primary reasons for this is the longevity and durability of leather products. Pulling off a leather fashion accessory with grace and style is something that’ll continue to trend even in the times to come simply because of the magisterial nature of leather. 

Thus, keeping yourself updated about the latest insights of the fashion industry, especially that of the leather ecosystem, can be beneficial.

Keep looking to never miss out on the latest trends around the fashion industry. Also, keep an eye on the spring leather trend and the fall leather trend to ace the game. Do keep in mind to not blindly indulge in these trends. Retaining your identity and personality with every new trend is the ultimate challenge.

We, at Artisans, believe in the power of your personality, which is why we provide you with a range of leather products to accentuate the same further. Do check out our extensive range of products and leathercrafting kits. We’ve put them together, especially for beginners and hobbyists. Rest assured, you can indulge in leathercrafting without any difficulties.