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Leather DIY Home Decor Ideas You Can Try at Home

Leather DIY Home Decor Ideas You Can Try at Home

Home decor can be super expensive. But today, skip the overpriced decor and start crafting your very own leather accent pieces to give your home a more luxurious feel. Aesthetic and straightforward DIY is the topic to be more exact. Just imagine the feeling when your guests ask where your DIY leather decors are from.

Leather & Cork “Catch-Alls”

leather catch all

If you are looking for a versatile wall pockets that can be used in any room of the house. The aesthetic looks and functionality in one; this DIY project will definitely serve as a beautiful addition to your home.

Add these leather wall hangers on the entrance of your home, kitchen or even your work desk to store any frequently used items like sunglasses, keys or your lip balm. 

All you need is some leather scraps, cork mats, glue and upholstery tacks to make these cute and functional hangers. 

Check out the full tutorial here:

DIY Leather & Cork “Catch-Alls”

Leather Strap and Wooden Shelves

Leather Strap and Wooden Hanger

This minimal aesthetic shelf with a touch of nature might be the DIY you need. Adding this piece to your apartment’s entrance can help you place your coats, hats, or even umbrella when it’s raining. Say bye to expensive, bulky shelves, while this DIY decor will leave your place looking clean and minimal. 

Here’s the full tutorial

Leather Strap and Wooden Shelves

Leather Pillowcase

Leather Pillow Case

If you are just a beginner, this super simple DIY home decor will fill your place with a luxurious touch. Crafting these faux leather pillows require a few necessary sewing skill, it is a budget-friendly decor idea that you can try out with ease.  

Check out this full video guide here.

DIY Leather Pillowcase

DIY Copper Pipe & Leather Wine Rack

Copper and Leather Wine Rack

Wine and leather, who wouldn’t love that? But, for this DIY, we have copper on our side as well. This perfectly minimal wine rack for your everyday wine is an excellent addition to your living room.

Check out this detailed guide to make your own wine rack.

DIY Copper Pipe & Leather Wine Rack

DIY Hanging Leather Planter

Leather Plant Hanger

If you are into adopting cute plants for your home, then this DIY decor idea will be a perfect fit for your little ones. With just scraps of leather and some ropes or even chains, you can craft this beautiful decor in just a matter of hours. Hang your succulents in front of your windows, creating a perfect aesthetic view while your plants get their sunlight.

More details on how to make your own hanging leather planter:

DIY Hanging Leather Planter

DIY Leather Jewelry Roller

DIY Leather Jewelry Roller

Are you an avid traveler or just someone who likes to keeps things neatly stored? This jeweler roll can be just the piece you ware waiting for and what’s more, it is simple to make and functions to keep your accessories organised while travelling. 

So, for your upcoming trips, forget about tangled necklaces and missing rings. Keep your pieces of jewelry neatly organised and travel without worries.

For more details on how to make one. Check out this article.

DIY Leather Jewellery Roller

DIY Jewellery Tray

DIY Leather Jewelry Tray

There is nothing better than a simple tray when it comes to being organised with small things like jewellery, keys, accessories, and every day carries. But, what if you can craft your very own luxurious DIY leather tray. With just a simple stitching method and a piece of scrap leather, you can prepare this piece of home decor in just a couple of hours. This beautiful tray will help you keep your life and items organised. Simple things go a long way.

Check out the full guide here:

Leather Jewellery/Valet Tray

DIY Leather Napkin Rings

Are you into dressing table for dinner, be it for a formal event or even just a laid back night with your family? This DIY leather napkin rings will make your dining table looking more premium than ever. 

Very simple and aesthetic, all you need is a sturdy ruler and some stencils to cut those scrap leathers. We love this DIY because it just adds luxury when you are dining in with your friends or family.

For more details on how to craft this fantastic piece of home decor, check out this guide.

DIY Leather Napkin Rings

Check out our fantastic range of articles to get to know more about leathercraft and DIY your own decors. If you want to use your creativity to get into this rewarding hobby of leatherworking, we have our own beginner’s kit available that will get you started on leatherworking today.

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We also give out free leatherworking samples so that you won’t have to go through the huge learning curve of sketching and transfer designs to your leather.

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