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Is Leathercraft Easy To Master? Let’s Find Out

Is Leathercraft Easy To Master? Let’s Find Out

If you’re visiting this page, there is every possibility that you’re a young person who is vying to go into the leathercraft industry either as an extra source of income or as a hobby.

Whatever your reason for wanting to delve into the leathercraft industry, you’re in the right place to get adequate information about the leathercraft business. 

First off, the leathercraft business is an amazing craft that enables you to create beautiful leather pieces that’ll last for a long time. 

But before we delve further, you might have some key questions going through your mind about leathercraft, one of which is how lucrative leather craft is and if it’s worth it? 

leathercraft tools

To answer that question, leather craft is a very lucrative business and it’s totally worth the stress, effort, commitment, and time. 

Once you have put your mind into the business and have yourself situated in a business location, you’d make a lot of money. 

Now that you’ve gotten that off your mind, the next question that might be on your mind is if leathercraft is easy to master for someone who had never been in the business before.

How Easy is Leathercraft to Master? 

Despite what naysayers say about how difficult it is to learn leather craft, leather craft is an easy business to learn provided you start from the easy and simple designs first. 

How to Get Started on Leathercraft? 

Get Familiar with Different Leathercraft Supplies And Tools  

The first thing to do when you want to get started on leather craft is to get to know the basic leather craft supplies and tools required for the business and how each one works. 

There’re different basic leather craft supplies and tools for leather craft such as a knife, needle, thread, beveler, cutting board, ruler, glue, clamp, different types of leather that can come from different animals such as pigs, cows, crocodiles, ostriches, and sheep, mallet, and stitching awl.

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Knowing these different tools and their functions will help kick start your career as a leather craft worker. 

You can also go ahead to buy some of these leather craft supplies while you are at it.

Research And Watch Tutorial Videos 

To get started, you must research a lot on leather craft working. This includes watching how to go about the different leathercraft skills such as cutting, stitching, burnishing, skiving, dyeing, and applying glues step by step. 

Start With A Simple Project 

The next step for you now is to start your leather craft projects. As a new starter, you don’t have to rush into big leather craft projects that can get you frustrated and tired immediately when you start.

Hence, you can start with little projects such as bracelets, belts, key holders, wallets, and watch straps. 

Join A Leathercraft Community

leathercraft community

Starting a career in leather craft business is something that you can’t do in isolation. 

And this why you need to join a community of leather craft workers both online and offline. 

When you join this community or communities, you’ll get connected with other leather craft workers both new and old, such that you will learn new skills, share ideas, share experiences, and resources. 

What It Takes To Become A Master Artisans: Leather Master Artisans In The UK.

Becoming a master leather craft master most especially in the United Kingdom doesn’t come by sheer luck or chance.

No leather craft worker gets to the position of a master leather craft worker just by wishing it to happen, there’re a few steps to take for you to becoming an experienced leather craft worker:

1. Be Ready To Learn 

When it comes to getting to the peak of your career as a skilled leather craft worker, no knowledge is the best, and this means that you need to be ready to go all the way to learn all you need to learn to become the best in the leathercraft business. 

Learning includes researching and surfing the internet for more information about latest leather craft designs and skills. 

2. Taking A Professional Course In Leathercraft 

Another way to get ahead of your peers in the leather craft business is by taking different professional courses online and offline and getting certifications from the projects done in these classes. 

Asides from taking professional classes, you can sign up for a temporary apprenticeship with a master leather craft worker in the UK as this will help you learn more and become better. 

3. Don’t Stop Practicing 

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Practice doesn’t only make perfect, practice makes the best leather craft worker. To be a master leather craft artisan, you have to spend quality time practicing everything that you learn. 

Getting Started With DIY Leathercraft For Beginners In 2021

As we said, leathercraft beginners need to practice all the time to sharpen their skills, and here are a few DIY projects that you can try to make your practice better. 

Leather craft DIY projects that are great for beginners with instructions 

1. Leather Earrings 

Things Needed 
  • Leathers of any kind 
  • Scissors 
  • Jewelry plier
  • 2 earring wires 
  • Leather punch
  • 2 Jump rings 
  1. Cut out the leather into a shape of 3 different sizes into two places. (that makes 6 cut out leather pieces) 
  2. Arrange the 2 sets of 3 shapes on each other as seen in this image
  3. Punch a hole through the leather pieces. 
  4. Thread in the jump rings into the 2 sets of leather pieces. 
  5. Attach the earring wires to each jump ring. 
  6. Tighten the jump rings with the plier. 
  7. Voila!! Your leather earrings are ready! 

2. Placemats

Things Needed
  • Leather 
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil 
  1. Place your plate, cup, or mug on the leather. 
  2. Trace out the shapes of the items on the leather with a pencil. 
  3. Cut out the traced parts just like this.
  4. There you go! Your placemats are ready. 

Online Community For Leatherwork

There are different online leather craft communities that leathercraft beginners can join to learn more about updated leather craft ideas, share leather craft techniques, and exchange leather craft ideas. 

While it is easy to join any online leather craft community, you must look out for the best online leather craft community such as ours. 

We have the best online community for leathercraft workers who don’t only want to be the best, but who also want to make money with their leathercraft skills. 

Making And Selling Your Leather Work: Most Profitable Leather Business Ideas

leather bag

As earlier stated, leather craft business is a profitable and lucrative one, as this industry is one that has a wide range of business ideas that you can market and make money from. 

Example of such business ideas include the following:

  • Leather accessories
  • Leather footwear 
  • Leather kitchen and table items 
  • Exporting of leather in raw form 
  • Leather bag
  • Leather clothing and upholstery 

Each one of these leather craft ideas is profitable for you to excel in, as all you need to do is to find a leather business niche that you’re comfortable with and also find a market; both online and offline; to sell your products. 


The leather craft business is not just an easy one to delve into; most especially for beginners, it is also a business where you expand and grow once you’re dedicated and focused on the craft.

Just as focus and dedication are important in leather craft business, learning and training are also inevitable in the leather craft business, as learning is a continuous process in the leather craft industry. 

Artisans diy leather card holder craft kit

Hence, as a beginner most especially, you should be ready to keep learning and learning to get better and better! .Ar:ti|sans has three basic leathercrafting kit which you can get started with and learn as you go with leathercrafting. Not only is this beginner friendly but, has all the essentials process to master the basics. Check out our different products here.