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Interior Design Ideas With Leather! Design Your Perfect Home

Interior Design Ideas With Leather! Design Your Perfect Home

Dating back to its discovery, leather has always been an integral element for households. It has been extensively used to bind books and manuscripts and was also an essential material of clothing and fabrics. Even in today’s time, leather is one of the critical components of home decor furnishings. The longevity of leather as a material is unparalleled. Despite our age-old interactions with leather, we’re still smitten with the elegance and luxury that leather exudes, and rightly so.  


Walk into a room with leather furnishing, and more often than not, your attention will be drawn to it. This commanding presence of leather is what makes it an integral part of modern interior decor. From imparting a classic finish to a more contemporary vibe, it’s an understatement to say that leather is versatile.  


Through this article, we’ll introduce you to the various benefits of using leather as part of your interior decor and some charming inspirations to do so.

Leather In Interior Design 

In today’s modern world, the fashion industry leverages leather the best, be it bags, shoes, wallets, belts or jackets. The success of leather and its demand amongst its established consumer base has led to its extensive use in the interior decor space as well.  


Despite the majestic and bold texture that leather imparts to the interiors of any space, the best way to draw out its maximum impact is to use it sparingly. A mix of upholstery furnishings with accents of leather allows your place to stand out. 


If unknowingly, you happen to use too much leather, the interiors can become dull and repetitive. 


Use it right, and leather will enhance the decor and richness of the space while adding an element of bold personality to it. 


And well, just like wine, the older a piece of premium leather gets, the more it contributes to the vintage appeal of a place. It’s one of the few products whose intrinsic value increases with age! 


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What Leather Imparts To Interior Decor

Now that you’re aware of the balance you’ve to achieve while incorporating leather into your interior designs, let’s go through what leather individually brings to the fore. We’ll see what characteristics make leather such an elite material for designers and consumers. 

Leather Imparts To Interior Decor

Durability And Longevity 

Leather is perhaps one of the most durable fabrics that you’ll come across. Despite rough usage and exposure to heat and moisture, it doesn’t wear away as quickly as some of its counterparts.

Additionally, leather becomes more supple and develops grains as it ages. Why wouldn’t you want to use a fabric that gets finer with age?

Versatility And Flexibility 

Most leather types are available in different forms and colours, making it easy to integrate them into home decor setups of varying styles. This is one of the principal reasons why leather is used all around the house and in items like chairs, countertops, headboards, and even wall coverings.

Requires Little Or No Maintenance 

One aspect that makes leather so worthwhile is its ability to resist wear and tear. This is why leather is extensively used in living rooms, one of the most used areas around the house. One swipe with a clean cloth and the leather is cleaned!


Leather is known for its unparalleled aesthetics. Although it’s usually synonymous with luxury and power, leather also works just as well with traditional design elements like timber and stone.  Its immaculate finish and classic texture moves consumers unlike any other material in the market. Brands recognise this appeal and have thus tried to tap into the leather market niche. 

Some Uses Of Leather In Interior Design

Leather owns the power to transform any interior. From creating a gaudy and luxurious ambience to a highlighted decor, you can use leather to transform any room’s look. 

Rugs And Carpets

Rugs And Carpets

Leather rugs are pretty standard in the living rooms as they impart a sense of luxury to the place. Leather rugs and carpets are available in different textures and colours and are used to elevate the experience of any interior. 


If you already have a couch in your living room, you may want to try and match the colour of the leather rug with it. This creates continuity in rhythm and is a safe bet. 


However, if your living room is dull and you want to add more personality to it, go for a contrasting leather rug that overpowers other decor elements. 


Your place will be a winner, either way.

Couches and Sofas

Couches and Sofas

Another common usage of leather upholstery is in couches. As the upholstery occupies a large surface in a room, you may want to try and match or contrast its texture and colour with the wall paint. This will lead to a cohesive look and will enhance the room’s colour scheme. 

Dining And Lounge Chairs

Dining And Lounge Chairs

Premium leather is also used in dining chairs as it adds style and originality to your dining area. However, you need to be careful while finalising the colour for the leather upholstery. Pick a colour that you’ll be able to clean and maintain. As a rule of thumb, go for some darker shade of leather that’s easy to maintain and adds substance to the decor.  

Coffee Table

Coffee Table

With a plethora of designs, colours and textures to choose from, a leather coffee table is an accent that elevates the aesthetics of a space. Customise your coffee table with exquisite leather upholstery, and it’s sure to get your friends talking the next time they come over for coffee.


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It’s no surprise that leather crafted products have now taken over the landscape of interior design. Leather’s premium quality, aesthetics and versatility make it highly appealing to consumers.  


If you’re a leathercrafting enthusiast looking for DIYs and other resources to get started, we’ve you covered. We, at Artisans, have developed a distinct vocabulary of leathercrafting resources that help you simplify your leathercrafting experience. From DIY tutorials to tips and hacks for becoming proficient leathercrafters, our online resource is a one-stop solution for all your leathercrafting needs. 

Wishing you all the luck in your leathercrafting journey. Happy stitching!


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