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8 Inspiring Leather Craft Artisans To Follow On Instagram

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8 Inspiring Leather Craft Artisans To Follow On Instagram

What is more inspiring when learning a new craft, than watching those who have mastered the craft themselves? It might be an artisan, who carefully crafts each of their leather bags by hand, or a skilled hobbyist who now shares their projects to a supportive community of makers.

Either way, seeing the joy others find from the process of making, and their satisfaction in the end result, is definitely a brilliant way to find inspiration and motivation, to dust off our paint sets, or start a new hobby.

We have put together a selection of leather craft artisans from around the world, who inspire us with their incredible skill, and infectious enthusiasm for this ancient craft. Each of them once started from scratch without an ounce of knowledge about leathercraft. Then through practice and guidance, they honed their craft perfectly.

Whatever stage you are at, or your skill level, it is never too late to try!

1. Nara, Nerb Handcrafted - @nerbhandcrafted

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Follow @nerbhandcrafted for classy handmade leathercraft products and fascinating work-in-progress shots, all beautifully photographed. Artisan Nara handcrafts accessories, from phone cases and laptop cases, to card holders and handbags. Watch her creating some of her products step-by-step on YouTube. By the end, you will be sure to feel inspired to try the craft for yourself.

2. Paul and Ann - @jetalla_aneiu

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For inspiration of how to use leather scraps to customise your projects look no further than @jetalla_aneiu. Paul and Ann use colourful pieces of leather to accessorise clients' bags with a scattering of leather flowers. The Indonesia-based couple discovered a passion for leatherwork in 2014 and are now full time leathercraft artisans. Their designs are now even featured in books, such as ‘The Leatherwork School Book’. They both have an infectious enthusiasm for the craft. Once they even travelled all the way to Singapore just to see a Hermes exhibition.

Their advice for leather craft beginners is to “remember not to be too fast, find the joy in every adversity. Enjoy the process! It shapes us for the better.”

3. Mila Jito - @mila.jito

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Designer and leathercraft artisan Mila creates made-to-order leather bags in Littleton, New Hampshire. Watch as Mila's sketches turn into intricately crafted leather bags and marvel at how much work is put into crafting each of her detailed bags by hand.

4. Katy Warriner - @warrinerleatherworks

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In 2016 Katy started her leathercraft business from a small workshop on the moors of Dartmoor in Devon. Having originally worked for a while as a professional equine groom/eventer, leather has always been present in Katy's life. Katy uses vegetable tanned leather from Britain’s only remaining traditional oak bark tannery to create her timeless and elegant leatherwares. Katy shares photos of her finished pieces and sneak peeks of her working studio space.

5. Otis Ingrams - @otziltd

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Otis Ingrams’ Instagram is full of photography as stunning as those in his book ‘Leatherworks: Traditional Craft for Modern Living’. From woven leather chairs, to elegant leather bridle baskets, Otis’ work is sure to inspire you with numerous ways to introduce leathercraft statement pieces to your home. Otzi London, his North London studio, was set up 8 years ago and works on both small and large commissions. He believes that ‘both handmade and mass produced products demand an equal level of design and craft’.

6. Ateliers Ne/traport - @handmade_and_life

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Ateliers Ne/Traport is run by a Japanese artisan, leathercraft teacher and YouTuber who shares elegant fashion craft projects, giving her followers tips and tricks on how to create something similar for themselves, in the hope that she will make the craft more accessible.

7. Kenneth McClure of Noble & Wylie - @nobleandwylie

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Kenneth McClure took over the Sheffield shoemaking workshop in 2016 where he offers a bespoke shoemaking service.

Have you have ever wondered how shoes are made by hand? On @nobleandwylie’s Instagram, Kenneth gives his followers a unique insight into the processes behind this endangered craft, as well as sharing photos of the finished pieces themselves. So much skill and work goes into making shoes. If you own a pair you will be sure to treasure them forever; Noble & Wylie’s shoe-mending service mean that help is at hand to ensure you can!

If you are interested in finding out more about this craft, and why Kenneth started Noble & Wylie, you can find our interview with Kenneth here!

8. Michelle Wong - @mwmakes

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Inspired by her background in architecture, Michelle creates bright and colourful geometric leather accessories from vegetable tanned leather. We love her small-business, behind-the-scenes reels!

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