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Ikigai: Artisans Secret to Longevity | Craft and Mindfulness 

Ikigai: Artisans Secret to Longevity | Craft and Mindfulness 

Why is it that most of us today lack the virtue of patience? Why is it that we’re always looking for quick ways to achieve happiness and success? This craving for instant gratification has fuelled the demand for life coaches and YouTube videos talking about rekindling passion or living a meaningful life.

In times of urban stress induced by social media platforms, Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia have come up with the concept of ‘Ikigai’ and how one can achieve a sense of fulfilment in their life. 

This Japanese concept sheds light on the importance of focus, healthy social relationships, and a sense of purpose and direction to one’s life. 

This article will extend the knowledge that the Japanese concept provides and the practical applications of Ikigai craft and mindfulness. Post this read, we promise that you’ll appreciate the importance of the process of crafting rather than judging your work based on the final creation. 

What is Ikigai? 

To explain the Japanese concept of mindfulness in simpler words, Ikigai refers to the sense of happiness and contentment that comes with always being busy. Ikigai is the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, what you can be paid for, and its relevance in society. Thus, the concept of Ikigai varies from person to person and is much more critical than being passionate about something. 

Another significant result of Ikigai for mindfulness is the fact that if you’ve got a sense of fulfilment towards your work then the concept of retirement doesn’t apply. 

Additionally, you need to accept the feelings of doubt and fear to later analyse situations by referencing the present and future scenarios. This is vital to achieving a state of mindfulness as these emotions act as whetstones in your quest for the purpose of life. 

ikigai artisans and mindfulness

Ikigai for Artisans 

Extending the concept of Ikigai for artists and artisans, the individual needs to be in love with the arts. If you love what you do, you’ll eventually develop expertise in the field and start earning money for your skillset. After all, handmade craft objects are in high demand in the market, and the craftsmen and artisans who are engaging in creating these masterpieces are well compensated for. 

If you’re passionate about the arts and haven’t already tried your hand at leathercrafting, you may be missing out. Leather as a material has always been in high demand ever since humans first discovered its magisterial texture and diverse range. Leathercrafting offers a spellbinding experience for all those who indulge in it and is an Ikigai craft for mindfulness for numerous leather enthusiasts. 

To provide you with a seamless leathercrafting experience, we, at Artisans, have developed a wholesome online resource base of articles, DIYs, and introductory leathercrafting kits. It’s the one-stop solution to all your leathercrafting needs and prevents you from the hassle of surfing the internet for other resources. 

Live a Long Life with Ikigai 

Another exciting finding amongst people who practised the Ikigai concept was the fact that they lived healthily for over a century. These supercentenarians revealed that the secret to their health was their closely-knit community, where social interactions enhanced their quality of life. 

Another integral aspect of their daily schedules was how these supercentenarians chose to spend time building relationships and nurturing friendships and how they indulge in regular physical exercises. Ikigai promotes the need for us to slow down and soak in the journey, enjoy the little things that make life worth living, and indulge in laughter, song, and dance.

Indulging in crafts provides an excellent way for you to disengage from the external world and focus solely on activities that please you. These activities not only reduce work-induced stress and anxiety but are also known to boost concentration spans and memory retention periods. 

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Mindfulness with Creative Craft 

Creative crafts are no longer looked upon as a pastime activity. Instead, in the modern-day and age where it’s become imperative for us to disengage from our digital screens, crafts stimulate a feeling of therapeutic well-being. 

In line with the age-old Japanese concept of Ikigai for mindfulness, data suggests that we’re already witnessing an upsurge in the number of people engaging in craft-related activities in an attempt to improve their well-being. 

Craft activities like leathercrafting, wool work and painting are gaining a lot of traction with people indulging in DIYs in their leisure time. These activities are helping people to disengage with their stress-inducing surroundings and to indulge in meditative activities that help calm their minds. 

Ikigai is thus a philosophy in life which we can take inspiration from to live a more fulfilling, wholesome, and mindful life. Therefore, if you’re enthusiastic about the arts then indulging in craft-related activities will help you stimulate a state of creative flow that enables you to relax into a mindful way of being. 

Final Words...

We understand that sparing time from your schedule for indulging in craft-related activities may be difficult. But we want you to question yourself. 

Is this how you want to live your life, subdued under the constant pressures of your work and other stress-inducing situations? 

Indulging in mindfulness with Ikigai allows you to connect with yourself spiritually which ultimately stimulates positive emotions. However, don’t underestimate the vital role that a box full of craft toys can play! It can tap into your emotions and open a new direction of thoughts in your mind. It’s a world where you get to make choices about how you shape and lead your life with infectious enthusiasm and positivity.

Maybe you’re a crafting newbie or looking to try something different. Nonetheless, never limit yourself and indulge in activities you love- especially the crafts!