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Learn How to Sketch | Here are 7 Super Useful Drawings to Begin With

Learn How to Sketch | Here are 7 Super Useful Drawings to Begin With

On a lookout for drawing ideas, how to sketch, or sketching techniques? Well, drawing is an activity you can take up, especially if you’re looking for an emotional outlet and want to divert your attention from your work. It empowers you to address your fears and subdued emotions through creative designs and drawing templates. 

Most of us take drawing as a leisure activity, but you can become proficient at drawing through regular practice. And even if you think you’re good at drawing, consider that there’s always something more to learn. 

On the flip side, are you someone who struggles with drawing templates and cannot master the fundamentals like drawing straight lines? Taking up a series of drawing activities will surely help you overcome your shortcomings. 

We’ve put together a list of drawing ideas that discuss how to sketch and other sketching techniques to cater to all your drawing needs. These will significantly improve your drawing abilities allowing you to soak in a wholesome hobby. 

Simple Sketches For Beginners: Sketch Drawing Ideas

Learn to draw curly hair

First in the easy sketches to draw list is curly hair. This drawing template goes over insights that discuss how you can draw textured hair. Going through this, you’ll achieve the desired results using fundamental sketching techniques like curved lines of varying lengths. This template will also teach you to add depth and dimensions to your drawing the next time you take up drawing a human figure. 

Sketch trees step by step

drawing trees

Drawing trees is one of the most fundamental activities that you must have taken up. However, most of us can’t yet draw realistic-looking trees. In this drawing template, you’ll go over a step-by-step process involving sketching techniques of shading and outlining to create a realistic drawing. 

Draw Cherry Blossoms

drawing flowers

Sticking to the theme of drawing trees, why not consider drawing some cherry blossoms while you’re at it. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of drawing a tree, you can follow this template and gain insights into how you can use your skills to draw a realistic-looking cherry blossom. 


drawing butterflies

Drawing realistic-looking butterflies can be a tricky proposition, especially if you’re new to drawing. Via this easy-to-follow and detailed drawing tutorial, you’ll gain insights into the anatomy of a butterfly, its wing patterns, and so forth. And with some practice, you’ll be able to draw a beautiful butterfly. 


drawing leaves

Have you ever wanted insights into how you can take up drawing realistic-looking leaves? Look no further, as this drawing template will provide you with insights into how you can get the shapes of the leaves spot on. It’ll also help you better detail the vein patterns on the leaf, thus providing it that realistic look that you’re after. 

Anime Hair

drawing anime hair

If you’re into anime and want to master drawing the different styles of hair that these characters flaunt, this drawing tutorial is just the one for you. It’ll introduce you to an array of hairstyles via this tutorial. And with regular practice, you’ll be able to conceptualise hairstyles of your own for your characters. 

Draw a Dog

draw dogs

Drawing an animal can be a very calming activity, especially if you’ve got a pet. Thus, if you’re stressed out with work, try and indulge in this DIY template. You’re sure to experience an energetic burst of freshness post this activity

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Pencil Drawing Techniques 

Practice makes us perfect, but there’s a sure way to go about things, especially if you’re taking up drawing templates. Equipping yourself with the knowledge of the correct sketching technique plays a significant role in allowing you to take your drawing experience to the next level. Here are thus a few pencil drawing techniques that you should keep in mind. 

Know your pencils

Equipping yourself with the right pencil is of paramount importance, especially when you’re starting. As a way of representation, the hardness of the graphite nib is indicated on the pencil, with ‘B’ pencils referring to softer pencils and ‘H’ for harder pencils. Starting with an ‘HB’ pencil is your best bet as it doesn’t leave a deep imprint on the paper and can be easily rubbed off.  

Control over your pencil

Your grip position becomes very critical in helping you draw with control and efficiency. For example, if you position your hand closer to the end of the pencil, you’ll have more control of the pencil but will end up applying more pressure on your paper. Conversely, gripping your pencil towards the top will reduce your control on the pencil and help you make lighter strokes with ease. 

Thus, to skillfully indulge in drawing, you’ll have to alternate between lighter and darker strokes. Therefore, adjust the position of your grip accordingly.

Avoid smudging

Smudging is a sign of your inexperience in the niche of drawing. Make it a habit to use an extra piece of paper underneath your hand every time you indulge in pencil shading. This will help minimise the contact of your hand with the lead on the paper, something that causes the smudging. 

Control your edges

Maintaining control of the edges of your drawing plays a significant role in elevating the quality of your drawing. One way you can go about doing this is by categorising the edges; thin, hard, lost and undefined. Use thin and hard edges to give objects solid and defined boundaries. In contrast, use lost edges when the object starts to blend in together with the background. 

The conscious integration of these into your designs will go a long way in improving the end-product of your drawings. 

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Final Words 

These sketches to draw are put together to keep in mind the theme of mindfulness and how important it’s to be more mindful of ourselves and our surroundings. All you need is the right drawing tools and enthusiasm to experiment with them.

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