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Here’s How to Make Your Own Leather DIY Origami Wallet

Here’s How to Make Your Own Leather DIY Origami Wallet

Stitching your leather products is a feeling like no other. Just the sheer elegance of leather as a material makes you crave more. Its magisterial texture has for centuries drawn humans towards it, and come the twenty-first century, we’re still drawn to it as bees are to dahlia stalks. 

Leathercrafting is more about the experience rather than a monotonous set of rules and regulations. And what’s a better way to let your creativity loose than by working on some DIY leathercraft projects?

Leathercrafting DIY - A Journey

Leathercrafting DIY - A Journey

The hands-on skills that you develop by actually working with leather are unparalleled. Theoretical knowledge single-handedly can’t empower you to navigate the world of leathercrafting, which is why DIY projects are so important. 

Working on these leathercraft projects will help polish your skill sets with confidence and you’ll already be on your way to becoming a master leather craftsman. Even better if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you can showcase your leathercrafting skills through your passion products and get paid for it. 

On a journey of a leather crafting project that incorporates within it the basic concepts of Origami, come with us. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned campaigner in leathercrafting, this DIY project will only add to the skills in your repertoire. 

It’s a hands-on project and we’ve covered all the resources you’ll possibly need to go through the entire process - step-by-step. 

Without any further ado, let’s get to it!

How to Make Your Own Leather DIY Origami Wallet

Leather DIY Origami Wallet

Before we get into the leather DIY origami wallet making tutorial, make sure to equip yourself with the tools that will aid you in the leathercrafting process. Here are some essential tools that you should make yourself comfortable with. These will be extensively used to create the leather DIY origami wallet.

  • Stitching chisels- These are used to poke holes in the leather before you start stitching.
  • Stitching Needles (for leather)- They’re thicker than the typical needle and fit the thread.
  • Wax Thread- To stitch the pieces together.
  • Scratch Awls- These are predominantly used to pierce holes in the leather.
  • Cutting Board- You want to make sure of a solid surface at your workstation.
  • Miscellaneous- Make sure to keep items like glue, rulers, and sandpaper handy.

The Process

Equip your workstation with a cutting board before you start the DIY, as you may need to stitch holes into your base leather. Keeping that in mind, let’s get started with our DIY. 

Step 1:

Align your leather base with the external template. This will help you mark out the positions for stitching holes into the leather. Using a hard object, press into the base leather to mark out the used template’s imprints. These markings form the basis of your DIY leather origami wallet.

Step 2: 

Once you’ve done that, carve out the excess leather. You will be left with an irregularly shaped leather piece which, if you’ve marked out correctly, will help you create your own leather DIY origami wallet. For precise cutting, use a metallic ruler that will help you cut out straight lines and improve the finishing of your leather product. 

Step 3: 

Create holes in the leather as these markings will guide you in stitching buttons and clasps into your leather wallet. The markings will act as pivot points around which the leather folds and create niches for your credit cards and currency. 

Step 4: 

Fold the overhanging part of the leather, which does not have holes in itself to create a niche. Create another fold, this time along with the leather piece into which you’ve stitched the button. This leaf of your leather will act as your wallet’s locking mechanism, allowing the contents to be safely stored inside it. 

And there you have it! Your very own DIY leather origami wallet. If, at any point, you have any confusion regarding which imprint creates which hole and which fold of the leather is responsible for which aspect, do not panic. Take a deep breath and have faith in your leathercrafting prowess. 

To better understand how to go about the entire DIY leather origami wallet making process, watch this DIY leathercrafting tutorial. It is quite a comprehensive video and goes through the whole process in a slow-paced and highly detailed manner. 

Remember that it is of paramount importance to let your creative inner self explore leathercrafting avenues that don’t spoon feed you throughout. 

The best resource is one that piques your thinking and stimulates your creativity beyond what is mentioned. So do not restrain yourself by strictly adhering to a particular predetermined template. As long as you’re following the basics and are letting your creativity flow, you’re on the right track. 

Make Your Own Origami Wallet Today

Make Your Own Origami Wallet

The more you practice leathercrafting, the better hand-eye coordination you’ll develop, which will refine your skills. 

The best way to practice leathercrafting is by taking on DIY leather projects. Through the project’s course, you will be exposed to multiple leathercrafting situations that will stimulate a response from you. No theory course on leather can stimulate your mind into these real-life situations.

However, it is not advisable to take on any ad-hoc DIY leathercrafting project as the complexities in a few cases may be detrimental to your confidence. 

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We believe that leathercrafting resources should be made accessible to all, which is why we’ve culminated the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to get into leathercrafting to explore its rich heritage first hand. 

.Ar:ti|sans was founded to deliver you an unparalleled quality of leather products and provide a range of leathercrafting solutions. We strive to provide you with a one-stop solution for your leathercrafting needs rather than overwhelming you with technicalities. 

Check out our craft kits and get your hands on our custom made leathercrafting kits. Let’s get stitching!

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