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The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need For Leathercraft! (Updated 2021)

The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need For Leathercraft! (Updated 2021)

Leathercraft is easy, but how you get started makes all the difference. Leather artisans can craft timeless luxury with a simple piece of leather, but if you are looking for a simple how-to guide to get started, we got you covered.  

Starting your leather journey doesn't have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, we encourage people to keep it as simple as possible with tools and let the creativity flow in their craft.  In this article, we will explain how anyone can get started with leather as a hobby and how they can create their unique leather product. Below you will find a list of helpful resources and videos, so make sure to bookmark this article cause this is the perfect library you need to get started.

Leather is a beautiful product, and learning to craft this material helps keep this traditional skill alive. In terms of usage, leathercraft encourages people to create their own items and let their creativity shine in the process. Working with leather can help you make things that will last a lifetime and replace all the cheap, mass-produced items. It is a valuable skill that can you always use professionally to create luxurious items and start a small business

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Leathercraft Tools For Beginners

Now, let's dive into some simple tools to get you started today on your leather project. You can get started with leathercraft journey right now with .Ar:ti|sans kit. We made this accessible such that people can quickly get started without having to waste a lot of time looking for different products and tools. However, if you want to go even further, then we have a list of supplies you will definitely want to know about.

Cheap Leather

Cheap leather to get started with leathercraft

Of course, the essential thing to buy is leather itself. But when you are just starting out, we suggest you get the cheapest veg-tan leather you can get your hands on since you will be learning and making mistakes as you go. Find a scrap bundle of veg-tan leather to get started. Remember that you need volume rather than quality, we don't want you to hold back when you are just starting out with leather working.

Stitching Chisel Set

Stitching chisel set

The leather stitching/diamond chisel is a must-have for working with leather. These tools help to step up slanted stitch markings and punch holes on leather. A stitching chisel set can save you a lot of time while doing the tedious work of making holes in the leather. 

Stitching Needles

These needles are specifically to work with leather. Since holes are made with an awl or diamond chisel, these needles are usually dull. Before stitching, a knot is used to attach the string, so make sure the eye of the needle fits the size of the thread.

Waxed Thread

Waxed thread for leather stitching

Waxed thread is much easier to find in stores, but a leather store will always have a bunch. 

Cutting Map

A simple cutting map will go a long way. It saves you a lot of time, and you probably don't want to scratch your table while you are cutting your leather. This one is a compulsion.

Rubber Mallet or Hammer

Rubber mallet

While working with leather, we are going to have to deal with metal objects as well, like rivet setters, awls, and such. Instead of using a regular metal hammer, a rubber hammer/mallet is perfect. We don't want to destroy your tools in the process now, do we? Just make sure it's hard enough to get the job done, something like 1/2 kilogram.

Cork Back Ruler

The reason we specifically asked you to get a cork back ruler is that it doesn't slip. Regular rulers are more prone to slipping when working with leather and measurement are a vital part of any type of work. So, we just want you to get started on solid basics.

X-Acto Knife

X-acto knife for leathercrafting

To get that precise cut, we recommend a solid X-Acto Knife. It works well for cutting 90-degree corners or rounded corners.

Guide to Leathers

The tools are ready, now let's have a look at different leather that you can find in the market. For a more in-depth guide to leather.

Check out A Definitive Guide to Leather Grades and Finishes

Full Grain Leather

This leather has a luxuriously smooth touch to it and develops a beautiful patina over time. It is the highest quality leather and is stable and durable because the grain is not removed from it.

Top Grain Leather

This leather is the second-highest leather in terms of quality. It's more common in the market and has a better resistance to stain and is less expensive than full-grain leather.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is the by-product of full grain and top grain leather. Its authenticity lies in the borderline between real and fake leather. This cheap leather contributes for mass-production of affordable leather products which is easily susceptible to wear and tear.

Corrected Leather

Corrected leather is unique; it’s repaired and fixed by leatherworkers to improve its functionality and provide better aesthetic qualities. Mostly used as pigmented leather, it is readily available in stores all over the world.

Leathercrafting shouldn't be hard, check out our DIY beginner's leathercrafting kit to get started right away. We currently have three different sets of kit for all leather beginners and more kits are on their way. 

Need some video guides to get started? You can check out any of the following:

Finally, once again, leathercraft is easy. Starting out on this traditional rich crafting skill is a fantastic choice. We believe people can let their creativity make a luxury in today's world. To make it more accessible, Artisan is building a library of kits, products, resources and materials for all leather enthusiast. 

To order our beginner's leathercraft kit, click here. Here's a list of our amazing DIY leathercrafting kits that you can use to begin making leather products on your own.

DIY Leather Cardholder Kit

Leather DIY Glasses Case Kit

DIY Leather Passport Holder Kit

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