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20 Hens Party Craft Gift Ideas | Make it special

Leather DIY Key Wrap

20 Hens Party Craft Gift Ideas | Make it special

Hen do parties celebrate the woman who’s about to get married and are attended only by women. The celebration is an opportunity for the to-be bride to be her most authentic single self surrounded by empowered women before transitioning into her new married life. The personalities, ages, and preferences of the women invited to this party vary wildly. So there’s no doubt that it can be pretty challenging to come up with activities that please all the women guests. 

That’s precisely why we’ve brought you multiple gifts that can be given to the hens and the to-be bride and the craft activities that you could indulge in during the party. 

From hen’s party craft activities to keep everyone engaged and excited to heart-warming gifts for the hen do, we’ve got you sorted. All these craft ideas come with detailed ‘how-to’ steps and the list of materials you need to create them. So, without further delay, here are 20 hen do party gifts and activities. 

20 Hen do party crafts gifts and activities | DIY

Artisans DIY Leather Ring Case

A DIY leather ring case is one of the more thoughtful gifts for the bride-to-be. After the wedding, she’ll need a safe pouch for keeping her rings, and what better way to store them than a leather ring pouch. Artisans’ leather DIY kit is a wholesome kit providing you with everything you’ll need to create the pouch. To make it effortless for you, the veg-tanned Italian leather comes pre-cut with the holes punched in. You’ve just got to align the inner linings with the leather holes and stitch them together. The kit also comes with a brass button. You can sew the materials together and gift the final product to the to-be bride. Quick, easy, and functional, isn’t it? Or, you can gift the Artisans’ DIY leather ring pouch case directly to the bride-to-be. After the party is over, she can unwind with it until the wedding day arrives. 

Artisans DIY Leather Cup Sleeve

Often, the bride will spend many sleepless nights preparing and organising the wedding. It’ll take many cups of caffeine to keep her awake during that time. So, to make those coffee cups a bit more trendy, you can gift her Artisans DIY leather coffee cup sleeve. The wholesome kit never disappoints you and takes care of everything you might need to craft it. Wait, there’s more! It comes with a detailed instruction manual to help if you’re stuck and make crafting super easy. Artisans’ can also personalise the sleeves by adding the initials or the bride’s full name. Personalised hen do craft gifts for the bride will make her feel appreciated like never before.

DIY Floral Wreath Activity

Buying floral wreaths for everyone at the party can be a pretty expensive affair, and, well, ‘buying’ doesn’t come with a heartwarming time. But when you DIY floral wreaths with and for your hens during the party, you turn the activity into a memorable saga. The floral wreaths are a modern interpretation of the flower wreaths from ancient Egypt. Traditionally, floral wreaths indicate honour and celebrations. So why not make wreaths to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Get some handmade or plastic flowers and leaves, and use a hot glue gun to stick them to an embroidery hoop or a jute rope to complete your floral wreath. Doing this with the women that matter makes it a heart-melting affair. You can browse the web for more charming designs and styles. 

DIY Flower Crown Activity 

A DIY Flower crown is the more fancy version of the floral wreath. Flower crowns are such a significant part of the wedding, and wouldn’t it be charming for the hens and the to-be bride to immerse themselves in creating flower crowns during the party? Hens can make a unique and exquisite flower crown for the bride-to-be, or the hens and the to-bride can create flower crowns for everyone at the party and create a memorable experience out of it. You’ll need floral tape, scissors, craft wire, and thin jute wires for this activity. And instead of getting artificial flowers, you can get real flowers too for the bride-to-be. To make this project more pocket-friendly, you can get filler flowers and some greenery from your local florist. Cut down the stems of the flower to 2-3 inches to make it easier to assemble. Use floral tape to tie the branches to the jute rope. When it comes to securing freshly cut flowers, the floral tape is highly effective and blends in well with the greenery. Now, tie some leaves and attach any bigger flowers to the centre of the crown to complete your DIY project. This is one of the more crafty hens do ideas.

Artisans Leather Coaster Set

It’s a great idea to gift the bride something that she can carry into her new home after the wedding. And leather coaster set is a heart-warming present for her. Every time she’ll see these coasters in her new home, she’ll feel a burst of love from the women who make a difference in her life. Artisans’ leather coaster set comes with everything you’ll need to create a timeless gift for the bride-to-be. The kit contains - 2 Leather Stitching Needles, 3 Canvas Cloths, 1 Silver Keyring Loop, and an Illustrated Learner Guide Booklet to guide you through. All the hens can contribute towards this creative DIY and gift their beloved bride-to-be a gift full of memories and warmth. Artisans can also personalise this gift with the bride-to-be’s initials. 

Personalised Scrapbook 

A personalised Scrapbook is a beautiful gift that the hens can give to the bride-to-be. All the hens can add their personalised touch to the book and create a scrapbook brimming with memories, nostalgia, and unconditional love. You can include pictures and messages in it, or each hen can write a memory she has lived with the bride-to-be that’s close to her heart. You may also stick pictures representing that memory. And finally, personalise the cover with the bride-to-be’s name and the hen do date. This book will fill the bride-to-be’s heart with warmth every time she opens the book of incredible memories.

DIY Pom Pom creatures

DIY pom-pom creatures or animal creatures make a fantastic gift for the hen do guests. This DIY craft becomes even easier if you’ve had any previous wool or knitting experience. You need coloured yarns, cardboard, and scissors for this DIY. First, browse the internet to find the animal designs you want to create. Create a simple drawing of it to make it easier for you to follow. Cut the cardboard to make the skeletal framework for the creatures. Start by wrapping the nose of the creature with black or brown wool. Once the core is formed, start wrapping the head. During this stage, you need to create the eyes and the mouth. Finally, do the ears. You can either use more cardboard cutouts to make the ears or freehand them. For the final touches, remove the excess yarns using scissors and give shape to your creatures. You can convert these into key rings for your hens.

DIY Party Sash for the bride-to-be

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a party without party sashes. Sure, you can get them from the stores, but they won’t be as impressive as the ones you can make at home. A DIY unique, and personalised party sash for the beloved bride-to-be is an amazing hen do crafty gift idea. You need a wide ribbon, iron-on letters, lace, and other embellishments like beads, sequins, and crystals for this craft. Start by cutting the ribbon into sashes. Use the sewing kit or a sewing machine to attach the lace to the border of the ribbon. If you’re not adept at sewing, you can always use glue to attach it. Now, put the letters in the right place, and iron them in. Start sticking the other decoratives to the sash after the letters are stuck to the stash. You can use a hot glue gun or craft glue. And finally, cut off the excess and paste the ends together. Voila, your DIY gift for the beautiful bride-to-be is ready!

DIY Photobooth Activity

Thinking of ideas to make a regular hen do more fun and exciting? Think photo booths. Hens and bride-to-be can indulge in a thrilling crafty experience by DIYing a photo booth and then clicking Instagram-worthy pictures with it. There are plenty of props available in the market that you can buy and use. But, if you want to give it a more personal touch, this party DIY project is for you. Not only the hens and the bride-to-be would have so much fun crafting it, but they’ll also be able to amplify the fun by using the DIY craft to capture memorable shots. You’ll need cardboard, acrylic paint, glue, glitter, short wooden sticks embellishments, ribbons, paintbrushes, and a hot glue gun. Outline the props and cut them out. Use the hot glue gun to stick them to the wooden sticks and let them dry. Once they’re ready to go, use acrylic colours to paint them. Lastly, use the beads, glitters and ribbons to make these props even more attractive. You can even create photo booth frames utilising this technique. 

DIY Balloon Activity

Here’s another immersive hen do party activity. In the DIY balloon activity, the hens and the bride-to-be can sit in a circle, inflating one balloon each and writing funny and witty remarks on them using coloured markers for someone at the party. They can then pass the balloon to whom the remark belongs. This can be an engaging party game that will bestow you with memories for years to come.

DIY Party pins

Party pins are an excellent gift for your girlfriends. You can give them out as prizes for the games at the party. Creating the DIY party pins with your women is also much more straightforward than some of the other craft ideas on this list. You need cardboard or a thick sheet of paper, laces, ribbons, glues, beads, artificial crystals, staplers, and glue. Use a small bowl to draw circles on the sheet of paper. Cut it out and draw the borders to mark the drawing areas, and design it as per your liking using glitter pens, sketch pens, and markers. Paste the lace on the borders of the badges in a fringe pattern. Attach the ribbons to the end of the party pins to complete the badge. Use a hot glue gun to attach some safety pins to the back of the badge, and voila, your craft gift is ready for the hen do.

DIY Glitter wine glasses

No hen do is complete without some drinking. But how do you make it more quirky? By creating an exciting DIY activity out of it. The hens and the to-be-bride can indulge in a crafty DIY experience and then use the same glasses for drinking and rejoicing. You’re going to need some wine glasses or stemless wine glasses. Cover half of the glass with masking tape and any other design.

Meanwhile, you need to mix some glue with water to create a sticky mixture. Apply this mixture onto the exposed glass surface and sprinkle glitter on it. Let it dry for a couple of minutes. Then, retouch the surfaces that weren’t covered properly. Now, remove the masking tape and prepare the resin or any other dishwasher-safe sealer. Apply this to the glitter area using the paintbrush. Congratulations, your glitter wine glasses are now ready to use. 

DIY Lace crown 

What’s better than making your girlfriends feel more special than ever before? Here’s how you can do it. All the hens and the to-be bride can DIY a lace crown for each other during the party to celebrate each other like never before. It’s not just a party activity but also a bonding exercise that will bring the best out of each woman at the party. After the activity, all the women can form a circle and place the crown on the woman standing next to her and then all of them can take their timeless crowns home. Heartwarming, right? This DIY project is simple and can be done by anyone without any prior crafting skills. Choose the lace design that you want to convert into a crown. Wrap it around a glass to measure it. Cut it as per your measurements and lay it on parchment paper. Use a paintbrush to apply Mod Podge Hard Coat or any other fabric stiffener on both sides of the lace. As it dries, wrap it around the glass to give it shape and apply the second coat. Let it dry and become hard. Use a hot glue gun to fix the crystals and beads on top of it. Attach the ribbons, and congratulations, your DIY lace crown is ready.

DIY Garter 

Since ancient days, removing and throwing the garter has been a tradition at weddings. So, why not gift a customised garter to your bride-to-be for her hen do. You need lace, ribbons that match the lace, a sewing machine, elastics, threads and measuring tape. Since you want to keep this a secret, guesstimate the bride’s measurements. Cut the ribbon and the lace according to the measurements, and sew them together. Measure and cut the elastic accordingly and fix them to the ribbons using a safety pin. Now, sew these together. Remember to sew it a bit tighter than the actual measurement so that the elastic can keep it in place without sliding out. You’ve finally got a fabulous garter to gift.

DIY Confetti bowl activity

DIY confetti bowls are a great way to present snacks during the party, but they’re even more exciting when you DIY them with your girlfriends and take them with you after the party as a token of celebration. They’re effortless to make, and we promise you’ll have a lot of fun while making these. Inflate a balloon and use a glass to hold the balloon. Coat the balloon with Mod Podge Gloss liquid and stick confetti to it. Once it dries, apply another layer of the liquid and confetti to it. Repeat this process a few times. After you’re satisfied with the structural integrity of the bowl, pop the balloon. Now, cut the sides of the bowl to give it a proper shape. Congratulations, your DIY confetti bowl gift is ready, and you, of course, had the time of your life making it. 

DIY Gem cocktail stirrers activity

One of the best ways to get festive during hen do is to indulge in creative cocktails. What’s more creative? DIYing the cocktail stirrers together as a beautiful bonding activity and then using and gifting them to all the amazing women at the party. You can hire a professional bartender to make cocktails for you while you create these beautiful cocktail stirrers. You can make the tops of the stirrers using wood or paper. If you’re using wood, take small square pieces and colour them using acrylic paint. Then glue them to the wooden sticks to complete your stirrer. For paper-top stirrers, you can use stamp painting to make cute designs on the paper before sticking them onto the wooden sticks. We promise you’re going to have one of the most memorable experiences crafting this DIY with the women who matter. You can then hand over these creations to the bartender and ask them to use them in the drinks. 

DIY Ceramic painting activity

Another fun hen do activity is to create ceramic paintings with your girls. You can buy ceramic glasses and plates from the market. Get a few different sets of acrylic colours or ceramic colours for the party. During the early hours of the party, you can distribute the ceramics and the colours and ask them to draw on them. You can award the best design with one of the DIY party sashes or party pins. Once the paint dries, your attendees can take these home as hen party craft gifts. 

DIY Windowsill garden pots

You can create customised small windowsill pots with your girls during the party, and well, potted plants with designer pots can also be good hen party craft gifts. So win-win! If you’re using plastic pots, you can design them using poster colours or acrylic paints. Be sure to add a waterproof coating on top to protect your design for the years to come. You can plant small saplings in them and gift them to your hens at the end of the party. For earthen pots, you can use coloured chalks to make the designs. These won’t be suitable to hold plants because the water will eventually wash away the designs. You can wrap it on saran paper and use a blow drier to heat it to make it last longer. This way, the saran wrap will cling to the pot and protect the design.

DIY Marbelised plates Activity

DIY marbelised plates are another great party item for serving food or gifting to the favourite ladies in your life. But the best part is that DIYing them can be a super fun activity during the party. You can use them at the party itself, and the hens and the bride-to-be can also take them home afterward as a token of love and celebration. Get some acrylic paint that can be cured in the oven. Now, take a few different colours and mix them with water. Ready your plates on your work surface and start pouring the colours on the plates. Use a toothpick to draw or circle a pattern. Rotate the plates while tipping them on one side to let the paint cover all the surface. This process also allows the excess paint to drain over. Put them in the oven for a couple of hours to cure the paint. You can then apply a waterproof coating and Mod Podge Gloss to finish the craft. Isn’t it an artistic and charming experience for the hen do?

DIY Goodie bags

DIY gifts for the hen do are essential to thank your girls for making your party a great success. There are a lot of things that you can do with these bags. If you’re gifting them something small, you can wrap it with designer fabrics instead of wrapping paper. For the goodie bags, you can wrap the paper bags with pages of magazines to give them a chic look. Similarly, you can use world maps and old music sheets to wrap the bags. You can also use leftover glitter and confetti to decorate paper bags. If you want to make reusable bags, get different fabrics, sew them together, and tie the opening with ribbons. Fill these bags with exciting items that all your wonderful women guests can use.

Final Words 

As mentioned earlier, hen parties can become a costly affair for the bride and everyone involved. To keep the budget from crossing the limit, you can use these DIY craft gifts for the hen do. The hen do craft activities mentioned above are fun, engaging, and cost-effective. Finally, the Artisans’ craft kits ensure that the girls and bride-to-be don’t go back empty-handed after the entire ordeal is over.