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Guide To DIY Leather Craft Hobby

Guide To DIY Leather Craft Hobby

As humans there are hobbies we enjoy doing, while some are learned after developing much interest. The DIY leathercraft goods are quite accessible, provided you have the time to unlock that spirit of creativity in you. However, it would interest you to know that there are huge differences between buying leather products and making your own DIY leather products, all of which are part of what we shall be looking at over the course of this article.

Easy Leathercraft Ideas You Can Try At Home

  1. Magazine holder
  2. Yoga mat strap
  3. iPad case
  4. Leather Pouch 
  5. Hair clips

So, what then are some benefits of starting DIY leather working projects at home?


Benefits of Starting DIY leather Working Projects at Home

leather working tools

Have you thought about starting a leathercraft DIY but one thing or the other has slowed down the process for you, especially when you know fully well that you enjoy shopping online or even buying clothes directly from the stores? Some of the benefits are:

1. Keeps you away from the electronics:

One good benefit of starting a DIY leather kit especially from home is that it brings about an excitement and keeps you off the electronics in your home. This is as a result of you being occupied with the task at hand and hence, keeping your hands busy.

2. Creates a drive to be focused:

Starting a leathercraft kits for beginners at home can bring about a drive to be focused and finish the project on time. 

3. It unlocks that craftsmanship in you:

Nothing beats the fact that starting DIY leather projects from home can have a good effect on you, as it makes you become self-creative and thereby unlocking the craftsmanship in you. 

4. You can become an employer of labour:

The good thing about starting the craft from home is that once mastered, you can teach people and be rewarded financially, thereby reducing the unemployment rate. 

With that being said, what are the differences between buying a leather product and making your own DIY leather products? 

Difference Between Buying and Making Your Personal DIY Leather Products 

1. Build quality

One good thing about making your own leather products and that beats buying a leather DIY product is that there is attention to detail. Yes, why building your own product is that minor mistakes are being looked at properly and addressed. Whereas, when you purchase DIY leathercraft, you might notice some minor mistakes. 

2. Construction process

The handmade leather goods are quite above than the purchased ones, due to the fact that they use chemicals or even stiffeners to treat the leather. This kind of act does reduce the quality of such leather, while the handmade leather uses a more natural production method that invariably gives it time to be more authentic while it is being constructed. 

Also, do you know how fulfilled one gets especially after making his or her own DIY leather products? There is nothing that beats the fact that you can make something and call it your own. It makes you happy emotionally, as you then can be proud of yourself. Moreover, you won’t just be making anything random, you would be making a leathercraft diy, as it is very valuable and something that is obviously meaningful. 

Best DIY leathercraft kits for beginners in the UK

diy leather craft stitching

As you know, leather working has been in existence for almost as long as mankind. So as a beginner what then are the best leather working kits? They include hammer, needles, pliers, in short basic tools. These tools are to make the project easier as their essentiality cannot be over emphasised. 

Leather DIY glasses case kit with step by step instructions  

The following are steps to be taken in other to create a leather DIY glasses case kit.

Step 1. Supplies:

You can’t start a project without having the right tools and some of the materials that you would essentially need are;

  • Leather. You would need a lot with thickness between 4-5 oz. 
  • Dye. This is another material that is needed 
  • In order to protect the dye and also seal the leather, you would need a Satin leather finish. 
  • For you to brush the edges, then use the Gum Tragacanth

Step 2. Make the pattern:

After getting the right tools and materials, you then have to make the pattern for the DIY leather glasses cases kit. To effectively achieve this, you might want to use a glass case as a base. 

Step 3. Make stitching Grooves:

Now, you have effectively cut out the pattern, it is then left for you to make a stitching groove. 

Step 4. Punch holes:

This is another step that is part of the process, as you would need to punch holes and create some spacing while doing so. 

Step 5. Optional embellishment:

Stamping. Once you have succeeded in shaping down the edges, you would then be required to use stamps. 

Step 6. Optional embellishment:

laser etching: You can try it out to see what etching would look like. After which you can then add dye to the process. 

Step 7. Add rivets and snap:

To achieve this task, ensure that your leather lies flat before carrying out the process of hammering the setting tool to achieve the two sides adhere together. 

Step 8. Sew together:

You have to sew it together; you have to ensure the edges are prepared and also you have to burnish the edges as well. 

Step 9. Add leather finish:

This is the last step as you need to add a layer or two of the leather finishes. 

N.B: Please before carrying out this task, do ensure you use .Ar:ti|sans products for the DIY leather glasses case kit. 

Leather DIY Passport Holder Kit With Step By Step Instructions

Artisans DIY leather passport holder kit

In other to make a successful DIY leather card, passport holder kit, here are some steps to follow: 

Step 1: Materials and tools

Step 2. Determining pieces and sizes

Step 3: Tracing and cutting the leather

Step 4: Position pieces and glueing

Step 5: Stitching (including punching the holes)

Step 6: Sanding and adding edge paint

N.B: Please before carrying out this task, do ensure you use artisan products for the Leather DIY passport holder kit

Being a good craftsman, especially when it comes to DIY Leathercraft is never a straightforward task. However, the essence of this article is to give you a guide to DIY Leathercraft so as for you to make an efficient leather product. Furthermore, this article should give you a little push, especially if you have been contemplating on starting DIY Leathercraft. So, wait no further and start up the process and at the end of the day you get to find out how proud you would be in creating your own DIY product rather than heading to the store to get one.