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20 Amazing and Unique Gift Ideas For Leather Workers

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20 Amazing and Unique Gift Ideas For Leather Workers

Apart from celebrating a monumental occasion, gifts serve as an excellent threshold for beginning a new relationship. We present our loved ones with gifts to witness that spark of happiness in their eyes, an earnest expression that gifts stimulate. Artistic and heartfelt leathercrafting gifts are the best in this regard. 

Leatherworking is an art, and people who indulge in the same are art connoisseurs. In addition to assisting us in communicating with our inner self, leathercrafting helps bridge the gap between us and our loved ones. It helps spark off moments with your loved ones that you can ordinarily only dream of. 

If you’ve friends and family members interested in leathercrafting, a gift that will enable them to indulge in the hobby they love will truly be appreciated. Such a gift is one that they’ll always cherish as it’s both resourceful and heartfelt. 

This article brings you a list of 20 leather gift ideas for leather workers that you can consider gifting to your loved ones. The list we’ve put together is a conglomerate of gift ideas for leather lovers that are intriguing and unique. And we’re sure your loved ones will receive them well. 

20 Unique Gift Ideas for Leather Workers

Leatherwork Custom Graphic T-shirt

For someone who eats, sleeps and breathes leatherworking, a customised t-shirt with an exciting slogan is one of the best leather product gifts that will leave them in awe. The t-shirt can be an accessory that they can wear every time they indulge in leatherworking. So it’s definitely not the kind of gift that they’ll just store away and not used for years. 

Leatherworking Handbook

For leatherworking enthusiasts who’re just starting into the niche, a leatherworking handbook will make the leathercrafting journey a whole lot more fun. Thus, gift your friends an exhaustive leatherworking handbook that goes through explaining the basics of the same. Guides by Nigel Armitage and Al Stohlman on leatherworking are some of the best books on leathercrafting. 

Copper Rivets

Rivets are a must in the working paraphernalia of any leatherworker. These pieces of equipment help reduce the supporting shear and tensile stress and thus provide an indispensable utility to a leatherworking ensemble. 

Rawhide Mallets

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Mallets are a kind of hammer with a non-metallic head and have a lot of utility in the leatherworking ensemble. Thus, rawhide mallets are the most popular type of hammers that leather workers use professionally and will serve as a perfect gift for leathercrafting enthusiasts. 

Leather Dyes

Alcohol and oil-based dyes are the best resources to create a piece of base leather into a specific colour. Thus, it’ll be a creative gift for any of your leatherworker enthusiast friends. 

Leather Dye Applicators

The technique with which you apply dye to your base leather affects the quality of the final leather product. Thus, in addition to some leather dyes, give your leatherworking friend some dye applicators to make the dyeing process more efficient.

Leather Keyrings

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Keyrings are the best leather accessories gifts for your loved ones, whether or not they’re interested in leathercrafting. You just can’t go wrong with gifting someone a leather keyring, can you? 

Leatherworking Knives

Don’t you think that a resourceful gift is something that’s functional and your loved ones will appreciate? A variety of leatherworking knives like round, pairing, welt, swivel, and channel that will enable you to trim your base leather is indeed a resourceful gift. 

Rotary Punch

As the name suggests, a rotary punch carves holes, squares, and oblongs on a leather sheet. It’s a small but essential part of a leather worker’s kit and will make a great gift. 

Leatherworking Hammer

Along with knives, hammers are considered to be a very resourceful accessory and leather gift for leatherworkers. So why not give a leatherworking hammer to your friend who’s just started on his leathercrafting journey?  

Leatherworking Apron With Pockets

A leatherworking apron with pockets is a simple gift yet practical gift consideration. It solves the problem of managing a lot of tools while at the leathercrafting station.

Leather Belts

Leather belts are at the top of the list when we talk about leather gifts for men. So why not give your friend some classics like a brown or black leather belt that he can use every day. 

Custom Brand Iron

A customised brand iron is one of the most extraordinary managing gifts that you can gift your friend who’s a leathercrafting enthusiast. Every leathercraft professional loves their brand logo on their leather product, and by giving them this, you’re enabling them to imprint their initials on their product. 

Waxed Thread

Thread with a coating of wax is the perfect option when it comes to leathercrafting. Stitching forms an integral activity when we talk about leathercraft. And since the choice of thread affects the quality of the final leather product, why not gift your friend a bunch of quality waxed threads. 

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Hand Sewing Needle Kits

With some solid waxed threads, why not pair your gift with a sewing needle kit and complete the entire leathercrafting stitching ensemble? 

Full-Grain Veg Tan Leather

Full-grain leather is the top-grade leather out there in the market in terms of quality. The leather products made using this leather exude a finesse unlike any other and thus will serve as the perfect base leather for premium leather products. 

Conchos For Leather 

These are the decorative metal jewels that are used to ornament leather commodities like belts and wallets. Help your leathercrafting friends embellishing their leather crafts by gifting them conchos of different shapes.

Leather Wallets

Leather wallets are an all-time classic when it comes to leathercrafting gifts. Need we say more about these luxurious products? 

Hole Punch Set

For most leathercrafting DIY’s, holes that range between the size of 6-8 mm are required. Thus, why not give your friend a hole-punch set to cater to his leathercrafting needs? 

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Leather Repair Kit

Have a friend who’s a leathercrafting enthusiast? Know that it’s imperative for them to maintain a leather repairing kit. Thus, a basic leather repairing kit will come in very handy if their leather furniture, automobile, footwear, and jackets need some alterations. 

Final Thoughts on Gift Ideas...

For most people, giving away gifts is just a chore that they indulge in due to its formalities. However, for others, gifting is a medium by which they strengthen the relationships with the recipient. The above list of 20 DIY gift ideas for your friends is put together, keeping in mind leather lovers and enthusiasts plus the resourcefulness of each product. These unique gift ideas, DIY leather gifts, and Artisans’ elaborate DIY leathercraft kits are sure to charm your loved ones with an amazing DIY craft experience. 

We, at Artisans, celebrate the resourcefulness and the spirit behind which each leather product is gifted. For more insights, check out our beginner-friendly craft kits that you can gift your loved ones and get them started with leathercrafting.