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Fun And Easy Pencil Colour Drawing Ideas For Kids


Fun And Easy Pencil Colour Drawing Ideas For Kids

Children are most receptive during the first eight years of their lives.

Childhood is a time during which we absorb new concepts and ideas. Many of these experiences shape our personalities and help us grow as individuals. It, therefore, becomes a parent’s responsibility to expose their kid to such stimulating ideas and activities. 

We must encourage our children to indulge in activities that are known to bolster holistic growth and development. 

Drawing is one such activity. So why not use easy drawing ideas as an opportunity to help a child grow and learn? Parents should encourage their children to use colours and sketchbooks and let their creativity run wild. After all, drawing is one hands-on activity that helps lay the foundation of numerous critical life skills. Plus, children interested in drawing will harness their motor skills, concentration and problem-solving ability more than those who don’t indulge in the activity. 

And that’s the reason this article provides you with a list of fun and easy pencil colour drawing ideas for your kids. 

So without further ado, let’s get started! 

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids 


1. Single Colour Drawing 

If you’re looking for drawing ideas with colour, this is it. Drawing using a single colour will help your child to think outside the box and be creative in the face of challenges. The use of a single colour will compel your child to develop sustainable solutions. This will positively impact your child’s problem-solving abilities - something that’s critical in the long run.

Additionally, this practice demands attention and thus helps your kid develop a prolonged attention span. 

2. Hand Tracing

Hand tracing is yet another exciting drawing idea that your child can indulge in. The activity requires you to trace with one hand while keeping the other hand still. 

It thus enhances children's hand-eye coordination. 

3. Tandem Pencil Colour Drawing

Want to spend some fun time with your kid? Indulge in an immersive and engaging session, tandem drawing session. During this, both - you and your kid - will have to simultaneously draw something on a given topic. It could be on the same sheet of paper or even on different sheets. The point of focus is that both of you indulge in it simultaneously. 

By restricting the time to think about a particular topic, you’ll be compelled to develop an innovative way of representing the topic. Additionally, it’ll be a good activity for you to bond with your child and help them widen their thinking. It’s a fun exercise especially when you’re an arts and crafts enthusiast.

4. Shadow Tracing

As the name suggests, this drawing activity requires your child to sketch down objects as they are in real life. The shadow can be anything - a flower, a fruit, or even a cloth. Indulging in this activity will significantly help boost your child’s concentration ability while making them more attentive and observant to their surroundings. 

5. Drawing on Maps

Drawing on maps and tracing out countries will allow your kid to easily understand many of the geographical concepts. Maps in themselves are a subjective concept, and hence, your kid will ask you many questions (which is excellent). Answers to these questions will impart some general awareness to your kid - learning some essential routes from school to home, for instance. 

Pencil Colour Drawing Ideas


We’ve put together a list that contains fun and simple activities for your child. 

Trust us, your children will love these popular-animations-and-fictional-characters inspired pencil colour drawing ideas. And they’ll be more than excited to sketch these. 

1. The ‘Bow Bow Sound’

Dogs are humans’ best pet friends. Don’t you think it’s a wonderful idea to celebrate this relationship if you’ve got a dog at home? Parents should encourage their kids to draw out a sweet puppy, considering puppies’ nurturing and friendly relationship with humans. 

2. ‘Fluffy Stuff’

Sheep counting is one of the best tricks that everyone has used to fall asleep quickly in their childhood. Fluffy stuff is nothing but an activity idea that kids can indulge in, wherein they draw sheep based on their imagination. 

3. Pikachu

Pikachu is one of the most famous animated characters that children adore. Given its iconic stature, it’s symbolic of friendship and loyalty. Your child will love to pick the brightest shade of yellow to sketch this one. 

4. ‘Chirping sound’

Who doesn’t adore the sweet chirps of a cuckoo? In this day and age where cities have become concrete jungles, why not relive the harmony and encourage your child to create a sketch of birds through their imagination? Precisely an illustration that emulates the magic of birds chirping.

Final words...

Our demanding work schedules hardly leave us with any time to experience the stillness of arts and crafts. But a child hasn’t been exposed to such pressure and daily life stress. They are still exploring the world around them and will thoroughly enjoy colour pencil art.

This list is put together to provide you with something of value. Each idea aims to build a connection, impart a skill, and flow you into enjoying an immersive activity. These will ultimately give you and your children some time off from digital devices - a winning deal, isn't it?

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