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From Leather Scraps To Beautiful Leather Fobs! You Gotta Try This DIY

From Leather Scraps To Beautiful Leather Fobs! You Gotta Try This DIY

Ever found yourself cleaning up your house and stumbling across some leather scraps? And wanting to somehow refurbish these and create something of value? We’ve been there, and we’re sure many other leathercraft enthusiasts echo our feelings. 

There’s something about leather that makes you want to always possess it, never wanting to let go. From its magisterial texture to the chic it exudes, we can never get enough of leather. 

Leather Scraps To Beautiful Leather Fobs

In this article, we’re going to run through a DIY tutorial to work on your leather scraps and craft smart and handy leather fobs. What’s more, it’ll be a great way to get your hands on some DIY leathercraft projects and sharpen your leathercrafting skills. After all, there isn’t a better way to practice leathercrafting than by actually taking on some projects. 

This leathercrafting tutorial will pivot around creating and customising DIY leather key fobs made entirely from the leather scraps you’ve lying around the house. It’s the perfect opportunity for leathercraft enthusiasts and beginners to get a hands-on feel of working with leather, so let’s get to it! 

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Turning Leather Scraps Into Leather Fobs- DIY Tutorial

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned leather craftsman, the first and foremost thing that you should do is to set up a clutter-free workstation with all the supplies and tools readily available at your disposal. Doing this minimises the distractions and allows for a more effective and wholesome leathercrafting experience. 

For this leather DIY project, here is a list of tools and supplies that you should gather. 

Supplies Required:

  • Leather scraps: These should be at least 9″ long to allow for easy handling and intricate stitching into the base leather
  • Rotary cutter or craft knife: Allows for a fine cut into the leather scrap
  • Cutting mat: Essential if you don’t want to engrave scratches into the top of your workstation
  • Metal ruler: Required to measure out the dimensions as are necessary for the keychain
  • Leather hole punch or awl: You’ll need to punch a hole at the top of your keychain to allow for the key to be passed through the leather base
  • Screw Posts: Required to hold the pieces of leather together
  • Miscellaneous: Make sure to keep items like glue, rulers, and sandpaper handy

Having trouble procuring these essential tools? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

simplify your leathercrafting experience

We, at .Ar:ti|sans, provide you with all the resources to simplify your leathercrafting experience. Our wholesome leathercrafting kits ensure the most authentic learning experience for leathercrafting enthusiasts and consist of all the paraphernalia you need in this DIY tutorial. 

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The Process of Turning Leather Scraps Into Leather Fobs

Step 1:

Cut your leather scraps into the dimensions of a keychain using a sharp knife. Make sure to press down the leather against a cutting using a metallic ruler to obtain a clean and precise cut. The dimensions of the leather strip are open to experimentation. Still, for the sake of this tutorial, we’re going with a 9″ x 3/4″ configuration. 

Step 2: 

Now that you’ve obtained a leather base, fold it in half through its middle and punch holes at both ends using a leather hole punch. As this is a very sharp tool, make sure to exercise caution while using it. To add to the design’s finesse, make sure that the holes are centrally located and are about half an inch from the ends. 

Step 3: 

If you’ve followed the steps correctly, you should have a leather base with two holes punched at its ends. Proceed by inserting one screw through the lots of either spot and attach your keys to it. Attach the other end of the screw through the other hole and align it to the post. 

Step 4: 

With your keychain ready, it’s now time to customise it. You can either apply a thin coating of paint to it or go with the minimalistic suave look; the decision is all yours. As an additional detailing level, you can engrave your initials and make the leather key fob personalised. 

And with that, you’ve successfully created your very own leather DIY keychain. Wasn’t that easy? There you’ve got it, your DIY leather keychain customised as per your very own tastes and design preferences. Quick and simple, right? Using this as a base tutorial, you can experiment with different lengths and widths of leather scraps to create key fobs of varying aesthetics. 

Take Away from this Project

There’s so much more depth to leathercrafting than what meets the eye. Contrary to belief, leathercrafting is neither hard nor monotonous. All you need to know is how to pursue this craft in its true spirit. Agreed that it will require you to devote time to it, but once you’ve mastered it, the rewards far exceed the investment made.

Therefore, start small with easy-to-follow DIY leather tutorials. As you gradually gain confidence, you can take on more complex leathercrafting projects. Additionally, leathercrafting is definitely not supposed to be practised by following a set of rules and guidelines which confine your creativity. It’s an experience; a free-flowing process with no one way of doing things. 

These DIY tutorials are only whetstones that help to sharpen your leathercrafting repertoire and should never be considered absolute. 

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So the next time you face any roadblocks during your leathercrafting ventures, there’s no need to get disheartened. Let your creativity flow and create personalised DIY leather keychains for your households.

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