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Free Online Art Courses For Art Lovers | Fun and Engaging

Free Online Art Courses For Art Lovers | Fun and Engaging

There's no better time than now to indulge in a hobby. With the asset of time at our disposal, it’s not only unjust but also mentally taxing if we opt to while it away staring at the screens of our phones, TVs and laptops. 

Art can help in the quality utilisation of your time and serves as a great way to help you beat boredom. 

However, getting started with a suitable online art class or activity is just as important. Most people find themselves struggling with technical DIYs, and instead of having fun during their online art sessions, the sessions become stress-inducing and more of a liability. 

Therefore, we bring you a round-up of five beginner-friendly online courses that you can take free online art classes from the comforts of your own home. Doesn't that sound like an exciting proposition? Let's get straight to it!

Free Online Courses For Art Lovers 

Our overdependence on technology during the pandemic may not be that detrimental after all. Technology has enabled us to indulge in online art classes from the comforts of our very homes. It has provided an opportunity for art enthusiasts to indulge in intriguing DIYs. 

Below is a list of some of the most captivating art courses that you can indulge in as an art enthusiast.

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Art Course #1: Modern Embroidery Online Classes For Beginners

Modern Embroidery Online Classes For Beginners

Embroidery is one of the most ancient craft activities passed down from generation to generation. Through this course, Danielle Clough introduces you to the world of embroidery and the nuances involved in the same. 

Known for her groundbreaking techniques and nontraditional materials, Danielle allows you to organically grow into embroidery and develop your basics. Through the course, you’ll learn how to stitch various basic stitches and gradually learn to use these stitches to create different textures and colour gradations.

With easy to follow steps and going through the basic stitching processes like preparing your needle, thread, and fabric, this online class will keep you captivated throughout its duration. 

Art Course #2: Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon Drawing

If you're someone who enjoys sketching and doodling, this cartoon drawing course offered on Udemy may just be the one for you. Through this course, you’ll learn the basics of character building, and your course coordinator will start by helping you master simple 3D shapes and geometry. 

Through the sessions, you’ll be more adept at drawing these cartoon characters, and within no time, you’ll be equipped with the skillset to come up with your own characters. So enrol yourself in the course now, and who knows, your doodles may be the inspiration for the works of a comic book. 

Art Course #3: Sketching With Charcoal

Sketching With Charcoal

If you're looking to enhance your sketching skills and venture into a new medium for the same, this online sketching course with charcoal may pique your interest. 

Through this course, you'll learn to use charcoal as a medium to sketch out highly detailed and realistic drawings. The shift in mindset that needs to be made while sketching with charcoal compared to that while using a pen will be covered in the course. 

The well-structured course starts out with using charcoal to create outlines and gradually moves towards capturing intricate details. If you're looking for a challenge, do make sure to enrol yourself in this intriguing course.  

Art Course #4: Acrylic Painting Techniques And Colour Theory

Acrylic Painting Techniques And Colour Theory

Colours form an integral part of the arts, and this course hinges on exploring painting techniques and colour theories. This course will serve as an introductory course for providing an overview of colours, the textures involved with acrylic paints and how to apply these theories to your paintings. 

Additionally, you’ll go over the basics like colour mixing, paint application, glazing, scumbling, brushes, mediums, and varnishing. Specifically, three complete demonstrations on oil/acrylic painting techniques are given, each using a complementary colour scheme of either blue and orange, red and green, or yellow and purple. 

The course includes discussions on using classical painting techniques like Plein air, grinding and working from photographs to top it off. All you need to equip yourself before enrolling for this course is a palette of acrylic paint colours. Ensure that it includes explicitly red, yellow, blue, black and white, as these are the colours that you’ll predominantly use during the course. 

Art Course #5: Rock Painting

Rock Painting

The art of painting on rocks and stone carving dates back centuries ago. Roll ahead the years, and the modern era witnesses the revival of this art, this time being taught to enthusiasts through an online medium. 

Through this online rock painting course, you’ll be introduced to the different kinds of rocks, what distinguishes one type of rock from another, how to prepare your rock for painting and other fundamental techniques. 

The course also provides numerous step by step DIY tutorials that help you apply all the theoretical knowledge you've gained, to an actual project. With the skills you develop during this course, you’ll create some unique pieces of art that complement your home decor. 

Want to Experience The Art of Making?

Learn About Leathercrafting From Artisans

Leathercrafting From Artisans

We offer foundational tutorials on leatherworking which are ideal for beginners. Having spent years in the leathercrafting industry, we understand the nuances involved and have developed resources that simplify. Our exhaustive online resource includes articles, blogs and leathercrafting kits that’ll resolve all your queries. 

We believe that education today is DIY which is why we've attempted to create an enjoyable learning experience through our Artisans DIY leather crafting kit. 

Indulging in an online course that suits your skill level is of utmost importance if you're trying to establish a habit. Therefore, make sure you go through the skill level before enrolling for a particular online art course. 

Another vital thing to keep in mind apart from the course itself is the course coordinator. Just because someone is a university-level tutor may not mean their classes are excellent, or vice versa. Therefore, it’s always beneficial in checking out the reviews and testimonials on their site. 

And of course, different art classes require a unique set of prerequisite paraphernalia. So make sure to equip yourself with the materials you'll need beforehand, as this could significantly affect the overall experience of the course.

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