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Experience the Art of Origami Leathercraft

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Experience the Art of Origami Leathercraft

Art as a medium of expression and communication is one of the most significant phenomena in the history of humankind. Don’t you think? Art has infused creative freedom and has been a significant rung on the development ladder of our society, be it in terms of communication or raising social awareness. 

Artists have forever drawn inspiration from various threads of life and nature to create. But today’s situation is fairly different and much evolved. Arts and crafts have developed to become full-fledged niches to vent out our emotions in a constructive manner.

Over time, many styles of indulging in the arts have emerged. Origami is one such inclusive style. Historically speaking, origami is a Japanese technique of creating unique structures out of paper merely by folding them. The brilliance is that there’s no involvement of any additional tool- even a pair of scissors is not required. All you need is a child-like enthusiasm and the willingness to venture into a new field.

And if that excites you, DIY leathercraft is another such niche of the arts that will pique your interest. In this article, we’ll be introducing you to leathercraft origami - how you can indulge in origami while experiencing leathercrafting in its most primitive form. We’ve put together a list of DIY origami leathercraft projects where we’ll practice origami using leather. These origami in leather techniques are sure to leave you spell-bound. 

The Art Of Origami Leathercrafting

The experiences involved in leathercrafting are much like that of origami. Both are art forms in which require a hands-on involvement that stimulate an unparalleled crafting experience. Here are a few DIY templates plus origami leathercraft ideas for you to try out that will further stimulate your creativity. 

DIY Leather Origami Pouch

The most exciting part about the origami technique is how people use it to make different kinds of interesting structures through paper. In leathercrafting, you can integrate the same process by starting with creating an origami leather project - an origami pouch here. Here’s how to do this origami leathercraft-

Requirements: Sewing Machine, ruler, awl, putty knife, rollerblade, elastic band, and leather of your choice. 

Steps To Follow: 

  • Cut three leather panels of the same size and stitch them together
  • Find the centre and trace down a tilted square along which the folds are to be made. 
  • With an awl, craft holes on the corners of the traced square in the centre.
  • Soak the leather in water to make the further procedure easier. 

DIY Leather Origami Wallet

Wallets are one of the most fundamental leathercrafting items that any beginner must try. Leather wallets are not all about aesthetics and flamboyance. The techniques involved in creating a leather origami wallet comes with experience. Here’s one of the most loved DIY origami leather accessories template. This will help you mature as a leathercrafter and pick up on all the nuances involved in stitching together a leather wallet. 

Requirements: Wallet template, ruler, rotary punch, buttons, and a leather sheet of your choice.

Steps To Follow: 

  • To begin with, trace down the wallet template on the leather sheet. 
  • Cut the traced leather. 
  • Craft holes on the specified markings from the template with the help of a rotary punch.
  • Attach the buttons into those crafted holes. 
  • For reference and a detailed explanation of how to indulge in this DIY, follow this YouTube video to get a visual representation of the same. 

DIY Origami Leather Coin Pouch 

It can become exhaustive to organise coins in one place and avoid misplacement.

Making a DIY coin pouch will not only solve your organisational issues but also help you take that next step in your leathercrafting journey.

Here’s an interesting DIY template that integrates origami with leathercrafting. Let’s take this one up? 

Requirements: Leather sheet, awl, coin pouch template, leather knife. 

Steps To Follow: 

  • Trace the coin pouch template on the leather sheet and cut out the required part. 
  • As per your choice, dye your leather or work on the dyed leather. 
  • Make the markings on the traced leather through a template.
  • Soak the leather in water for an easy folding procedure.
  • Fold the leather piece along with the marking.
  • When the folding procedure is done, put some weight on the pouch to make the folds permanent.
  • For a visual representation of steps and templates, click here.

DIY Origami Leather Tote Bag

Tote bag is an on-trend accessory that’s sure to infuse charm and complete your outfits. Apart from this, a tote bag is an easy leather DIY project that’s as functional as it’s resourceful. The origami technique can uplift the look of your leather product to the highest levels, which is why it’s such a popular technique that’s integrated with other arts. To know more about this DIY template, do watch the video. It’ll provide you with visual clarity as to how you can integrate origami techniques into stitching a leather tote bag. 

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The Art of Origami

Origami, as mentioned earlier, is an ancient art technique that can be integrated very effectively to create immaculate leather products. All you need is proper direction as to how you can integrate the resourcefulness of origami techniques and the charm of leathercrafting. Thus, these DIY templates.

Origami techniques have revolutionised leathercrafting. And all this has been made possible due to the advent of online resources and information sharing. 

Keeping in mind your need for holistic online leathercraft resources and leathercraft tips and tricks, we, at Artisans, have put together an online resource base that covers DIY leathercraft ideas and caters to all the requirements of leathercrafting enthusiasts. Blogs, articles, DIY templates, and leathercrfating kits for beginners are just a few of the plethora of resources we’ve for you. Want to know more about the Artisans’ leathercraft kits? Here you can.