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Easy And Engaging Jewellery Making Courses For Beginners

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Easy And Engaging Jewellery Making Courses For Beginners

Learning is a never-ending process. We should thus always be on the lookout for relevant skills to add to our repertoire. Are we on the same page? 

On the same note, have you ever considered indulging in a jewellery making course? 

If you’re an art and craft enthusiast, then jewellery making is one course you should leverage. It requires no prerequisite skill set and is an activity that will stimulate your creativity into unthinkable avenues. What’s best, at the end of these jewellery making courses for beginners, you’ll be equipped with a new skill and, who knows, with an entrepreneurial mindset. You can then leverage your skills to earn money. Doesn’t that sound like a great proposition?

This article will introduce you to some of the best online jewellery making courses in the UK. So without further ado, let’s get straight to it. 

Best Online Jewellery Courses You Should Consider Taking Up 

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Here’s a list of some of the best jewellery making courses online in the UK that provide you with an immersive experience. All the while equipping you with the skills to create trendy handmade jewellery. 

1. Online Jewellery Making Courses by Skillshare 

Skillshare is an online resource that provides you with a plethora of jewellery making classes. Currently, there are about 33 jewellery courses available on the platform, each varying in terms of the skill required to complete the course. Most of these immersive jewellery courses run for

15 minutes, thus providing you with an opportunity to soak in the new techniques.

Suppose you’re not sure whether a jewellery-making course is a suitable choice for you. In that case, you can sign up for the 14-day introductory unlimited class pass, which will provide you with access to all the materials available in the course. You can then shift to the premium subscription membership once you’re sure about your choice. Priced at USD 32 a month, it provides you access to all the available resources. 

This platform provides you with some of the most exhaustive sessions in jewellery making. It also provides you with an online discussion forum where you can share ideas and interact with other like-minded jewellery enthusiasts. 

2. Beaducation’s Online Jewellery Making classes

Looking for a free online jewellery making course? One that provides you with insights into all the nuances involved in jewellery making? This is a resource that’s tailor-made for your needs. With over 200 free jewellery making courses available on its site, Beaducation provides you with a plethora of tutorials to choose from. 

The best part about the resource is the user-friendly interface. Alongside each course, you’ll observe a detailed description of what the course entails. Along with the duration of the course, a bio of the course instructor, and the reviews of past students who’ve taken up that particular course. 

Additionally, the resource provides you with an option to purchase the supplies used in the tutorial. We highly recommend you to visit their site and explore the resource for yourself. 

3. Jewellery Making Courses by Udemy 

This is an online learning platform that most of us are familiar with. Udemy hosts classes of thousands of courses extending into various topics and is thus a highly recommended learning platform. 

Some of the more popular jewellery making courses include ‘Wire Wrapping For Beginners’ and ‘Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing’. We recommend you go through the exhaustive library of online jewellery-making courses available on the platform. And eventually, enrol in one that aligns and resonates with your interests.  

The only drawback of this resource is that you’ll need to sign up for an account and then purchase each course on an individual basis. These courses range from USD 10 to USD 100 and thus demand enthusiasts to be passionate about the subject. 

4. Jewellery Making by Jeweller’s Academy 

This online resource founded by Jessica Rose provides you with an array of jewellery making courses. With over ten years of experience in making jewellery, Jeweller’s Academy has helped over one million people learn jewellery making. What distinguishes this online resource from others is that these lessons are curated, keeping the student’s mind. As a student, you’ll have access to the extensive library of videos available that are populated with downloadable notes. 

With a membership fee of USD 387, you can access the entire jewellery making course library. These include courses such as polishing and finishing, stone setting and soldering and so forth. Additionally, you’ll be able to attend monthly online masterclasses, participate in business check-ins, and get exclusive discounts on jewellery making supplies.

Foundations in Metalsmithing: Statement Earrings by Creativelive 

This is another online learning platform that provides 14 immersive jewellery-making courses to browse and learn. The courses explicitly cover a range of jewellery making skills such as metalsmithing, wire wrapping, and bezel setting. What distinguishes Creativelive from other online resources is that the finished jewellery you’ll create post taking up these courses is sure to be top-notch. 

In terms of the pricing, each course on the platform is marketed individually. So the course may vary from USD 8 to USD 50 depending on the complexity and duration of the project. Do visit their website to know more about the jewellery making courses offered by Creativelive. 

Final thoughts..

Enrolling yourself in handmade jewellery making courses or jewellery making workshops will ensure that your fundamentals in the niche are set. Post which, you can venture into experimenting with the skills you’ve learned during the course. The courses enlisted above are some of the most holistic handmade jewellery making courses out there. All of these are a one-stop solution to all your jewellery making needs. 

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