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Easy DIY Leather Gift Ideas To Make At Home

Easy DIY Leather Gift Ideas To Make At Home

Leather gifts are some of the most luxurious and special items to both give and receive, whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, a seasonal celebration, or just to show someone how much they much they mean to you. Over the past few months, many of us have delved into the art of crafting and making your own DIY gifts for people.

Yet leatherworking is perhaps something less people may want to attempt, simply because it may seem daunting to work with such a seemingly tough material. Often however, the best leather gifts are those that and lovingly made for a significant other. Perhaps crafting a Monogrammed Leather Key Chain for your partner who always seems to forget their keys, or a Leather Laptop Case this year for your husband will be the best leather gift they ever receive. Simply put, it is that personal touch that makes leather gifts suitable for any occasion. 

Gaining a grasp on the leatherworking project you are going to invest your time in is very important. Time is of course precious, so being efficient and knowing how to make a gift fast, yet still producing a gift of high quality is key. Leatherworking is something that may take some concentration, time and practice, but the level of quality that can be created in a gift is something so rare and unattainable from shop bought gifts. 

Inspiration is something that can never be too abundant, and so below is a list of a few different projects that would be perfect as a present for him on any occasion. So, become inspired, and find how to use leather toolkits to create a masterpiece of a gift. 

DIY Monogrammed Leather Key Chain

DIY leather monogrammed keychain London UK

The perfect small, personalized, yet practical gift, the leather key chain with the best leather gift to make for a loved one. Easily made in large numbers, very few materials are actually needed for such a beautiful gift. Using leather strips, a rotary punch, screw posts and a key ring, all of which may be found in leather kits across the U.K., a home production line can easily be set up to maximise the amount of beautiful leather gifts one can make. All different shapes may be made, starting with a simple strip of monogrammed leather, all the way to a floral rosette. The simple name tag, perhaps finished with a flourish of cutting the ends with a neat slanted angle, is the most classic, and time effective, with multiple being produced all within an hour. But for that special person you are gifting to, taking time, and having love and patience for leatherworking is what will truly create an impressive gift. 

Leather Passport Holder

Artisans DIY leather passport holder kit London UK

The beauty that comes with leather craft is that many of the items you buy at the start of leatherworking can be used across multiple projects. A leather passport holder is just what any avid traveller needs. Using a spacer overstitch wheel, to run around the general shape of the leather that will fit your passport will allow you to then sew the leather together, creating flaps for the passport to slot into. Then, by either using a monogram kit, or ink stamps, you can customize the product to perfectly fit the essence of the person you are gifting to.

Stamped Leather Conversation Hearts

DIY Leather stamped conversation hearts London UK

The perfect Valentines gift for a male partner, or just a gift for any time of the year when you want to show your love, a conversation leather heart is the perfect personal touch. Able to be made into a necklace, key chain, or bag accessory, this craft uses pre-cut leather hearts, punched with a leather punch, and stamped with a leather alphabet stamping kit to create a personal message on a heart to always remind a loved one of you. 

Electrical Cord Organiser 

DIY leather electrical cord organiser London UK

Completely customisable in size, this craft is the perfect way to store cord, both for travelling and in the home (it would certainly make the perfect accompanying gift to the passport holder). Using a leather rectangle with one pointed edge, incisions can be made to create loops to hold your cords. Then by simply adding a snap button where the point meets the outside of the organiser when rolled, you have the perfect practical gift to help your partner stay that bit more organised.

Leather Laptop Case DIY

DIY leather laptop case London UK

Another easy leather craft, a DIY laptop case makes the best gift for a savvy businessman. Using one large sheet of leather, folded in half to fit the shape of the desired laptop, holes are punched down the two long sides using a rivet setter and a hammer. The attach both sides of the rivets, making sure they are firmly set with a hammer. Once finished, the laptop should slide perfectly in, making a suave, practical laptop case that is completely durable. Electronics certainly should be handled with care, and this will make travelling with a laptop, whether it be to work or on longer travels both safer and stylish for the recipient.

Leather Plant Pot

DIY leather plant pot London UK

The best leather DIY gift for those who love taking care of plants, as well as having a rather stylish interior. Reusable and sustainable, these plant pots can be made from leather scraps (perhaps from your other leatherworking adventures). Through measuring the leather in a manner that would completely wrap around the base, gluing scraps together with very strong glue, a cylinder can be formed that will slot perfectly over the existing pot your plant is already in. Then, using a contrasting thread and a leather needle, reinforce the seams by sewing over them. This will create an amazing, bold effect that will also make your gift near unrecognisable as a DIY project!

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Artisans DIY Leather Craft Kit London UK

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