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20 Easy Crafts To Do At Home

easy craft ideas

20 Easy Crafts To Do At Home

The feel-good and childlike emotions you experience when you indulge in craft, especially when you make it with your own hands, is unparalleled. Craft activities induce a therapeutic effect and are definitely not just for kids. 


What’s best, these activities help get you away from your digital devices, save you from aimless scrolling and reduce your screen time all this while developing a new skill. 


In this article, we've put together 20 beginner-friendly DIYs and easy craft ideas that you can indulge in from the comfort of your home. So without further ado, let’s get straight to it. 


Easy Crafts Ideas


These compact DIYs crafts make use of DIY kits and everyday items to create functional items of aesthetic value. 


#1 Artisans DIY Leather Glasses Case


glasses case

This elegantly crafted DIY leather glass case kit by Artisans is the ideal introductory project for a leathercrafting novice or enthusiast. The DIY kit consists of all the essential tools required to stitch the leather into a glasses case, including the base leather. Thus, indulge in the luxuries of leather and get a hands-on experience in stitching Italian veg-tanned leather from the comfort of your home. 


#2 Artisans DIY Leather Passport Holder


passport holder

Artisans’ DIY leather passport holder kit allows you to craft a suave leather passport holder - the ideal luxury travel accessory. Comprising all the materials, stitch the leather holder; you can get creative and go the extra mile to customise and personalise your DIY. Engrave your initials into the exquisite veg-tanned leather and make heads turn the next time you embark on your travels. 


#3 Artisans DIY Leather Card Holder


card holder

An elegant leather cardholder goes a long way in creating a lasting first impression. Thus, using the Artisans DIY leather cardholder kit, you can indulge in creating a personalised cardholder that reflects your personality. Inclusive of three choices of Italian veg-tanned base leathers, with the help of a stitching thread of your choice, you can use this easy craft idea to make a DIY cardholder that oozes elegance.


#4 Artisans DIY Leather Keychain




This DIY leather keychain kit allows you to explore your creativity and come up with a customised keychain. What’s more, all the materials that you may need are provided in the DIY set. It also comes with a complete online instructions to help you overcome any roadblock that you may face. 


#5 Paper Chain Wall Hanging


craft ideas


As the name suggests, this DIY project involves creating a simple paper chain put together to create a wall hanging. The nostalgia you experience while indulging in this project makes this colourful wall hanging project ideal for adults. 

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#6 Coupe Cocktail Glasses


craft ideas


Follow this DIY to infuse personality into your cocktail glasses. Using adhesive vinyl and old cocktail glasses that you have in store, you can create artistic renderings of your favourite designs. They are sure to dazzle your guests the next time they come over to your place. 


#7 DIY Lavender Soap


craft ideas


Ever considered making your DIY soap using supplies available at your home? This DIY allows you to create your very own soap using supplies like goat’s milk, dried lavender, silicone soap moulds and fragrant oils of your liking. This DIY is ideal for gifting purposes too. 


#8 Wrapped Vase With Florals


craft idea


Flower vases readily enhance the ambience of any space. This DIY uses cane webbing to impart a bright aesthetic when wrapped around some dried grass and flowers. It’s a household decor item that you just can’t resist! 


#9 Paper Pennants


craft idea


Follow this DIY to create a set of paper pennants that can enhance the aesthetics of any interior. Be it your desk, your nursery or your kid’s bedroom, it’s the perfect DIY to indulge in if you’re looking to create a valuable household item. 


#10 Simple Yarn Garlands


craft idea

Follow this DIY and craft out a modernistic yarn aesthetic that blends into the interiors of your house. All you need is a bunch of yarns of approximately similar sizes which will then be tied using a twine. It’s so easy that you can even indulge in this while binging your favourite Netflix shows. 


#11 DIY Yarn-Fringed Throw Pillow


craft idea

Super easy to create and personalise, this DIY uses pillow foam filling and coloured yarns to create an eye-catching household accessory. So what are you waiting for? Craft out a whole set of these pillows that match the lining of your sofa and enhance your home decor. 


#12 Embroidered Denim Jacket


craft idea


There’s nothing like a customised denim jacket that too embroidered with a design of your choice. So follow this DIY to indulge in creating a personalised jacket that will make heads turn the next time you head out.  


#13 Recycled Tin Can Windsocks 

craft idea


All you need are some recycled cans, paints, glue and ribbons to indulge in creating these recycled tin windsocks. So get all your family members together and follow this DIY to create a perfect home decor item.  

#14 DIY Keychain Windchime 


craft idea

Windchimes are an all-time favourite, and what if we were to tell you that you can make your very own wind chime using the spare keys and keychains lying around your house. So go a further distance and paint these keys to create your very own DIY keychain windchime. 


#15 Graphic String Art


craft idea

Follow this DIY graphic string tutorial and create an aesthetic piece of art using the various shades of embroidery. Then, let your creativity run wild as you explore different abstract designs that complement your home decor. 


#16 DIY Hanging Shelf 

craft idea

If you’re looking to add another shelf to your room for functionality, this DIY hanging shelf is ideal for you. All you need is a piece of poplar wood, some cording and a drill, and you can get a hanging rack for any space in your house. 


#17 DIY Custom Mirrors 

craft idea


This DIY helps you customise your bathroom mirror by combining an old window frame and a plain mirror and create an aesthetic to match your vibes.


#18 Paper Poppies

craft idea


Follow this DIY to craft out a home decor inspired by the seasonal bloom. Using card stock, floral wires, hot glue, and scissors create these paper poppies that infuse colour into your house. 


#19 Floral Photograph Frame

craft idea

Give an ageing wooden frame entirely new life with this DIY craft project using a light coat of paint and by creating some floral patterns. 


#20 Glitter Stationery

craft idea

Follow this DIY to customise your store-bought cards with some glitter designs. All you need to indulge in this project is some glitter, scissors, and some double-sided tape.



When a work-from-home setup has meant that we've to constantly stay indoors, these easy crafts to do at home help reduce workplace-induced stress. Additionally, you will equip yourself with additional skills and that’s never bad, isn’t it?