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Top 10 DIY Leathercraft Ideas To Make Under 3 Hours

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Top 10 DIY Leathercraft Ideas To Make Under 3 Hours

Heard of step outside your comfort zone to understand your full potential? Well, it’s true, but do you know how to go all in and make the most out of it?

Before you take up any new activity, it’s vital first to understand where your comfort zone lies. This helps you know where your interests lie and how you can venture into allied interests and grow your skillset. 

When we talk about art, especially leatherworking, most enthusiasts and hobbyists get fatigued and overwhelmed by the task at hand before even getting started. Why? Because DIY leathercraft demands time and (right) resources. And not having the precise know-how may weigh down many of us.

However, once you get started with leathercrafting, you’ll realise that leathercrafting is not half as difficult as it seems. All you need during the initial stages of leathercrafting is an enthusiastic outlook and a wholesome leatherworking ensemble.

Via this article, we attempt to break down the misconceptions surrounding leathercrafting by enabling enthusiasts and hobbyists to indulge in 10 DIY leathercraft projects that you can complete within 3 hours. Once you get started working on these easy leathercraft projects, you’ll be able to understand how you can integrate your comfort zone with where your interest lies. 

DIY Woven Leather Stool

diy leathercraft

Nothing is more satisfying and gratifying than putting your efforts into making something that adds up to your home decor. Bonus - you can also use it around the household. Furniture is an essential part of home decor and plays an integral role in establishing that perfect first impression. Leather accessories in that regard are a great way to highlight and add oomph to your existing home decor. This DIY woven leather stool is an excellent addition to any living room. The best part? You can build this leathercraft in under 3 hours.

DIY Leather Slippers

diy leather shoes

Slippers are a commonly used accessory and provide you comfort while moving around the house. It’s an everyday item we regularly use, which is why comfort is key to a great pair of slippers. By following this step by step leathercraft for beginners DIY, you can create your very own team of leather slippers. The end homemade leathercraft product will satiate you every time you wear it. 

DIY Leather Wallet

diy cardholder wallet

Crafting out that chic leather wallet customised to reflect one’s personality is on every leatherworker’s to-do list. The leathercrafting procedure ticks the box of pushing you out of your comfort zone while creating a product that is both elegant and resourceful. The best part about this DIY is that you can carry this personalised self-created leather wallet everywhere with you. Doesn’t this DIY leathercraft sound so wonderful? 

DIY Leather Tote

tote bag

Creating a leather tote bag is a simple yet classic design for every leathercrafter. For female leatherworkers, a leather tote bag is a stepping stone for their journey towards venturing into more complex projects like fashion accessories. While for the others, it’s an excellent opportunity to execute leathercrafting basics and create a fundamentally sound DIY leather tote bag.  

DIY Leather Earrings

DIY earrings

What happens when your first leathercrafting DIY template is a gift for someone you love? You gather all your energy and push yourself out of your comfort zone to create something unique. Leather earrings are one of the most beautiful gifts you can gift to the women in your life. So what’re you waiting for? Kickstart your leathercrafting experience with this simple DIY leathercraft in under 3 hours. 

DIY Leather Cushion

leather cushions

A DIY leather cushion is your best bet when it comes to integrating comfort with creativity. As cliche it may sound, the cushion constitutes a fundamental home commodity that plays an essential role, especially when we’re working from home. Follow this comprehensive DIY to create your very own leather cushion. 

DIY Leather Phone Case

phone case

In the 21st century, phones are as essential as our clothes, right? So why not indulge in a DIY and build a case or cover for your smartphone? By doing so, you’ll tick two boxes- kick-starting your leatherworking journey and providing that extra care and support for your phone. It’s an easy DIY leathercraft project that requires a handful of materials to get started with. 

DIY Leather-Bound Notebook


An exciting survey in the UK revealed that around 21 percent of its population indulged in maintaining a diary. Why not hand-make your diary so you can pen down your thoughts into it? How personal that is! Follow this DIY to create a personalised log and indulge in journaling your day with ease. 

DIY Leather Chair

Like woven leather stools, leather chairs also add a lot of aesthetics to your home decor. This DIY will act as a testimony to the efforts and time you have spent building it. It’s also a pretty resourceful addition to your furniture set.

DIY Leather Belt

The leather belt is a classic accessory that you definitely must consider adding to your wardrobe if you haven’t already. So why not create a leather DIY belt that reflects your style and aesthetics? Give this youtube tutorial a watch to make that classic leather belt for yourself. 

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DIY Leathercraft and Artisans

The above mentioned DIY leathercraft ideas are leather products that will only add to your everyday life. These are not exotic products that are stored away as showpieces. The list is designed to help you grow as a leathercrafter while you further venture into DIYs and projects that lie within your comfort zone. 

Starting something within your comfort zone is not bad at all, but there’s a catch. If you keep on continuing the leatherwork within those self-created boundaries, you’ll end up plateauing. There’ll be no growth. Thus, start by taking up leather DIY projects within your comfort zone but gradually try to venture outwards. Stepping out of your comfort zone will give you challenges, and challenges will stimulate your growth.

We, at Artisans, empower you to take on the leathercrafting journey by providing you with a plethora of leathercraft resources and leathercraft tips and tricks. The Artisans’ DIY leathercraft kits for beginners are designed to offer an immersive experience for you and provide an accentuated stitching experience.